Oprah’s favourite Aussie things

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I really miss Oprah.

1pm is just not the same. I turn on the TV at 12.58pm, remember it all ended. She’s not there. My shoulders slump and I shuffle back to my desk.

So, last week when her Favourite Things: 2011 gift guide was released with nary a squealing audience being handed the keys to a new car in sight, I may have shed a tear or three.

These four items below were on the list – and they all have an Australian connection. Snaps Oprah.


Oprah's Favourite Things 2011: the Aussie list

For more details, head over to my post at Justb. I’d love to know, do you wish she could do a Favourite Things episode for old time’s sake?  Don’t miss the Justb. team chatting on Facebook. Would love you to come over and say hi to Pip, Erica or I.


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