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You know how I feel about sunscreen, don’t you?  If you need a refresher course in why I’m a scientific experiment in the merits of screening up every day, then head over and read this post.  I’ll be here waiting for you when you get back.

… good, so we’re all on the same page now aren’t we?  Sunscreen is the number one product that will save your skin as you age disgracefully gracefully. Yes, a skincare routine is important but without taking preventative steps to stop skin damage in the first place, then you are asking for all sorts of trouble in your 30s, 40s and beyond.

It’s something I’m conscious of all year round because I live at the beach but I’m even more aware as the temperature climbs and the whole of Australia seemingly heads to the coast – any coast – for summer.

And judging by the comments on my previous sunscreen post, I know you are conscious of this too.

As part of my quest to find and beach-test as many sunscreens as humanly possible, I was like an eager bunny putting my … ahhem … sunscreened hand up to trial two from the Invisible Zinc range: ESP Moisturiser SPF30+ (50ml $35) and UV Silk Shield Foundation SPF30+ (12g $42).

Before I get into the nitty gritty of each of these products, I’ll just bring you up to speed with Invisible Zinc as a whole.

A paste of zinc across the nose is about as iconically Australian as sunscreen gets. Invisible Zinc still uses Zinc Oxide as its one active sun protection ingredient but instead of going on the skin as a thick, icky cream, its micronised zinc oxide particles mean that it can work just as effectively but in formulas that we’ll actually be happy to wear every day.

Zinc oxide forms a physical barrier to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. It’s the UVA rays that cause that deep damage, bringing on wrinkles before your time. And more seriously, can cause skin cancer. UVB rays are the chief cause of sunburn.  That’s why you need a sunscreen that blocks both. Yes, you know when you’re getting burned but you don’t know how much UVA that your skin has absorbed at the same time as the UVBs have been doing their thing.

Now back to those products …

Invisible Zinc ESP Moisturiser SPF30+ $35

Invisible Zinc ESP Moisturiser SPF30+ $35

What:  This lightweight, non-icky cream has that physical UVA and B protector I talked about before, plus it’s stacked with antioxidants to neutralise cell-damaging free radicals before DNA damage can occur.

Why you’ll love it: You can wear this one alone but it also works a treat under makeup. You have peace of mind that your skin is essentially under armed guard!

Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield Foundation $42

Invisible Zinc UV Silk Shield Foundation SPF30+ $42

What: A stick foundation that reflects UVA and UVB rays but also offers “highlighter performing pigments” and “spherical powders” to create a flawless skin finish.

Why you’ll love it: It’s SOOO easy to apply, is long-wearing and doubles as a concealer.


Makeup tutorial

Want to see how I’ve been using both products together for the ultimate summer travel beauty kit? Check out my video below. (If you can’t see the screen, click here.) 

Invisible Zinc is available online or at David Jones, Myer, Priceline, Terry White and all good pharmacies.


This competition has now closed!

Invisible Zinc is offering one Styling You reader the chance to win an Invisible Zinc pack, with products to keep the whole family protected this summer. The prize includes:  ESP Moisturiser SPF30+; UV Silk Shield Foundation SPF30+; Tinted Daywear SPF30+; and Junior Clip-On SPF30+. Total prize pool $128.95. To enter, leave a comment below answering the following question: How will Invisible Zinc benefit your summer? The competition opens, Thursday, November 17 at 6am (EST) and closes Friday, November 25 at 4pm (EST). One entry per person. Australian entrants only. The winner will be notified by email and their name will appear here. For full terms and conditions, click here.



Comments 69

  1. With invisible zinc, I’ll be tickled pink! No worries about sunburn or premature ageing I can relax and enjoy Summer…..

  2. I have naturally “pale blue” skin and am headed to Florida for my well-earned once-a-year holiday! An Invisible Zinc Got-Everything-Covered Pack would be perfect!! : )

  3. Being a mother of 3 kids all 6 and under, something that takes less than 2 minutes to apply for myself and the kids to be sunsafe is priceless.

  4. Summer things I do that will be much better with a lick or two of Invisible Zinc…Taking a nap outside in the hammock; picnicking; watering the vege herb garden; outdoor brunch; swimming; visiting the farmer’s market; boating; eating peaches on the lawn while listening to my summer playlist; BBQing; eating watermelon at the park; Bodysurfing; walking in my favourite spots.

  5. Being the mum to a beautiful red headed daughter (miss 5), I’m trying to instill in her the importance of sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen. Unfortunatley I’m much better at popping it on her than I am on me. I’d love a sunscreen that wouldn’t irritate my skin and giving this one a go appeals to me, makeup and sunscreen in one go – hello timesaver!

  6. With the kids too busy to slip on the sunny, Invisible zinc will get them gliding on radiant screen when I tell only the very fast Olympic swimmers use this magical cream.

  7. I have lived my whole life with VERY sensitive and easily burned skin. Unfortunately my girls have inherited this from me. It would be an absolute lifesaver to finally use a product that protects without irritating our skin.

  8. My twin boys have just done their surf lifesaving certificate and do volunteer patrols and water safety for Nippers. They react to many sunscreens and develop painful, red skin where the sunscreen is applied. The Pharmacist has recommended Invisible Zinc as it is so gentle on sensitive skins. My boys would benefit from Invisible Zinc this summer as they can re-apply the Zinc without the threat of pain and redness. Their skin (and the swimmers on our beaches) will be protected for hours!

  9. Ok I don’t expect to be wearing Invisable Zinc under my makeup any time soon, but as a fair skinned man living in the highest skin cancer area on the planet, I try to get my 2 boys and I to wear sunscreen whenever we are out in the sun. The big problem is keeping their face protected as they are always wiping the sunscreen off, Invisable Zinc sounds like the answer to the problem of keeping the boys faces protected and I’m sure my darling bride would love it as well, she might even wear it under her makeup.

  10. This sounds amazing! Sun protection that is easily worn under makeup.. Nothing worse than putting on sunscreen and it being super greasy!! It will benefit me this summer by encouraging me to wear the best possibly sun protection which will stop me looking like rudolph the red nosed reindeer!

  11. Invisible zinc not only protects the face of tomorrow today, it will also give me that ‘get up and glow’ look which is a symbol of summer in Australia.

  12. Sharing Invisible Zinc with my family this summer would be peace of mind knowing we are using the best products on the market to protect our skin from skin cancer. My Mother died in 2006 from Melanoma, so our family have a very strict policy of always using sun protection from the harsh sun, even on cloudy days.

  13. Invisible zinc is the only sunscreen that doesn’t make my skin break out and I have tried every brand! It benefits me every summer by giving me clear, non toasty skin!

  14. My son hates wearing sunscreen, he has a dark complexion and regular sunscreen leaves a white residue on his skin, then we found invisible zinc its amazing. It will benefit me because I won’t have to fight my 10yr old to get sunscreen on him!

  15. I’m keen to try the new formulations, as the original formulation irritated my skin. It looks like such a fabulous product range!

    Invisible Zinc will benefit my summer with the all important SPF – my “Summer Party Friend”, enabling me to look my best whilst being protected as well! What more could a girl ask for?!

  16. I burn quickly
    N ot good for my skin
    V icious rays from the sun
    I nvite melanoma in
    S o I rely on Invisible Zinc
    I t protects my fair skin
    B urns are no longer
    L ooks like I win
    E xciting

    Z inc that’s invisible
    I deal for Summer
    N ice healthy skin cos
    C ancer’s a bummer!!

  17. The Invisible Zinc Sunscreen range will help me and my kiddies out this Summer, we live in Country NSW and we have a long HOT summer usually around 40 degree’s or over we would love to try the products out 🙂

    1. We’ve just come back from a holiday in Bali and I used invisible zinc on face, chest and arms every day. We were out in the sun most of the day (wore a hat of course), but didn’t get any sunburn. Works a treat and I think is one of the great finds this summer.

  18. I’ve been a fan of Invisible Zinc for ages, and while we can all dream it’ll make us look a little like Elle MacPherson we know it will stop us looking like Joan Rivers with sunburn.

  19. My gorgeous European parents blessed me with fair skin and blonde hair, unfortunately though I don’t darken during the summer months and look so out-of-place with a fake tan (trust me, its not a pretty sight). For this fact it is essential for me to take extra care of my skin and get regular check-ups as skin problems are common in my family. This often leaves me with greasy looking skin which does not help my acne at all. My two beautiful sisters are the same skin type as me, although one of them has really sensitive skin. I would love Invisible Zinc to benefit my whole family this summer. We live near the coast but my pale skin is more suited to coats, stockings and scarves; I would love Invisible Zinc to give me the confidence to go out and have some (safe) fun in the sun this summer!

  20. Invisible Zinc, will help me so much when i move to Brisbane this summer. I’m so worried about the move, but having these wonderful invisible Zinc products, will mean i can be confident my skin will still be healthy!

  21. Invisible Zinc…. Totally saved me on Honeymoon! I got mugged 10 weeks before the wedding and had to have little “nose job” to patch up the results, invisible zinc kept me and my scarring looking and healing our best on our very beautiful deserted island in Kenya.

  22. I’m fair skinned and red haired, if someone says oh look its sunny outside and i haven’t put on sunscreen then chances are i’m sunburnt already! Unfortunately i have passed this on to 3 of my 4 children (my princess is the lucky one, only girl and she has her Daddy’s colouring and hair colour). The Invisible Zinc products would give me some true sun protection.

  23. Invisible zinc would benefit me this summer in this hot climate of qld, I always wear moisturiser with added sunscreen but also wear makeup so to have this fantastic foundation with sunscreen in it that has amazing coverage would be fantastic. And the moisturiser would be fantastic for not just me but for my little ones (6 and and 18 months) every morning before we leave the house as well. This is just what we need!

  24. Invisible zinc will keep me looking Hawt but spf protected hon the farm . It will save me from wrinkles on my wrinkles and I’ll need a 5 min routine with trying to get my twins out the door for kindy on time.

  25. As the beneficiary of paler than pale skin and dark hair – the summer months can have me looking like something from The Ring rather than a beach goddess, as I ply myself with enough zinc and SPF to withstand the summer sun! I’ve spent years trying different products that will provide my with the protection I need but most end up washing me out completely. Everyone wants to look fresh and natural at the beach but sometimes you need a little help behind the scenes to get there. Invisible Zinc would make my summer by bringing me a step closer to the beach goddess I long to be, rather than a horror film character in a bikini!

  26. If it’s good enough for Nikki (oh and Elle) it’s good enough for me!! Looking forward to a Summer full of sun (protection), embrace the rays (and waves!)

  27. Invisible Zinc will benefit me this summer by keeping the freckles away! When I step out into the sun, my freckles multiply and I’d love to be able to keep my white skin blemish and freckle free!

  28. Notoriously bad for wearing sunscreen on my face (the grease and the ick turn me off!) Invisible Zince would benefit my summer by, well, me NOT doing this. AND getting to keep the cash in my pocket from not having to purchase it. Which, of course I will, if I don’t win. 😀

  29. This product sounds great for me and my kids. My eldest ones are almost 12 and 8 so they are ok with hats in the sun etc but my daughter is 3 and my baby boy is 19 1/2 months so they hate wearing hats plus my baby boy has a shaved head so he needs a very strong sunscreen which he hates having rubbed in all the time and I dont want to use zinc on his head even though it does come in some funky colours lol. PS I love in Queensland where its HOT and the kids wanna be in the sun ALL day.

  30. Summer requires confidence to slip into your favourite bathers, shorts and dresses- no more covering up in jeans and jackets! I want the confidence and glow of Megan Gale and Elle Macpherson and by avoiding looking like a tomato and protecting my skin with these products, I think my summer will be looking very nice indeed, bare skin and all!

  31. The last time I won something, I shared the prize with an ex-boyfriend….this time, it will be all mine! Invisible Zinc have the best products for Summer 2011/12 and would love to win this unbelievable prize!

  32. Nikki, I was only thinking of zinc cream earlier today. The kids are getting older and getting so self conscious of wearing their hats in the water. (You know 7 year old girls and all that?) I was thinking about getting some good old zinc cream for their faces. It’s all I ever used on my face all those years playing softball in our Brissy summer. Invisible zinc? The answer to my prayers! Your time is perfect, as always Nikki!

    Anne xx

  33. I’m over-sensitive to the sun and some sunscreens. Invisible Zinc would really benefit my Summer by giving me peace of mind to relax and enjoy the outdoors. It’s gentle on skin whilst offering strong protection from the suns rays 🙂

  34. I am excited to try these new zinc products, sounds like great protection for my fair skin without the summer-time make up melt off!

  35. I’m already a fan of the moisturiser and have to say it’s amazing stuff!! I haven’t tried the foundation yet and as a mum I want a practical fuss free makeup look that’s good for my skin and takes seconds to apply. Love that it doubles as a concealer and gives great coverage. This pack has the entire family covered with the Junior protection. My whole family can enjoy summer and enjoy the sun and not fear it 🙂

  36. I don’t leave the house without sunscreen & makeup on ever (yep, EVER!) – the idea of the UV Silk Shield Foundation SPF30+ leads me to think I may have found my holy grail. My fair, blotchy skin would love this product – I think this would make my summer!

  37. I was one of those pink zinc beach kids in the late 70s… now I’m living in the centre of the outback without a drop of water in sight… but the sun and elements are cruel… even to simply hang out the washing in the backyard. Love the sound of “no icky sticky heavy feel”. Pick me!

  38. I’ll benefit from my invisible zinc foundation and sunscreen by being able to swipe it on,, go for a paddle, have a swim, and still be able to head for lunch straight afterwards without looking like something that was washed up on the beach!!

  39. Invisible Zinc already benefits me in summer – myself & 2 of my kids have extremely sensitive skin and this is one of the only products we can successfully use! And if that’s not enough – on top of that, it goes on smoothly, isn’t greasy and has a gentle pleasant smell. Now we can be protected without getting irritated skin – fabulous product! I would love to try the UV Silk Shield foundation next.

  40. Invisible Zinc will benefit my summer by being the best anti-aging products a girl could ask for – sun protection! I am off to the Gold Coast this summer on a family holiday and could definitely do with some added sun protection from Invisible Zinc!

  41. I wear Sunscreen like a fiend, however I find most sunscreen-in-make up very heavy. I’d benefit from it because I desperately need new sunscreen for this summer, I buy it fresh every summer and this one looks pretty awesome. As someone who has had 3rd degree sunburn (yep, I used sunscreen!) I need all the help I can get!

  42. Love Invisible Zinc but haven’t tried this foundation yet – on the to-do list. Would love to know more about your foundation brush – what make is it?
    Another good thing about Invisible Zinc is that I have spied it in the aisle of my local Woolies – so easy to throw in with the weekly shop – love that!

  43. I’d absolutely love to try out the invisible zinc products. What a refreshing relief to hear about a sunscreen product that can easily pop into your handbag, isn’t icky and oily, you can wear under your make up and most importantly makes you feel safe and protected when enjoying the outdoor life. I’m working on a farm down in Victoria at the moment so I’m outdoors everyday and I do worry about the effects all this sun has on my skin. This would certainly put my mind at rest.
    Thanks Nikki for another great comp.

  44. I’d absolutely love to try out the invisible zinc products. What a refreshing relief to hear about a sunscreen product that can easily pop into your handbag, isn’t icky and oily, you can wear under your make up and most importantly makes you feel safe and protected when enjoying the outdoor life. I’m working on a farm down in Victoria at the moment so I’m outdoors everyday and I do worry about the effects all this sun has on my skin. This would certainly put my mind at rest.
    Thanks Nikki for another great comp.

  45. Having very fair skin I’ve always been one for sunscreen. My current tinted moisturiser ( with SPF ) is just about out and I was already contemplating revisiting invisible zinc this summer. Now I definitely will be. Thanks for the lesson Nikki!

  46. As an old mole …. sorry a gal with a lot of moles, sunscreen is a daily must!
    I need a product I can trust
    I listen to Nikki’s tips, she’s just that kind of person
    and lets face it, it’s good enough for Elle Macpherson!
    So next time I do the slip, slop slap, I think
    I’d like to be using Invisible Zinc

  47. i’m heading to vietnam over summer (I’ll be there fore New years). Invisible zinc will benefit my summer by protecting me against harsh UVB and UVA rays whilst on holidays!

  48. Thanks Nikki I have often looked at these and wondered what they would be like? Now After seeing that I will go and get it for myself… When I think of zinc I often picture my child’s nose in a Fluro colour as I use it on the kids as it offers great protection not anymore ! Thanks Nikki

  49. Nikki I love this blog!!!! I love your video, you’re hilarious with your phone ringing and Kath n Kim!!! Just awesome my love, you’re a genius!! I’m off to get the products right now!! MWAH!

  50. I got a scare the other week when I went to see a Dr about something else and he pointed out that I had the start of a skin cancer on my face, luckily I just had to have it burnt off, but was still scary all the same. I now need to make sure I am always covered in sunscreen, I need to be around for a long time to watch my kids grow up and thrive!

  51. to be able to spend lots of time at the park or the beach with our 4 kids, knowing they are protected from the harmful rays of the sun. They can play, swim, climb and laugh, while Invisible Zinc keeps their skin covered.

  52. I would love to win this Invisible Zinc kit, we are slip slop slappers who are heading for a wonderful 3 weeks in the tropics this summer – this would be easily slipped into our luggage!

  53. You know that feeling when you are standing in front of someone talking but all you can see is a big flake of skin on your nose? You fight the urge to peel it in front of someone so you continue the conversation cross-eyed…thats me! I would love to fix this terrible predicament before the wind changes (Mum & Dad say it so its true!) 🙂

  54. Invisible Zinc, would benefit me, greatly
    am getting more sunspots on my face ,lately
    I am freckly with the pale skin,
    A few moles, some the size of a pin.
    when we were younger, no sunscreen for us,
    Putting it on my children, I make a fuss.
    I love the sun, but I slip, slop, slap
    tried so many products, its a money trap!!
    The invisible ink, might be the answer,
    Do not want to go down that terrible road
    that my moles could be cancer.

  55. Hi there..I would benefit from using these products to save my skin this summer as I am out running and walking at least 4 days a week, then in the garden and walking the dog. I get comments on how young I look and want to maintain that great mantra of ‘slip, slop, slap!

    I have used Invisible Zinc tinted Daywear before and loved it but have not tried these ones. Exciting!!

  56. Invisible Zinc would benefit my family and I as we are taking a holiday this summer and plan to create some wonderful family memories by the beach and in the outdoors. Thankyou for the opportunity to win.

  57. I would be super keen to try this. Other moisterisers and foundations that have spf in them I haven’t like. The moisterisers don’t seem to moisterise, and the foundation has been streaky. Invisible Zinc products seem to have nailed it. How would it benefit my summer – well living in Qld, on the sunshine coast means surf sun and more surf and sun… and I’m not getting any younger. I need all the help I can get. 🙂

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