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I have a love hate relationship with my scalp.  Mostly hate.

I’ve had psoriasis since I was nine.  It took up residence under my thick head of hair and has been having rave party ever since.

I hate that when I wear my favourite colour – black – that it looks like I have dandruff.  And no. Anti-dandruff shampoos do not make squat of a difference.

Psoriasis is basically an over-buildup of skin cells, which appear like raised, itchy, flakey lumps.  I know.  Attractive.

During summer when I can combine a good dose of salt water and sun with regular beach swims, it calms down a little.

Stress doesn’t help.

Nor do some hair products.

And it’s not generally about the hair product being natural or organic.   In fact the most recent find of shampoo that works for my scalp without flaring up the psoriasis is Pantene Nature Fusion. No-one was more surprised than me when this was used on my hair and scalp and it remained calm.

Another shampoo that works to keep my scalp calm is Kerastase Dermo-Calm.

Now, I know I’m not alone with these scalp issues. Hairdressers tell me that it’s extremely common (a by-product of our crazy lives?).

So when I recently had my hair coloured using products that DIDN’T make my scalp sting for the entire time the colour sits on it, then I figured I should blog about it because you too may be sitting in your hairdressers’ chair, silently wincing all in the name of beauty.

I know ... it looks like a hair commercial. But no, that's me behind the fabulously coloured hair thanks to the team at Suite Three, Buderim

I know … it looks like a hair commercial but, no, that’s me behind the fabulously coloured hair thanks to the team at Suite Three, Buderim

Inoa Professional Hair Colour was launched by L’Oreal Professionnel last year.  It’s an ammonia-free formula that uses an Oil Delivery System to maximise the effectiveness of colour in the hair, protecting the hair and scalp as it goes.

Not only was it sting-free for me, there is also no horrible odour.

So how does it actually work?

It’s all about the oil.  After the colour is applied and reached the desired shade, it’s massaged into the hair shaft, a process that emulsifies the formula, working to remove most of the oil and allowing the colour to take.

There is a minor down-side to this process:  your hair will feel a bit greasy a day or two afterwards as not all the oil will be removed.   I still didn’t need to shampoo my hair until two days later but it was a definitely a different texture.

But how about that colour?

That, dear Stylers, is almost as exciting as the sting-free scalp.

It’s now five weeks on and not only is my re-growth not super obvious but the hair has retained the lustrous colour I walked out of the salon with.

I’ll be back for more.

Here’s how the team at Suite Three created my new balayaged* blonde look

1.  First my roots were pre-pigmented, like applying an undercoat if you’re painting a wall, with a cooper gold.

2.  Pieces at the top and around my face were pieced out for applying a blonde colour via *balayage.  The hair colour is literally painted on.  Skillfully, mind you.  The beauty of this type of colouring is that the re-growth is less obvious.  In fact it looks like it was supposed to happen.  Win.

3.  Then my dream hair shade – a golden brown – was applied through the mid-lengths to ends.

4.  The result:  a delicate colour that looks natural and sun-kissed.

And after: a delicate natural colour that looks sun-kissed. I love it.

And after: I love it.

For your the hair salon nearest you using Inoa, use this salon locator.

Do you have psoriasis on your scalp? Does your scalp hurt when you have colour applied? Have you tried Inoa?


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  1. I have been trialling the De Lorenzo Trichho Natural Scalp Therapy but at $51.98 a pop I am more than happy to try Pantene Nature Fusion. And colour(red with blonde highlights) I break out every time I get mine done, so will be recommending to my hairdresser to try.

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  2. It amazing what professional studio can do to our heads huh ?

    I believe many woman’s are convinced of their bad look and never try to change it. They think not much can be done, while in many cases i saw incredible metamorphose!

  3. OWW I know lots about itchy scalps!
    I use the following shampoo + conditioner:
    – MooGoo
    – Dermaveen
    – Alchemy
    – Aesop
    – MOP sulfate free

    These are all great for sensitive scalps.

    But I only get foils on my hair to avoid scalp contact.

    One thing I can’t stand is the way the media portrays dandruff/scalp flaking is dirty and yucky. Not everyone can help it. I like how you haven’t ‘sensationalised’ flaky scalps 🙂

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  4. Karpati Natural Hair Care make beautiful products which are free of:
    sulphates, SLS, silicone, parabens, mineral oil and most of the other nasties that make up well known brands. I don’t suffer from psoriasis but am trying to avoid petro-chemicals as much as possible. These products are a delight to use and I’m very happy with the results. They’re available at some health food shops or on-line at http://www.karpati.com.au. PS Nikki your hair looks fab!

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  5. I get something called “Gloss treatment” at my hairdressers 😀 It’s a colour + treatment at the same time, it’s incredibly quick and leaves my hair so beautiful for 3-4 weeks 🙂 My hairdresser’s in Sydney though 🙁 but if you’re ever around, look his salon up! It’s called The Blonde Room 😀

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  6. I’m so with you Nikki – I get patches of psoriasis on my scalp too and some shampoos really make it flare up and create all sorts of nasty really itchy rashes. I avoid all products with Sulfates and that really helps (it’s a known irritant), organic ingredients like mint and anything citrus are also irritants.

    I’ve found the Pantene is great too. I’ve seen that new L’oreal dye and plan on trying it!

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  7. As you know, I have psoriasis and agree that it’s horrible and uncomfortable and you have to pick the days you can wear dark colours. Frustrating! The Pantene Nature Fusion is still working for me, too. It’s calmed down more than it has for years (touch wood!).

    I don’t colour my hair, though, so no probs in that department. Your new colour looks great!

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