Whatever you wear tomorrow, make it RED for Daniel

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My husband and I were cooking dinner last night as news started to filter through that an arrest in the Daniel Morcombe case was imminent.

We stopped the chopping of the ginger and garlic but didn’t put down our wine glasses.  Hearts beating a little bit faster, watching and listening what was unfolding on the tv.

I went straight to Twitter and Facebook.  Sending my thoughts out to the Morcombe family.

A family who has been to hell and back since the disappearance of their 13-almost-14-year-old son eight years ago.  A family who, despite the most horrific personal tragedy, has worked tirelessly* to educate young children and adults around Australia about being aware of suspicious behaviour, whether that’s online or what they see in person.

The day Daniel disappeared both my husband and I were working as journalists at The Sunshine Coast Daily.  This is a story that touched each and every one of us in the newsroom and many of those journos, who either still work there or who have moved on, left touching Facebook messages last night.

As a journo, you remember the stories that move and shake you.  This one did and continues to do so.

Especially as a parent.

My eldest kids – my teenagers – attend the same school Daniel and his brothers did.  When my eldest son started Year 8 (he was only eight at the time of Daniel’s disappearance), I remember looking at him.  Still a boy.  The hormones had not yet kicked in.  So innocent.

And I couldn’t but help think of Daniel.

That photo of him, gorgeous, smiling eyes staring back at us.  Life all ahead of him.

Daniel Morcombe. Photo: thewall.com.au

Daniel Morcombe. Photo: thewall.com.au

He was wearing a red t-shirt the day he was last seen waiting for a bus under the over-pass of a very busy road.  Heading to our region’s major shopping centre to buy Christmas presents. The red t-shirt has become the Daniel Morcombe Foundation’s symbol.

This morning his parents, Bruce and Denise (who I know the whole of Australia just want to hug) said they would like all Australians to wear red tomorrow to remember Daniel.

For tomorrow, is hopefully the first day that the Morcombes will be able to get some sort of closure (closure of the worst kind, but closure all the same).  It’s the day the 41-year-old man they have charged with murdering the Queensland teenager will appear in court. He has also been charged with deprivation of liberty, child stealing and interfering with a corpse.  I have tears just typing those words.

So, I’m asking you, my beautiful readers, to please get behind Daniel and wear red tomorrow.

And to really help spread the awareness of the day, I’d love you to please post a photo of you wearing your red bag, shoe, lippy, t-shirt, tie, scarf or dress to my Facebook page.

Can please you do that for Daniel and his family? 

*For more information about the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, check out visit www.danielmorcombe.com.au


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  • Tracie Sheppard

    Love that you’ve posted this Nikki. This story hurts my heart.

  • Benita Barrera

    I hope Daniel didn’t suffer for long, and I hope the depraved sicko found guilty does. Horrible to think that the person arrested was here in Perth….

  • Fizzy

    I wore red today and will prob leave my profile pic on for a bit longer RIP Daniel & much love to your family & friends xox

  • Hope I’m not too late, was so tired tonight.

  • I’m wearing a red scarf, and I put a red ribbon on my daughter’s ponytail today for school.

  • In another life time I knew the Morcombe’s. Met their sons, they handed out lollies to my children, who were still little.

    They really are amazing warm beautiful gentle sincere people.

    As I watched the news last night, I reached over and grabbed my soon to be 13 year old son’s hand, and squeezed it tight… and shed my own tears for their terrible loss.

    red lips, red glasses, red hair band… For you Daniel.

  • julie

    I’m in SC ~ USA… ~~~~ Gods Love & Compassion knows “no boundaries” ;( May God give the Morcombe family HIS peace that passes all understanding!!! Guard their hearts & their minds by Christ Jesus… Amen & Amen (((HUGS))) ***RED for Daniel***

    • Thanks Julie – it means so much that this message has reached out beyond Australia. x

  • Hi Nikki,

    I’m speechless… so I’ll stick to what I do best – I’ve blogged the cause and hope BusiChics get it in time to wear some red for Daniel and his family.

    Count me in too.

    • Thanks so much Cheryl, it means a lot. Don’t forget to come and link it up!

  • Mama of 2 boys

    Absolutely breaks my heart this story does Nikki. My hubby and I were in shock and disbelief when we heard the monster responsible was in fact a father himself. A heartbreaking end for that poor family after years of torment. We’ll wear something red tomorrow too xo

  • Beautifully written Nikki. My heart goes out to the Morcombe family, they have been so strong through all of this horror.

  • My heart aches for this family. We will be wearing red tomorrow

    • Mine does too, Kate. I’ll be doing a link-up on my blog tomorrow if you’d like to join in.

  • Ash

    The boys and I will be in red tomorrow. Its just heartbreaking. I’m sure all of us had some hope that he would be found one day, not at all like it is turning out.

    • It is heartbreaking, and yes as a parent, I would have been still holding out hope he would walk through the door.

  • If you’re a blogger and thinking of doing a Red for Daniel post, I’ll be hosting a link-up on the blog tomorrow (Monday, August 15).

  • Yes indeed we will be in red. x

  • A touching post. I will wear red stockings for Daniel.

    • Thanks Carly and good luck with your first day back at workx

  • I get a chill down my spine every time I hear his name…. makes me so sad for him and his family…

    I was living in Brisbane at the time and hadn’t had children of my own yet but it really struck a chord with me too… I remember driving past the spot where he went missing not long after and shedding many tears..

    I hope the person responsible suffers for their horrible actions.

    • It makes me so sad too. Gave my kids an extra hug tonight.

  • My heart goes out to Daniel’s family and I hope he didn’t suffer. He did have such brilliant blue eyes.
    Will spread the word on wearing red. I will indeed have myself and my little ones decked out in the vibrant colour.

    • Yeran, I hope he didn’t either. Thank-you for wearing red.

  • Without a doubt, Nikki. xx

  • melissa

    As an Australian living in Indonesia teaching kids Daniel’s age when he was taken I will definitely be wearing red tomorrow and telling all my kids why. My heart and deepest sympathy goes to his family. Xx

    • Melissa, thanks for supporting this cause and telling your kids why. x

  • Will absolutely be wearing red tomorrow, such a moving post. x

  • Our whole family watched the news this morning as we have talked about it over the years since Daniel went missing. I feel sad each time I hear about this story as my hubby & I were traveling through the area when this happened while on our honeymoon. As a parent I just can not fathom how this poor family must have felt in thd last 8 years, the past few days, and the future now. I was angry and heartbroken when I seen they got ‘him’ and now I just hope they find Daniel and take him home to his Mum and Dad.
    We have participated in wearing red in the past while in NSW but so far havent seen it being supported in VIC. I might ask our school to support it. The kids are off school tomorrow but we will be wearing red.

    • Fiona, it’s amazing how we remember where we were for certain events. And yes, this is one of them. Thanks for wearing red. I think tomorrow that more Victorians may get behind it. And I believe there’s been a surge of interest in people wanting the DVD that the Morcombes made for distribution to schools.

      • Yes i remember it as it was close to my birthday too so i have actually thought of him quite a bit. I really hope Australia gets behind Red Day as its important to teach our kids. Its one of my worst fears and I’m sure my kids think I’m overbearing on the subject but I can’t help it.
        I purchased a book for my kids a while back that that was written after Daniel disappeared. It’s titled Ellie Angel and it teaches kids all about child safety and I would recommend anyone buy that too.

  • So wearing red tomorrow. 🙂

  • My heart goes out to this family too . I will wear red and dress my sons in red too im memory of Daniel.

  • I couldn’t bare watching the press conference this morning. They have been so public in their dogged determination to find Daniel and get the answers they so deserve. I just hope they soon get some private time to grieve x

    • I’m in tears again watching the news tonight. Have just given all my kids a big hug, even though teenage son looked awkward 😉

  • I have tears in my eyes reading this. Its a story that has long haunted me as well… I will certainly be wearing red for Daniel tomorrow xx

  • Paula

    Such a terrible story that has always resonated with me too. I hugged my boys a little tighter last night.
    Horrible to think that the person arrested was here in Perth….
    Red tomorrow, for sure.

    • Thanks Paula. The journo in me kicked in today. Guess it’s always there.

  • Robyn

    I hope it helps this wonderful family, the Morcombes, in some small way to know that so many people are thinking of them and have been thinking of them during their long, torturous wait to find out what happened to their beautiful son Daniel. No parent should ever have to experience this agony. It will be an honour to wear red to support them.

    • So true, Robyn, no parent should have to experience this. Thanks for supporting.

  • I can still see the news of that time showing where Daniel was last seen. It impacts on a person alright. And with you living & working in SC made it moreso.
    Now, I too thought “how old would he be now”
    Am spreading the word thru NSW Tweeps who teach.
    My grandkids & I will wear red tomorrow when we visit my dad.
    Rest in peace, Daniel. Your time was short on earth. Some sort of relief with grief increased for his mum & dad
    Love that you’ve posted this Nikki.
    Denyse 😉

    • Thanks Denyse. And yes, every time I drive past that spot on the road, I get goosebumps. x

  • That photo of Daniel is at once haunting and wonderful. Such hope and youth in those beautiful eyes; so horrific to think of what may have happened to him. My heart aches for his parents and brothers and for that innocent young life, taken so soon. I will be wearing red. I will be praying for a miracle.

  • Absolutely. Thanks for posting this Nikki x

    • Thanks Sarah. I don’t usually blog on a Sunday but seeing Bruce and Denise on TV this morning had me needing to download.

  • Marnie

    Thank you Nikki. I am spreading the word.

    • Marnie, this is what I LOVE about social media. Thanks for sharing x

  • I’ll be wearing red and encourage my children to do so as well.

    • Thanks so much, Tammy. And our kids need to be aware too x

  • My heart goes out to the Morcombes. Such a long and heart breaking wait for closure. I hope Daniel didn’t suffer for long, and I hope the depraved sicko found guilty does. I will most certainly be wearing red tomorrow.

  • I will wear red here across the pond. We all (world wide) need to be more aware and protect children from this. This story hurts my heart.

  • Somer

    I will most certainly wear red too. I had tears reading your post. It is so sad.

  • Oh, Nikki. Will be wearing something red tomorrow. I have always been struck by his beautiful blue eyes. xox

    • Thanks Eden, me too. So close to home but an issue that should make every parent hug their children even more tightly tonight x

  • Amy

    Like you I got teary hearing the charges being read out last night…

    It is sad and horrifying to think that anyone is capable of such things.

    I will be wearing red tomorrow.

    My thoughts are with the Morcombe family today.

    • Thanks Amy, mine are too. Seeing Denise this morning on TV, so close to breaking was breaking my heart.

  • I will wear red lipstick tomorrow 🙂

    And about to share on We Heart Life <3

  • Count me in.

  • Such sadness. I certainly will wear red tomorrow, and send love to the Morcombe family.

    • Thanks Naomi it is so sad. I usually don’t blog on Sundays but after watching Denise and Bruce in the press conference, I couldn’t not.