Summer style memory: a new mum

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This week on Styling You, I’m  featuring some of the winning responses to my Summer Loving competition. Enjoy today’s memory of summer style.

Our very first summer as a family. Watching my husband surf even after being up all night! Watching my precious newborn sleep in our sun tent and me laying in the warmth of the sun and not caring what I looked like in a bikini cause I was mother.

– Katherine Hackney, Bohemian Hunter 

bohemian hunter

 Do you remember your first summer as a mum? 


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  1. My daughter was born at the end of a very hot february. I remember my big fat cankles that had swelled in the heat and living in shoestring maxi dresses. I didn’t brave the beach with her until the next summer came around. She is nearly 3 but I only gave up my all-black maternity one piece in March 2011, and this christmas was the first time I dared done a colourful swimsuit again. I wish I had the same carefree body love as Katherine.

    p.s. I will step up the search for my own pic.

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