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Napoleon Perdis makeup fans rejoice.  Australia’s leading makeup artist is returning to Australia for two exclusive makeup master classes this month.

It’s been three years since Napoleon’s last master class series.  The Brisbane event on September 28 at the Edward Street Concept Store is already sold out but there are some tickets left for the Sydney event on September 29 at Napoleon Perdis Alexandria HQ.

Napoleon Perdis is returning to Australia to conduct two masterclasses

Napoleon Perdis is returning to Australia to conduct two makeup master classes

This season, fans of the brand will have the opportunity to mingle with like-minded makeup lovers over canapés and cocktails while they watch Napoleon reveal his latest complexion-perfection technique: Couture Contouring.

Fans will also be treated to a signed note from Napoleon and a gift bag worth $140. Tickets are $500, which is redeemable on product and there will be discounts on some specially created packs.

Napoleon will also be taking to the stage as keynote speaker for Sydney’s International Make-Up Artist Trade Show (IMATS) on September 24 and 25.


Couture conturing comes under the spotlight in the unique makeup collection created especially for the world premiere season of The Australian Ballet Company’s Romeo & Juliet.

Napoleon wanted to capture the young lovers’ all consuming passion. This inspired the creation of his new Love Unleashed makeup collection. “In my eyes, the modern day Juliet is filled with passion, excitement and lust. She wants to look and feel irresistible for her Romeo,” says Napoleon. 




Napoleon Perdis and Styling You is giving four Styling You readers the chance to each win a $155 pack of Napoleon Perdis makeup from the Love Unleashed collection.

This is what four lucky readers will each win: Creme de la Creme eyeshadow in each shade plus The Ultimate Contour Palette

This is what four lucky readers each will win: Creme de la Creme eyeshadow in each shade plus The Ultimate Contour Palette

Each pack includes the three shades – Quick Silver, Fool’s Gold and Wild Bronze – of  Crème de la crème Eye Shadow ($35 each).  These soft cream eye shadows deliver long-lasting color. The light-reflecting undertones work to create heavenly eyes that sparkle and captivate.


The Ultimate Contour Palette ($45). This palette allows you to color, highlight and shape your face for an instant image upgrade – and includes easy-to-follow instructions. It’s enhanced with nourishing marine extracts and free of parabens.


Just leave a comment below.  I’d love to know: what’s the one makeup question you’d ask Napoleon Perdis if you got the chance? Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be drawn at random using, notified via email and name posted here. Competition closes 8am Thursday, September 22.

Now you know that I usually reply to all comments on my blog, don’t you? The exception is with competitions as I’ve got to use my non-existent maths’ brain to add up entries. So, know this, I’ve read and loved each of your comments.  Thank-you!


Napoleon Perdis prestige products are available at Napoleon Perdis Concept Stores, David Jones and more than 875 pharmacies and salons throughout Australia.  Ph 1800 814 572 or visit


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  1. When it comes to acne scarring, the kind that leaves small holes in the skin, what do you recommend to cover these without clogging them?

  2. Why does everyone want to look like someone else – it’s like a lion being envious of a tigers stripes! I’d like to know how Napoleon Perdis makeup can emphasise my strong points, celebrate and feature them.

  3. If you were stuck in Hollywood for the weekend, the airline lost your luggage, and you only had $100 to spend, what beauty products would you buy?

  4. If I could ask Napoleon for just one tip, it would be “what are the make-up essentials to take out with you for a day/night out to maintain your look?”

  5. I see some dark areas on my eyes.I want to look refresh what should i do? I want some natural look. I hope you can give me a lot of tips.

  6. Is there anything that will REALLY hide those perpetual dark circles under my eyes – so many products promise they will, but I am yet to find one that does!

  7. How do I get the most out of my mascara, without it going clumpy and leaving me looking like someone has stuck marbles to my lashes?

  8. Tough to choose just one! lol.

    I woudl probably go with “How do I create a flawless complexion look?” because everything I have tried doesn’t work. (I have red cheeks, dark circles under my eyes and whilst I get it to look ok, I would love advice on making it better)

  9. Hi Napoleon. Eyeliner. I’ve always struggled to get it to look right – not a hard line but not just a giant smudge. Can you give me some tips on how to apply it correctly?

  10. I would ask Napolean Perdis what is the trick to completely concealing darkness around the eyes?? Because even after concealing and foundation and a bit of powder, I can still see dark areas and I find it so annoying. I want to look refreshed and vibrant not tired and worn out.

  11. What are the best makeup techniques and looks to help me look sexy and strong rather than sweet and cute which is how i usually appear.

  12. For years I have been trying my best to conceal the dark circles under my eyes to no avail. It would be an absolute dream come true to know how to effectively conceal them.

  13. Napoleon – I have small brown eyes and very fair skin, how do I acheieve the smokey look without looking like I belong on the set of True Blood, or making my eyes look even smaller than they are?

  14. How does a woman apply skin toned eye shadow properly to her cleavage to give the optical illusion of ‘largeness’! My wife wants to try it but doesn’t know how!!!

  15. Is it true that professional make up artists apply blush not only to one’s cheeks but also very subtly to the temples, hair line and beneath the chin, to give natural colour consistency?

  16. I have heaps of freckles, I’d love to cover most but don’t mind a few showing….don’t want totally flawless! How to achieve?

  17. The one question I would ask Napoleon and continues to remain a huge challenge for me is how to conceal shadows under my eyes. It’s the one make up challenge I face every day!

  18. I would ask Napoleon Perdis how can you keep your makeup looking fresh over the hot summer months especially in climates that are humid? and what makeup should you wear/ and techniques to look best in photos as I have no idea. 🙂

  19. I’d ask what products I should be using to best play up my features. It would be an amazing experience to meet him and get to share some of his extensive knowledge.

  20. I would ask Napoleon Perdis How many years of practice does it take to master the art of make-up application. I have been applying my make-up for 20 years but yet i still can’t get my look right that best suits me. What advice would you give me?

  21. I’m a big fan of Mr Napoleon Perdis. If I was able to ask him one question pertinent to myself, I would ask him to design me a personalised lip wardrobe! I wear every colour from nudes to pinks to orange to reds and purples… but I don’t know what colours I *should* be wearing!

  22. Hi Nikki, what a lovely competition. If I were to meet Napoleon Perdis, I think I would ask him what advice he would give to a Makeup Artist wanting to create a strong brand, because the strength in his brand is phenomenal

  23. I have been a huge fan of Napeoleon’s for a long time, he is truly inspirational and tremendously talented. I still hope to get the opportunity to meet him in the flesh one day and if I did I wouldn’t hesitate to ask him for his opinion on what would be the most suitable makeup to compliment my features? He has an amazing eye and remarkable flair for making ladies look their best, therefore, his suggestions would be worth their weight in gold 🙂

  24. I’d be so grateful to know of a quick and easy way to make your eyes “pop”. I never do anything much with mine (lack of time AND skill) but whenever I’ve had makeup professionally done they make it look so easy and appealing. Would be so happy to hear the Master share his tips!

  25. Great giveaway! My question would be, how do I look like I’ve had 8 hours solid sleep when I’ve really been up and down to a baby all night?

  26. Okay, so, the one question I would ask Napoleon Perdis would have to be, what defines the line that you could cross by wearing too much and/or to often make-up? Should we be able to accept ourselves for who we are naturally more than we do?

    Thank-you ^_^ xx Bless

  27. I have red hair, pale skin with some frekles and blue eyes. I have found it difficult to find a foundation that is not too yellow for my colouring, what colour foundation from the Napoleon Perdis range would he recommend?

  28. What products would you recommend for me, and how do I use them properly? I am a stay at home mum with 3 kids and haven’t updated my look in years. These days it’s just a quick mascara and lippy before running out of the house. I am in need of help

  29. Why did you discontinue my favourite lipstick – a gorgeous dusky deep pink – the only lipstick I’ve ever bought a replacement because I finished the lipstick. I bought the colour the sales assistant recommend but it wasn’t the same.. Why??

  30. I would ask him where he draws his inspiration from for colours, and the designs he uses with facial features. I would also ask what is his favourite facial feature to highlight/work with.

  31. My question Nikki would be:

    Napoleon I would love to know how to apply my makeup now I’m in my 50’s as I want to age gracefully not disgracefully!

    Love your work!


  32. Is mascara on bottom eyelashes right or wrong or neither? I see some women with it on and it looks awful, whereas some look great…. these huge dilemmas….

  33. I would love to know how to achieve that gorgeous luminous complexion that he created for the david jones spring/summer launch on Miranda Kerr, she looked gorgeous and I’d love to be able to recreate that look.

  34. How do i do eyes? I’ve never been taught how to apply eye makeup and since my attempts always look terrible, i avoid eye make up completely. i’d love to know the secret to making eyes look great!

  35. I would like to know the best way to apply liquid eyeliner so that it doesnt look like a 5 year old applied it?????lets face it we have all had the nightmare of it going sooooo wrong!

  36. I adore Love Bite Lip Plump, do you giggle when you put it one someone for the first time? Results have a bite!! Capsicum pepper really plumps the lips.

  37. I would love to know when blending makeup to get smokey effect how many colours should you use? and some tips for a dramatic effect without the smudge look.

  38. Great giveaway!
    I’d love to know, how do I shade, and darken my blonde eyebrows into perfect face framing arches using eyebrow powder?

  39. Napoleon Perdis, as I am getting older my face is obviously changing. What is the best foundation and concealer to make my skin luminous and younger. Also to stop the lipstick bleeding on the top lip. Thankyou.

  40. I’d be all like: “Hey Napopo, can you tell me how to make eyeshadow look good on my hooded eyelids? Thanks bro!” 🙂 Thanks for all the giveaways Nikki – you’ve got the hook-ups!

  41. Could you advise me on what makeup is best and what colors I should use and avoid now I am in my forties? I’m looking for the prefect everyday face 🙂

  42. I’d probably ask how to apply foundation perfectly, or maybe what is the perfect red lipstick for me? I love red lips but am yet to find a good shade that doesn’t make me feel like I’ve kissed a clown 🙂

  43. Oh great comp! I would ask – what is the secret to the ‘looking like you’re not really wearing makeup’ when really, you have a flawless base, bronzer, blush, mascara, eyeshadow & gloss!

    I think i’m a bit all or nothing….!

  44. Woohoo! I have two but My one question I would ask Is ‘how do I know what eye colours best suit yellow toned skin, being European I find it hard to wear colours other than browns’. I would also be itching to asked ‘what inspired you to become a make-up genius?’.

  45. I have full lips and always look as though I’ve been playing dress ups with my mother’s makeup bag when I try to wear lipstick. I am beyond 40 and would like to be able to wear a bit of lippy and wear it well — even red!

  46. Wow!! What an awesome give away! I love reading your blog & all the advice & tips 🙂

    What foundation & shade would you recommend for me? I want a shade that suits and looks natural. Plus coverage that covers my blemishes but doesn’t look plastered on…

  47. I would ask exactly what make up colours suit me the best as I really dont know. Nothing like getting expert advice from the worlds best expert

  48. I’d ask how to apply eye colour nicely, I always look like I’ve got way too much make up on when I do my eyes, but I haven’t, clearly I’m just not applying it well.

  49. Another amazing giveaway! I would ask how I can get that “wearing no makeup” I just wake up like this look – when quite obviously I don’t wake up looking fresh faced and flawless!!

  50. I’d ask Napoleon Perdis what’s the one mistake most people make when choosing products/colours to suit them and how do we avoid making that same mistake? 😉

  51. Nikki you always host such amazing giveaways – thank you!

    The one makeup question I would ask Napoleon Perdis if I got the chance is – Jennifer Aniston always compliments her skin tone with gorgeous lilac-mauvey makeup shades. What shades would you recommend for someone with fair skin and a slightly yellow undertone? I really want the answer to this question! 🙂

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