Is coconut water just a passing fad?

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I am a marketer’s dream. If someone sticks a big NEW sticker on a product, I’m likely to pick it up. Limited edition has the same shopping-under-hypnosis effect. Add in purported health benefits (hello, dark chocolate and red wine antioxidant boost) and I’m sold. Big time.

Which is partially to blame for the addition of coconut water to my weekly grocery list.

Kokomo is just one of the brands selling us the health benefits of coconut water

Kokomo is just one of the brands selling us the health benefits of coconut water

Want to find out more? Head on over to Justb. where I’m giving you the lowdown today on this new must-have drink.  Don’t miss the Justb. team chatting on Facebook. Would love you to come over and say hi to Pip, Erica or I.


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  1. Oh, I LOVE coconut water! When I lived in Brazil it was all we drank. Vendors are set up all over the beaches and they crack a fresh coconut with a machete, hand you a straw and you go back to you towel and relax a little longer with a fresh coconut to sip from.

    We drank from fresh coconuts in Hawaii too, and the Toddler has a massive taste for it. The coconuts here just aren’t the same and I’ve not found a commercial brand that wasn’t full of everything BUT coconut water! lol

    I love it and I miss it so much – maybe this Kokomo brand is the alternative I’ve been waiting for?

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  2. Hi nikki

    I love the proper coconut water – as Catherine above said – not the ridiculous pretend healthy drinks with all the sugar or additives.

    I have been drinking coconut water (the commercial versions) for a long time now and as a child we used to buy fresh coconuts and drink the water before being able to eat the flesh out of them…

    I love anything coconut pretty much – love the smell and the taste

    Have a wonderful day,

    loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


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  3. Pure coconut water is amazing – delicious and healthy and soooo refreshing… just ask all the people in the Caribbean hawking fresh coconuts by the side of the road if it’s a passing fad? But… it seems to me a lot of these drinks here in Australia that claim to be healthy are loaded up with sugar and other nasties… and in that case, aren’t we better off just having a glass of water? I’m heading over to check out your thoughts…!

    Catherine @ The Spring

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