Summer style memory: terry towelling

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This week on Styling You, I’m featuring some of the winning responses to my Summer Loving competition. Enjoy today’s memory of summer style.

Summer 1986: enroute from Hay to Wauchope. An absolute stinker. Mum dressed us in matching terry towelling. Canary yellow for me, pink for my sis. Dad, in a big bond white singlet and terry toweling hat. Mum in too short jumsuit. Style was lacking and we were blissfully oblivious; together.

– Sharni Montgomery, Sharnanigans

summer style memory: sharni montgomery

Did you own some clothes made from terry towelling? Did your dad where a Chesty Bonds singlet?


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  • Jewel Divas

    Oh yes, I had the little short/top combos, and a green halterneck dress which I had my 2nd year school photo taken in, they were the coolest thing back in the 80s!

  • In 1979 the MUST HAVE on my fashion wishlist was an electric blue towelling strapless dress (as seen in Dolly). I never got it, but perhaps that’s just as well because back then I had nothing to hold it up LOL!

    • OMG – I remember that exact same dress. It was the first Dolly mag I read!

  • I had a TT “boob tube” in pink, shocking hot pink. Shorts similar to the ones you’re wearing and Mum made my sister and I co-ordinating jumpsuits. We thought we looked fabulous!!
    x Marnie

  • Oh the terry-toweling phenomenon – I most definitely had a one-piece-rainbow-striped-terry-shorts-singlet-jumpsuit. And a yellow one too!

  • Katie

    Ah, yes, terry toweling very short shorts…but my father never wore a singlet on it’s own, Chesty Bonds or not.

  • shaz

    what a trip down memory lane this post is… it.

    As the go-to girl for all things fashion, do you thing terry towelling clothing will ever come back into fashion??? It sure was comfy (and didn’t need ironing) but I can’t see my daughter adopting the look. However I thought the same about high waisted shorts and now she loves them.

  • I love this photo. It looks like it came from our albums. Your sister could have been me. I had the same hair colour, cut and expression. I dreamt of terry towelling outfits but I was stuck wrapping my self in towels or rolling them down my leg and fashioned into a hat with ‘long hair’.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Rachel xx

  • I love this, it has a very Australian summer feel to it that I guess reminds so many of us of our childhoods. I have photos of my mum and I in hot pink matching Terry toweling dresses. Yes I was 6 and my mum, whilst very stylish, did dress us matching occasionally!

    • I think it was the thing to do Martine … Your mum would have just been following the trends!

  • Gosh! That photo could have been of my family, except my dad would have been wearing light blue shorts with his chesty bonds singlet, mum would have been hidden under a floppy white hat and enormous sunnies and my terry towelling dress was blue!

    • Mine was blue too … it was the summer of 1980 and I thought I was the bomb!

  • Lisa

    Isn’t it funny how we all had really long and skinny legs back then.
    Not so much kids of today!

    I had a gorgeous blue strapless jumpsuit one. Loved it!