Summer style memory: freckled, sun-kissed noses

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This week on Styling You, I’m featuring some of the winning responses to my Summer Loving competition. Enjoy today’s memory of summer style..

Coconut scented air and
salty messy hair.
Freckled, sun-kissed noses, while
jumping over sprinklers and hoses.
Going to watch movies at the Drive-in,
Eating popcorn and wearing pjs you’ll fall asleep in.

– Rachel Wernicke,  Redcliffe Style

Do you remember holidays at the beach when you were a kid? Did they seem to go on forever?


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  1. What a lovely memory. We have spent the pat week beaching it, lazing by the water, catching fish with buckets in the shallow water, the kind of things that you hope your kids will never forget. Nothing like the salt dried on your skin.

  2. I had 2 sorts of holidays as a kid-beach and uncle’s farm- and live one of them now, farm. I now can’t stand the beach or sand, I think we were beached out as kids plus I have a terrible fear of the ocean after a box jellyfish sting when I was about 13. But I am not going to let my kids miss out! Their dad loves taking them whenever we are close and they have a great time, plus I get to have me time in the hotel or shopping.

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  3. I grew up spending our holidays at my grandparents house about eight hours drive away from home and being envious of the people who spend six weeks living in a van at the beach that was close to home. Now I’m so grateful for the memories I have of those times at our grandparents. And I’m excited that in just three days we are heading to the sunny coast for three weeks of sunshine, surf and sand. Staying in a van this year because we spent last year’s holiday saving our tent from torrential rain. The kids are teens and they love the freedom…. hopefully they will treasure those memories.

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      We had the glitzy Gold Coast with mum and couldn’t wait to get back to Hervey Bay and the beachfront van with my cousins and school friends. Crazy. But was so much fun. We need to many coffees in next three weeks!

  4. My family used to have a caravan at the beach. Such fond memories of happy family times there. That was all before my parents got divorced. I went back to that beach just last week and was overcome with mixed emotions. Mum went and had a sticky beak at the caravan park but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. It’s still my favourite place in the world. I love that from the beach you see nothing but the sand dunes and scrub behind it. It’s beauty is just being a beach. No promenade, no fancy cafes …. just waves, sand and sun. WIsh I was there today.

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      Oh, such mixed emotions Jacki … we would holiday at one beach with mum and then another with my dad and step-mum. Lots of different emotions and beach memories but different kinds of fun. x

  5. I grew up on the Gold Coast…on the beach I’m pretty sure. Very fond memories. I love how you describe the smell…mmm Coconut for sure and splice ice blocks, staying at the beach all day till it got dark, a bbq for dinner and that nice heat that your skin holds after a day in the sun, going to bed in fresh cotton pj’s and damp hair.
    Then a thunderstorm.
    x Marnie

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  6. Beach holidays….Is there anything more fun and memorable, particularly for Aussie kids?
    Beach time evokes happy sushiney endorphins, chins dribbling with ice-cream, the perfect mix of heat and cooling breezes. Love, laughter and sand remnants that stick to you and your belongings like a persistent friend 🙂

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  7. i remember day trips to the beach. it would seem to take forever to get there – about 45 minutes in truth – and then the day would seem to fly by and it was ALWAYS the same beach. we’d head home in the very late afternoon, our hair all crunchy from the sea and our skin lashed with salt. i would always, without fail, fall asleep in the car on the way home. they were such great days and such great memories.

    the best part? i now live a 5 minute drive from that beach and every time i drive past it brings back all my old fond memories!


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