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I’ve been on my proverbial high horse all week.

Number one on my high horse list is Daylight Saving. And specifically Queensland’s lack of it. In Queensland, discussing the merits or not of Daylight Saving is akin to discussing politics or religion at a dinner party. Just. Not. Done.

I’ve always lived here, the curtains didn’t fade when the one and only trial was held way back when and I would better appreciate a 5.30am summer sunrise than a 4.30am one. I’d also appreciate more daylight hours at the end of the day. You know, to walk *cough* romantically along the beach in my flowing, white kaftan. More than all of this, I’d appreciate being on the same time zone as the businesses I deal with on a daily basis in Sydney and Melbourne.

To console myself over the fact for the next six months my New South Wales and Victorian friends will be enjoying wine time an hour earlier, I happily accepted an invitation on the weekend to *experience* the Eforea Spa at the new Hilton Surfers Paradise.

Oh, ok, daylight saving or not … clearly I was never going to knock back an invitation to be pampered within an inch of my life … for three hours. Would you? No, didn’t think so.

I knew it was going to be good. Really good. But I didn’t know it was going to be REALLY good.

eforea Hilton surfers paradise

1. All robed up and ready to go. | 2. The transition room. I’d happily stay here. Forever. | 3. Like a cup of detox tea? Don’t mind if I do. | 4. Each of the products was shown to me to smell and touch before my treatement | 5. Buddha taking charge in the transition room. | 6. Rose quartz which was used to massage my feet and also chilled down to treat my eyes. | 7. Leigh, my fabulous therapist | 8. Eforea, you had me at the reception area

I’m a bit of a spa tart (putting it politely). The tartish behaviour started early on in my career when I did did a stint in PR at a resort which was home to one of Australia’s first spas. I lapped up any opportunity to *experience* what was on offer. To be able to better share those *experiences* with the visiting VIP guests. Of course.

Since that first taste of just how good a spa session could be, I’ve jumped at any spa-ing opportunity that’s come my way.

In that time, I’ve also developed my top 10 list of musts that a spa has to have to get my life-long loyalty and devotion:

1. A modern decor that feels like diving into the pages of a home magazine, ie very much different from my bathroom at home.

2. Space to change out of your clothes and store them safely in a locker (uncrushed if need be).

3. Big, fluffy white robes that actually fit.

4. Somewhere peaceful to sit and relax before and after your treatment. Particularly after, when you need space to contemplate how to avoid heading back to your family (see video below).

5. Therapists who know their skin stuff.

6. Therapists who know when to talk and when not to.

7. Therapists who give good towel. You know – they can work those towels to keep you from flashing your bits and they also intuitively know how to keep you wrapped and warm when you start to cool down from prolonged inactivity.

8. Treatment rooms that include a shower so you can remove any body scrubs without having to leave your treatment room bubble.

9. Products that not only work but smell amazing.

10. Music that is more cool, funky, chill-out music than dolphin noises, waves crashing and Enya “sailing away”.

I’m happy to report that apart from number 10 (surely there’s a market for modern spa music that makes you feel like you’re spending the afternoon hanging out with ubercool people at an al fresco bar somewhere along the Mediterranean coastline?), Eforea at Hilton Surfers Paradise ticked off every one of my “musts”.

And, I’m even more happy that I got to make a considered choice in the paper panty department. It’s the small things really …

Which would you choose?

Which would you choose?


What makes a signature spa treatment?

Whenever heading to a spa for the first time, I usually opt for the signature treatment.  A lot of thought has usually gone into creating that treatment and it tends to encompass the essence of the spa in question.

It also saves me from having to make a spa menu decision, all the while wondering if I’ve made the right one. A bit like when you’re at a restaurant with friends and can’t decide what to order because you don’t want menu envy. I hate it if the person next to me ends up with a better meal.

Eforea spas are found in select Hilton hotels all around the world (this is the second one for Australia – the other is in Melbourne), so not surprisingly, the treatments have been designed to appeal to travellers – leisure and business travellers.

There’s a focus on “organic, natural products and scientific, results-driven practices”, using Kerstin Florian’s European facial and body products as well as Australian range LI’TYA and men’s range, VitaMan.

I was booked in for three hours and was on the receiving end of Eforea’s two signature treatments: the eforea Signature full body repair ($205) and the eforea Signature Correcting facial ($185).

Yes, I’m a greedy spa pig. Oink, oink.

My body was literally treated from head to toe. My skin was scrubbed, massaged, wrapped and peeled into submission. Talk about sensory overload and a fast-speed train to Blissville.

By the time, Leigh, my therapist got to the facial bit I was beyond Blissville and hanging out in La La Land, drool, snoring snorts and all.

If I had to narrow my next eforea spa visit down to one treatment, I’d probably opt for the full body repair – simply because you do get a bit of everything.  From the mineral salt scrub, to choosing a scented massage oil, to the head massage, mini facial, eye treatment with healing ice-cold rose quartz stones and foot treatment, everything was incredible.

What has been fantastic about the facial treatment is that its real benefits are starting to now show, four days later. My face really does lap up a deep cleanse, peel and hydrating mask … even if it may not have looked so crash hot immediately afterwards (as the video below of me looking all blissed out shows).


More on the the Hilton Surfers Paradise Hotel

I loved this slice of urban meets coast resort in the heart of Surfers Paradise. Quite ironic that it overlooks some of the Gold Coast’s iconic nightclub establishments from my mis-spent youth: Shooters, anyone? Cocktails and Dreams? But for me it was an oasis. Somewhere from which to retreat from the crowds and re-charge.

I love that the accommodation choices range from hotel rooms to self-contained three-bedroom residences and that staff had that Hilton polish but with a Coast sense of relaxation.

This video sums up what our little family thought of it.

My family and I were guests of Hilton Surfers Paradise and Eforea Spa. I was not paid to write this post – these thoughts are all mine, as is the desire to go back this weekend.  For more information about staying at the Hilton, dining at Salt or visiting the spa, click here.

Have you ever spent quality time at a spa? Do you love a good facial or body treatment? Boy leg or g-string? 

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  1. I’ve never been to a spa, I think I should add that to my bucket list. It looks like something I would enjoy (and totally use right now!).

    Oh, I’d go boyleg, but I wish they were pink!

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  2. Wow the green colours they use are very calming, imagine how calm I would feel if I was actually there!
    I haven’t been to such a spa (i know I’ve lived a deprived life haven’t I?) The most I have had is a massage and it has been when someone has brought it for me. I would love to take my hubby to somewhere like this for our anniversary coming up end of November, 14 years I think we both deserve it!

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      1. Not in the immediate future but we do visit Brisbane and Sydney a few times a year. He’s currently keen on tripping up to Townsville but maybe I can nudge him towards GC, who knows!

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  3. That looks great! Will have to add to holiday wish list…

    I’m in a hotel right now and one of the spa treatment options is the fish nibbling your feet thing. Hub wants me to do it, I say no, no, no.

    I went to Cocktails & Dreams/Shooters on our schoolies week trip, many many years ago.

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  4. I too call myself a spa tart, well yes that is putting it politely – glad to hear that eforea surfers paradise hit the mark, can’t wait to have a treatment there myself soon.
    Comfortable and appropriate massage/treatment tables always make my list and you can feel comfortable that those tables at eforea spa were top notch as designed by long time Australian massage table designer/manufacturer Athlegen 🙂

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