Fab Friday style tip: how to wear a loud shirt

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If you haven’t already embraced the clashtastic season that is this spring 2011, this may just be the cause to make you go forth and shop up a colourful storm.

Next Friday is Loud Shirt Day. I forgive you at this point for immediately thinking polyester Hawaiian shirt and wondering what style planet I’ve been beamed up to but stick with me here as it will all make fashion sense soon.

I’m getting behind this cause for many reasons, not least because of a boy called Jack. Jack is the gorgeous five-year-old son of my friend Mrs Woog and my life would be all the duller for not having met him.

If you’ve watched the video, you already know Jack loves to dance. I took my daughter to dancing for nine years (that’s nine end-of-year-concerts and about a gazillion dollars, people) and not once did her arms look as beautifully extended as Jack’s in the 12.5 kitchen dance concerts, to which I’ve received front row seats.

This is one special boy with one special story. His parents are incredibly grateful for The Shepherd Centre in New South Wales, which has helped him to listen and speak. The Shepherd Centre, together with other similar centres around Australia, including the Hear and Say Centre here in Queensland, will be on the receiving end of much-needed funds raised on Loud Shirt Day, Friday October 21.

Supporting the day is easy. You can buy merchandise at Caltex service stations, you can register to host a Loud Shirt Day event or simply wear a loud shirt and donate.

Herringbone is supporting Loud Shirt Day. Left: Herringbone Clemence women’s shirt $199 | Right: Alt striped women’s shirt $199 (30% of sales will be donated to the cause)

So you want to dress loud?

1. If you’re going to go bold, go bold. Don’t hold back on your shirt choice. Wear it and own it.

2. Do wear your loud shirt back with denim, white, black or stone coloured pants.

3. The shirt is your statement. Don’t try and crowd the statement with competing jewellery and other accessories.

4. Just because the shirt is bold, doesn’t mean you ignore dressing for your shape. Choose a shirt to suit – maybe that’s fitted; maybe that’s kaftan style. Whatever your style, you still want to aim for a look that’s flattering for you.

5. There are plenty of bold designs available this season, so choose one that suits you. If a bold, graphic print scares the pants off you (not a good look when out in public by the way), then opt for a bold, colour-blocked top instead.

Shopping suggestions

What to wear: Loud Shirt Day 2011

What to wear: Loud Shirt Day 2011

1. Sacha Drake Orchid kaftan $299 | 2. ASOS Just Female top $107.41 | 3. Saba Pop Animal top $149 | 4. Threads top at Birdsnest $59.95 | 5. Witchery relaxed linen tee $69.95 | 6. Jeanswest Lucy mix print top $59.99 | 7. Country Road colour block top $69.95

Have you embraced colour this spring yet? Want to join me in getting loud and proud next Friday?

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  1. Love the idea & love the super people who helped Jack through the Shepperd Centre.
    I will be loud shirt wearing on Friday at ProBlogger.
    Wouldn’t it be great to give Darren & co a heads up?
    Imagine how the funds might swell with that audience…

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  2. Thanks Nikki for letting us know about this great cause…and reminding us to feel grateful for the gift of children in our lives and all the lessons they teach us.

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  3. It’s the men who mostly need advice on how to wear a loud shirt! So many bad “dad-like” examples of younger men who should know better! Thanks for bringing my attention to Loud Shirt Day – a worthy cause that I’d like to support.

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