Time to stock up your anti-ageing arsenal?

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I don’t have a problem with getting older.

Except for when I find myself saying “in my day” a little too often.

And having delusional thoughts along the lines of, “yes, I can wear those harem pants, after all, I did in 1989 … which was only yesterday, wasn’t it?”.

No, the problem lies more in my teeny obsession with keeping my skin looking as young as it possibly can. I know. I’m vain. But I’ve taken good care of what I’ve got for a long time now and I’m not about to stop because I’ve reached a certain age.

Yes, I wear sunscreen every day but I also call on an arsenal of products that address the needs of an over 40s skin. It’s not as super serious and science lab-ish as it sounds. It’s just that as we get on in years, our skin gets a new burst of hormonal challenges, we don’t produce as much of the lovely skin-plumpy stuff called collagen, gravity starts to win its powerful war and all this results in skin that has fine (or thick!) lines and has lost a lot of its youthful glow.

Rather than roll over and give up, I put my face on the line to try new beauty products that may help.

These products are usually tagged with labels such as anti-ageing, age defying, age smage … actually I made that last one up. The point is, yes, it’s marketing aimed at getting us where it hurts but skimming over the marketing hype, these are the products that contain the ingredients that your skin needs. If you are of a *certain* age.

So, without further ado, let me introduce some of the new weapons in my anti-ageing arsenal:

Anti Ageing skincare

1. Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex $49.99: If you use a primer under your makeup (and if you don’t, tut tut) then this product will remind you of a primer going on. It’s designed to go on like silky velvet, “filling” the gaps. Think polly filler but in a more gentle way. It also contains yummy light reflection properties that work so well, you’ll probably be asked for id next time you are at the bottle shop. It’s not all about the surface stuff either, with this formulation containing a cocktail of peptides that hydrate … and that’s what an ageing skin needs most.

2. WEI Royal Ming Firming and Hydrating Cream @ Mecca Cosmetica $136: This one’s at a more luxe level but a little really does go a long way. I love the concept of this range. It’s based on ancient Chinese traditions and beliefs that work with the energy flow of your skin’s circulation. This particular cream has a gel-like, moussey consistency which feels amazing going on. And not a bit like Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe, it contains a secret mix of 18 herbs and shot of “nourishing” energy for that circulation boost. Not sure how they get the shot in there but my skin loves it.

3. Elemis Pro-Intense Eye and Lip Contour Cream $149: I do love me a good eye cream (and I usually use it on my upper lip too even if it doesn’t spell that out as this one does!) as the skin around your eyes and lips are the first places that give away the fact that you are not the youthful spunk you used to be. This cream is on the “ouch” side, price wise, but I’m loving the results so far (two weeks) and can’t wait to see what it’s like a couple of months down the track. It works to target the shape of skin cells, tightening them and keeping each cell hydrated. The key ingredients are all plant based. Love. Phone 1300 820 430 for salon near you.

4. Endota Glycolic Day Moisturiser SPF 15 $65: This moisturiser is from endota’s new glycolic range. Glycolic acid is a naturally occurring fruit acid (from sugar cane) and works like an exfoliator for your skin cells. With this cream you’ve got the moisturising components for hydration and the glycolic working over time to improve everything from blackheads to uneven pigmentation. And you also have sun protection with zinc oxide included. SPF 15+ is not usually enough for me but combined with my mineral makeup coverage it works for every day. Love the gorgeous rosewood scent and the down to earth ingredients.

Have you found an anti-ageing or ageing gracefully product recently that you want to share with us? Or am I being too vain and should I just stock up on large brown paper bags and use accordingly?

These products were sent to me for editorial consideration. You can read my product disclosure policy here.


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  1. The WEI Royal Ming Firming & Hydrating Cream sounds absolutely lush. If I win Lotto this week it’ll be the first thing I buy!!!
    I don’t need an excuse to splurge on beauty products (even when I can’t afford it…..I find some way to buy what I want). I’ve been trialling beauty products for about 5-6 years and LOVE it like nothing else. I’ve discovered amazing brands and products this way.
    I’m in love with the EA Prevage day and night creams at the moment, perfect for my super-dry, mature skin.

  2. Hi Nikki, I have only recently become aware of Primers (I don’t really “do” makeup, but had to shop recently to look my best for a wedding). Thanks for the info on the Olay Regenerist, as I had been wondering about this product for some time. The company puts alot into advertising, but I needed to read a “real” person’s review.

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  3. These are great new weapons in the arsenal and I’m keen to try the Olay and Elemis products you mention above. But what I really want to know is what is (or has been) your stable of favourite products that has resulted in the great skin already have?

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      I’ve been testing and trying skincare for about 10 plus years now – so it’s really been a cocktail – and one that I have also re-shaken (or stirred!) as I’ve aged. They key is consistency of use and getting good advice. From a salon product point of view, I’ve had success with Sodashi, Twenty8, Environ, Elemis, Thalgo, Dermalogica, EmerginC.

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  4. I find the fact that I’m slowly losing my sight is helping with me deal with the aging process. Although every now and then I discover one of those little round bathroom magnifying mirrors & discover there’s all sorts of stuff going on. As Mrs Woog said the other day “I’m doing movember and I didn’t even realize”.

    Once again, fabulous post.

    Kirsty xx

    4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle

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