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To shave wet or dry? It’s a personal decision near and dear to every man. Does he take the time and lather up for a traditional wet shave with a razor blade? Or does he go with the faster and more convenient dry shave using an electric razor?

Traditionally I have stuck with the extra hassle of wet shaving because I have sensitive skin that has not reacted well to less refined electric razors.

I’ve also struggled to achieve the same quality of shave using an electric razor as that with a blade.

But that was before I was introduced to my new mate, the Braun Series 7* (priced from $449-$549 depending on the motor size), which is equipped with three Personalisation Modes that allow you to adjust the intensity of the shave for the different areas of your face.

The Series 7 790cc is the top-of-the range model in Braun’s male grooming campaign, which is endorsed by Jose´Mourinho, 2010 FIFA World Coach of the Year and coach of Spanish La Liga super-club Real Madrid.

The powerful shave mode is perfect for a close shave on your cheeks and jaw, while the second and third modes allow you to continue down under your chin without fear of irritating the more sensitive skin.

The Series 7 also has a lock mode for its pivoting head, which helps you to more accurately get at those trick areas under your nose and around your lips, and a pop-out long hair trimmer to keep the sideburns, moustache or beard under control.

And the tech fun doesn’t stop once you have finished shaving. The Series 7 comes with a Clean&Renew station that not only charges the shaver but automatically detects how dirty the unit is and applies the necessary self-cleaning and drying mode.

On the road you can use the Series 7 for up to 50 minutes without plugging into the mains, and then you can plug the charging cord directly into the razor so you don’t have to take the cleaning station with you.

The Braun Series 7 is available in all electrical outlets and major department stores.

The Braun Series 7 razor has possibly convinced me to give up the shaving cream.

The Braun Series 7 razor has possibly convinced me to give up the shaving cream.


What my hair’s loving right now

I have a bit of a hair product obsession so do get a little excited about trying new stuff that might work for my fine, short, natural blonde hair. These two below* have become faves this month.

Lock Stock & Barrel Grooming 85 Karats Grooming Clay ($25.50) is a versatile shaping clay that gives great definition and volume, with a matte finish and a medium hold.

Lock Stock & Barrel Grooming, Reconstruct Protein Thickening and Strengthening Shampoo (250ml $22.50, 500ml $36) is formulated for men with fine, thinning, limp or lifeless hair and hair that lacks volume and controllability. This shampoo makes your hair look thicker and fuller from the first wash and becomes noticeably stronger and more manageable. Snaps all around.

Products are available online at: For further stockists phone 1300 908 146.

Lock Stock & Barrel Grooming.


New shorts anyone?

The Rocks Push is holding a month long Shorts Amnesty in anticipation of National Recycling Week (November 7-13). Until November 13, you can send The Rocks Push your pre-loved or unworn shorts, in exchange for a discount on a new pair. The collected shorts will be given to people who will continue to love and appreciate their shorts through Vinnies.  Sign up at and a reply paid postage satchel will be sent in the mail for you to send in your shorts to the Shorts Amnesty. In exchange, The Rocks Push is giving customers a $25 voucher to use on a new pair of shorts.

The Rocks Push shorts ... join the amnesty and receive $25 off your next purchase

The Rocks Push shorts … join the amnesty and receive $25 off your next purchase


Editor’s note:  ManLand is a semi-regular post written by Mr Styling You.  He’s handy to have around for many reasons, not least because I don’t have to try men’s hair wax or shavers 😉

* These products were sent to The Stylist in accordance with her product disclosure policy.  She kindly passed them on to me.


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  1. The series 7 Braun looks great. I like the idea of the self cleaning and the fact that it determines how much cleaning is needed. I’ll check them out for Christmas.

    1. Hi Sandi,
      To (happily) correct The Stylist on her error, the Braun Series 7 does have an additional trimmer that pops out and can be used to trim those annoying hairs that grow in a bloke’s ears. It can be used to some extent for nose hairs, but a guy would have to be pretty daring to attempt a full trim. Better to go with a specialised tool for that.
      Cheers, Mr Manland

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