Who says cubbies are just for kids?

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Remember when you were a kid and something as simple as a bedspread strung across the Hills Hoist, a blanket on the ground and a few of your pillows to lie on was THE best and most magical way to have fun with your friends.

You’d sneak some homemade biscuits from the jar, make up a jug of fruit cup cordial that was way too sweet and pretend you were anywhere but in your backyard.

Which got me to thinking. Why should kids have all the fun? Why can’t we create adult cubbies, filled with gorgeous cushions and a soft rug to lie on?

eb&ive Love Shack Collection

eb&ive love shack collection

eb&ive Love Shack collection

To find out what I’d serve to drink and eat (and what I’d be reading) in my cubby, head over to Justb. and welcome to your weekend!

The beautiful cushions and textiles featured above are from eb&ive’s Love Shack collection of home furnishings. eb&ive is an Australian company that began with a dream, two friends, and a desire to offer stylish designs at affordable prices. The Love cushions range from $24.95 – $49.95; the Love throws are $79.95; and the Love Quilts are $199.95.


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