WIN: 2 x $250 makeup kits from b collection by bloom

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If part of your spring clean de-cluttering is to ditch the dodgy makeup you’ve had sitting at the back of your beauty cabinet for more years than you care to remember, then listen up.

Styling You, together with b collection by bloom, is giving two lucky readers the chance to start their spring with a whole new makeup look.

Each of the prizes contains all the basics a girl could want for in her makeup kit – and more.

b collection by bloom is an exciting diffusion range from Bloom Cosmetics. Celebrating a bold spirit, the range brings to market a world of colour distinguished by an abundance of stylish simplicity.

Created exclusively for Target, the range launched in October 2009. Debuting with over 70 Nail Polish shades named after cities from around the world, there is a colour for every occasion.

In creating this brand, Natalie Bloom said:

b collection by bloom is an expression of my love for bold colour. At the heart of this range is a design philosophy that allows the colour of the product to shine. Whilst this range is more modestly priced, that doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on quality – I could never put my name on a product that I wasn’t proud to use myself.

As a mother of three young children, I have great affection for Target and its commitment to quality, on-trend and affordable fashion. I am delighted to have this brand stocked through Target and hope you love the collection as much as I’ve loved creating it.

Ok, so let’s get the low down on exactly what’s included in each of the $250 prize packs:

B Collection Magic Wand Make Up Remover – this product just won an award in the inaugural SHOP Genius Awards

B Collection Pure Mineral Foundation

B Collection Pure Mineral Bronze

B Collection Cheek Tints

B Collection Eye Shadow Duos

B Collection Eye Shadow Single

B Collection Quick Fix Concealer Kit

B Collection Tan in a Tub

B Collection Double Take

B Collection Shade and Line

B Collection Nail Polishes x 2



How to enter

1. Head over to the B collection’s Facebook page, click on the Like button and leave a note on the wall saying that Styling You sent you.  b Collection Facebook fans have exclusive access to insider news, behind the scenes images, and expert tips on makeup application and beauty enhancing tricks of the trade. Also keep an eye out for exclusive competitions.

2. Come back here and leave a comment.  I’d love to know what’s the one makeup item you simply could not live without.  

3.  Entries open on Thursday, September 1 2011 at 7am and close on Thursday, September 8 2011 at 8am.  Australian entries only, sorry.

4.  The two winners will be randomly selected using  There names will be posted here, they will be notified via email and the prizes will be posted to them by B Collection.


Comments 166

  1. Bronzer – inherited mum’s fine English skin, but the pasty white version, not her gorgeeous olive tones! If nothing else, a splash of bronzer keeps me from looking sickly!

  2. The one make up item I simply could not live without would be my foundation. As with any great look or project it is the foundation that holds it all together, hence why it is my number one make up essential 🙂

  3. I use my Mascara daily .. I can’t live without it as I have the worst colour eyelashes in the world and look weird without mascara ..

  4. I cannot live without my mascara. My lashes are so fine and fair that I look like im suffering a case of alopecia without it! Its my one item that can take me from bland to bam in a fraction of a second.

  5. Such a hard question… As the years roll on its hard to pinpoint one item. A good bronzer on a bad day is a definate blessing. Brings life to dull skin.

  6. I cannot live without Foundation. If Im leaving the house its a must to cover all the bags and blemishes Ive accumulated over the years!

  7. y green concealer. It’s a lifesaver in the turbulent ocean of putting on makeup especially when your complexion is a little over coloured!!

  8. Mascara is my can’t live without,
    It’s what gives me clout!
    Hubby has better lashes than me,
    So Mascara makes me happy!

  9. I would possibly die without my cheek tint.. Foundation and mascara and almost lip gloss i can live without but if my cheecks ain’t blushed.. I’m not leaving the house.. x

  10. I love all my makeup collection. But my Mirenesse Sexy Secret Eye Primer is indispensable to me. It makes my dark circles back off, to give me a more refreshed look.

  11. I just liked B collection’s facebook and realised just how daggy I look in my profile picture – but I was on holiday in the Kimberley. But maybe its time to update my picture.

    I can not live without my concealer.

  12. I get chills when I’m multi-applying,
    My eye lashes lose control,
    For when the mascara is applied,
    At least three times over… electrifying!

  13. The 1 makeup item I definitely can’t live without is mascara! My eyelashes feel, fine and naked without a slick of black coating each lash… My peepers lokk a million times more lucious and fluttery with lashes that flatter, boosting my confidence an letting me feel b-loom(ing)beautiful 🙂

  14. powder ( when i can find it teenage daughters room it all seems to live these days !!! i even went and bought a second batch of makeup and all that is missing now lol )

  15. Highlighter, no matter how tired you look a highlighter around the eyes, bright, liven and freshen your whole complexion. When your in a hurry and need to refresh and have no products a hightlighter would suffice. Being a busy mum sometimes I get sleepless nights and it shows immediately on my eyes and ages me immediately, highlighter hides the tiredness and makes me immediately looking younger.

  16. Anti ageing face cream and eye cream, i use it daily because i want to look young and sporty, not old and forty!! When you take care of your skin when your young, it keeps you looking amazing for many more years to come!

  17. Concealer (love Boing by Benefit)I have the worst dark circles under my eyes which have only got worse due to lack of sleep with two small kids. It is my saviour every single day!

  18. I cannot live with both concealer and foundation as I have blotchy very fair skin nothing helps my confidence more then being able to even it all out and have some nice colour before leaving the house.

  19. Definately couldnt live without under eye concealer to hide puffy bags, dark circles etc. I am a mum of 4 the youngest 2 being 17 months and 3 years so a few late nights/early morning.

  20. I could not possibly live without cream blush – I’m currently loving Becca’s watermelon Beach Tint. I can smudge a tiny bit on the apples of my cheeks if I’m just running out the door to get groceries, or I can contour my cheeks and dab a little on my lips and I’ve got a complete healthy glow!

  21. I have to add a splash of rosy pink blush to my cheeks each morning before I leave home so I don’t look all pale and washed out.

  22. I can’t live without a good lip gloss. Even lip balm! Mineral foundation, black mascara and lip gloss, it’s all I have time for these days!

    Great giveaway again Nikki! Good luck everyone 🙂

  23. Hi Nikki. I can’t do without a lipstick. As tough as it is to get any kind of makeup on in the mornings, I’ll always put a bit of lipstick on while I’m driving in the car (safely of course).

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Anne @ Domeblissity

  24. My B Collection Pure Mineral Foundation!!!! I have extremely sensitive skin and the B Collection Mineral products are totally amazing in helping cover my red skin and oh so gentle! The ONLY brand that helps soothe my skin!

  25. Waterproof mascara. I am a crier! If I don’t wear the waterproof, guaranteed something will make me tear up. Usually tears of joy these days, thankfully, but they are tears nonetheless.

  26. Hi there!! I cant live without my foundation. Evening out my skin I feel a bit more confident and it doesnt make me look like Space ghost. My lipstick is a must as well, hot lips, hot days.

  27. I cannot live without my lip balm. I can’t handle having dry lips, and when out in the sun and wind, it’s the best protection for them!

  28. If I did not have a decent concealer I would die, the world would know how little sleep I got last night and how bad the food I ate was that gave me the blemish!

    If you’ll let me have one more I’d pick Blush. Concealer and Blush, cover and colour can save me!

  29. Not sure if tinted moisturiser is strictly makeup but I seriously cannot live without it. I love how it evens out my skin tone and fades away my red cheeks. I would not be able to leave home without it!

  30. Mascara. I don’t care if I don’t have any other make up on but I have to wear mascara. I really should get my eyelashes tinted but it seems so much more expensive as it’s an ongoing thing

  31. I cant live with our Mascara. By beautiful mother always taught me to never leave the house with out it. Now if I dont have it on I feel naked !!

  32. This range has been around for two years? I need to get to Target more often!! Looks great.
    I could not live without concealer. Cannot leave the house without it on.

  33. I have been lamenting my current makeup, some of which is older than I care to admit! For me I can’t go without concealer and a light reflecting cover for the horrid dark circles under my eyes. Am always on the look out for the perfect ones.

  34. LOVE THIS!!!! i need a serious spring clean in my makeup collection…
    i cannot live without my concealer, when you still have acne in your 20s its a must

  35. I cannot live without my lip gloss think i am a bit of a addict, have them all over the house, car, husbands car, every bag i own (and thats alot) feel bare if i havent applied any in a few hours, love the instant glam pick me up.

  36. Mascara – MUST HAVE. As a fair-coloured lass, my eyebrows and eyelashes need some help. Leave them their natural colour and I look like a baby mole – whitelashed and creepy! I hope this counts as an entry, because I don’t have Facebook, and I can never have too much makeup!

  37. OOh.. Just what I need for Spring.
    One item that I can’t live without are eye-liners. Liquid, Pencil. Black, blue, brown.. I use them all and daily. Sometimes with Mascara, sometimes without it. Other eye makeup is however reserved for special occasions.

  38. Ooooh just what i’m in the market for. New makeup to play around with! Bright colours? Don’t they just go with the season!

    This was hard for me to answer at first, but then I realised the one thing I always use multiple times a day, regardless of weather i’m just at home scrubbing the house is lipgloss.
    Boring, I know, but it’s the one thing I am constantly using.

    But lets just forget that, because I think it will be a popular answer. If lipgloss was just a given to all, then my next fave would be nail polish.
    I love popping some colour on my nails to suit my mood, or match an outfit, or even not match it! It’s fun, and protects my nails at the same time.

  39. Ooh, a lovely competition to kick off Spring!

    I can’t live without sunblock. No point putting anything else on your skin at all if you skip this one!

    From a purely cosmetic point, cannot live without my brow kit. Frames the face, depuffs the eyes, fashion forward and flattering. Yup, can’t leave the house without defined brows!

  40. Mascara! Although I love make up, I’m not the kind of person who wears it daily. I find mascara is my go to quick fix, if I’m going out and have no time for any make up, it’s mascara and lipgloss. I generally rotate between 3 different mascaras, but i’m not really fussy, as long as it’s good!

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