Blogopolis 2011 #nnb2011: the clothes, the Tweets and the lippy

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Today I have Post Blogging Conference Depression (PBCD).  To be honest, it came on the minute the plane hit the tarmac last night as I returned home from Nuffnang’s Blogopolis.

Symptoms presented thus far include:

1.  Forgetting that I have children.

2.  Forgetting that children need to be woken and driven to school.

3.  Remembering that room service will not bring breakfast.

4.  An overwhelming compulsion to stare at the #nnb2011 Twitter stream.

5.  An overwhelming compulsion to read each and every blog post about #nnb2011.

6.  A desire to join the blog roll of Blogopolis blogs posts being written.

Hence, my joining the fray this afternoon with this offering.


The clothes

Melbourne, where was your cold winter weather?  I really came prepared and found you weren’t as cold as you told me you would be.  Thankfully I’d planned my outfits around layers and was just able to leave six of them off.

Here are some of the bits and pieces from my wardrobe that made the cut and 20kg baggage allowance.  The gorgeous and talented official #nnb2011 photographer Danimezza took a full-length photo of me from the actual conference day.

Nikki Parkinson at Blogopolis 2011

Thanks Danimezza for capturing this shot early in the day! Outfit: NYDJ indigo jeans, new-season Morrison top, Witchery draped jacket, Salita Matthews neckpiece, The Little Shoebox pumps

My accessories for the Blogopolis pre-event (clockwise from top left): Peter Lang necklace; Mimco clutch and Peter Lang ring; Jaime Mascaro suede boots; @glowless and Marc Cain kaftan

My accessories for the Blogopolis pre-event (clockwise from top left): Peter Lang necklace; Mimco clutch and Peter Lang ring; Jaime Mascaro suede boots; @glowless (everyone should have a Glowless as an accessory) and Marc Cain kaftan

What I wore to speak:  NYDJ leggings jeans in indigo (not shown); new-season Morrison top; Witchery draped jacket from last year; Salita Matthews neckpiece.  (Oh, and I'm pictured here after being interviewed by the very gorgeous Kate Piasecka from Kate's in Melbourne).

What I wore to speak: NYDJ leggings jeans in indigo (not shown); new-season Morrison top; Witchery draped jacket from last year; Salita Matthews neckpiece. (Oh, and I'm pictured here after being interviewed by the very gorgeous Kate Piasecka from Kate's in Melbourne).


The Tweets

You know that Twitter is my first social media love, don’t you?  Well, I was feeling that love big time on Saturday throughout the conference.  Thanks to everyone who posted fantastic Tweets throughout the two masterclasses I was involved with.  Your cheques are in the mail.

Here are some of the ones that I’m getting framed for the pool lady room.


The lippy

OMG.  I really have shied away from a red lip because of being on the wrong side of 40 but no more.  Napoleon Perdis, you are a genius.  Well, we all knew that, but seriously, if I ever have the chance to meet you, it’s this red lip I’ll be kissing you with.  I was already a massive fan of Aphrodite but that Greek Goddess has been kicked off my makeup shelf for Lady in Red Lip Gloss ($30).

Lady in Red is the perfect balance colourwise of orange-pink tones I need in a red.  It goes on super easy.  Even in a dark club with just an iPhone as a mirror.  At first it feels and looks like a gloss but it settles in with the finish of a lipstick.  And one that will survive a pre-Blogopolis event drink … or four.

Best of all, lips are not left lacking in moisture, which I’m told is thanks to the fusion of argan oil (apparently it’s not just for hair) and cherry extract.

It’s available from today at Napoleon Perdis concept stores, David Jones and selected pharmacies and salons.  If this red isn’t right for you, try the other two lip glosses out today – Undercover Red and Front Row Red and tell me what you think.

Napoleon Perdis Lady in Red Lip Gloss ($30)

Napoleon Perdis Lady in Red Lip Gloss ($30)


I’ll be blogging more on Saturday about what I spoke about at Blogopolis.  In the meantime, the most comprehensive reporting of what went down at the conference can be found over at The Blog Stylist.  I finally got to meet Bree, even though it felt like we’d known each other forever.  She is one amazing and knowledgeable blogger.  Massive. Girl. Crush.

Styling You's Nikki Parkinson meets The Blog Stylist's Bree Lawson

I meet The Blog Stylist's Bree Lawson ... finally


Did you go to Blogopolis?  Have you got PBCD today?  Do you have a cure?

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  • Wow that red lippstick just looks gorgeous! Love it! Need to get one for myself it will be perfect for saturday nights 😀

  • Krystal Gillespie

    Sorry, I didn’t get to chat this time and I piked out on drinks, too. And focus on the content.

  • It was a pleasure to meet you Nikki…and thank you for all this coverage…and Yes I agree I love a bright coloured lipstick:)

  • When my blog grows up, I want it to be just like yours – successful!!!
    Thanks for all the inspiring advice on #nnb2011

    • That is so lovely to say. As I said on Saturday, just be YOU – you will be and make the difference needed to have a blog that stands out and get noticed. And focus on the content. Without engaging content, the rest doesn’t happen. Good luck. Look forward to following you!

  • I love this post Nikki, sooo you! How did you get the twitter feed as a jpeg? is it just a screen dump or something more fancy?

    • Hi Lisa, I did screen captures from using Snagnit (my fave easy-to-use screen and photo montage software!). I’ve actually done a better job for Saturday’s post and combined all the separate screen grabs into one jpeg.

  • Thankyou for giving me the answer as to why I’ve felt like utter crap since sunday!
    Love your red lip…I’m off to find myself some NP Lady in Red soon.
    My current fave is Fire by Revlon, but it wipes off too quickly (I think its got something to with my non-stop talking…)
    Funnily enough I’d only just grown the confidence to wear red lippy with pride last year and then 5 months ago I cut off all my hair and was told that I couldn’t wear red because that meant I was a lesbian…go figure! It took me a couple of months to get over it, but I’m back to loving my red lips 🙂

    • Lauren – embrace a bright lip of any colour – it’s a sure fire way to get over PBCD!

  • Great wrap up of the tweets. Wish I had met Bree – have to do that next time!

    • Thanks Nic, was great to go back over the Tweets yesterday – will include more in my post on Saturday. Bree is amazing – and yes you should meet. We’re going to ProBlogger’s event in October.

  • I also loved the lipstick. Felt amazing, not drying at all. Like miss Glowless 😉

    • Yes, and you did a very good “dark club application” as well!

  • Yay – my tweet made it in. A tweet about a lady garden, but a tweet none the less! I really loved your pres. You got the importance of emotional storytelling with blogs.

    • Penny, I’ve saved all your tweets – and they will pop up in future posts! And yes, I think it’s important whatever blog you write to connect through emotion. We’re people – we want to connect with people. You do it really well with Shh … Mummy’s on the Phone.

  • Great run down, it was so good to meet you 😀

    • Hi Violet, so, so lovely to meet you. You are just too gorgeous for words.

  • I too often sport a Napolean Lady in Red lip! xoxoxo

  • PBCD hitting hard here too, but I have waaaay too much work to do! Thanks for such an inspiring presentation. BTW, I’ve included some of your gems in my little post…

    • I know, me too. And thanks Cath – I’m totes stoked you got something out of my presentation.

  • I’m suffering from ISJBEHSAAT or otherwise known as I’m So Jealous Because Everyone Had Such An Amazing Time. I’m SO in love with that lippy Nikki! Hawt! I watched the Twitter stream and felt inspired. Sounds like your talk was fantastic. Well done you.

    • Thanks Kelly – I wish you had been there. Want to come to @problogger’s event in October? Think I’m addicted to blogging conferences. Always great to get fresh inspiration.

  • As always great to catch up.

    • Really glad we got to have dinner in a jam-packed day/night.

  • It was so awesome to meet you at the after party!!! It was even cooler that you actually knew who I was! Ha ha ha. I had such an awesome time, and it looks like you did too! <3

    • Caitlin, was fantastic to meet you – and I do love an after-party!

  • Yes I do!

    Too much to read and not enough time and also a weekend worth of crap house work to get through that is making things worse.

    • I know, had to do a post-school-run grocery grab this afternoon to add to my PBCD. I may recover by the next one. I’m going to come to Melbourne for @problogger’s event in October.

  • “I’m TOTES not Gen Y” gets my 5 stars Comment Of The Day. Hilarious, cracked me up for Golden Speech Intro *****

    • Thanks Lina! It had to be said. Was so great to see a good mix of both Gens in the room.

  • It’s hard coming back to reality isn’t it! Loved your pearls of wisdom on Saturday – thanks for sharing your love of blogging 🙂

    • It’s very hard – and thanks Megan, I appreciate that. I really love this whole blogging game – and sharing that with others.

  • Is it possible to have it when you didn’t even go?
    I admit to avidly watching the tweets all day Saturday and wishing I were there to take my own notes.

    • Yes, I think it would be possible. The Twitter stream was amazing – so much information shared that it would have felt like being in the room (without the yummy afternoon tea chocolate mousse!).

  • Ah, now I know what’s wrong with me. Have been feeling shit for two days now, I thought it was hay fever, but it may well be PBCD!

    Loved your presentation, it really confirmed what I’d been thinking about our value as bloggers.

    Sorry, I didn’t get to chat this time and I piked out on drinks, too.

    See you at the next one!

    • Definitely Dorothy – and I’m passionate bloggers valuing their selves and what they can bring to this new media landscape. But it all does start with content. Content is Queen!

  • OMG have I got PBCD! Cinderella was in her rags all day and was cleaning the house from top to bottom all Sunday. What’s made it worse is the fact that it was also my first day of work today – Monday! Eeek! And I’m loving that lippy colour! It’s superbly gorgeous!!

    • Eek, Norlin, that’s difficult – first day of work and PBCD!

  • I have serious PBCD and I think an intervention may be needed. I’ve put up screens of my own hashtags and am eating teeny tiny little chocolate cups just to recreate the moment.

    The red lips were awesome, but the Glow was by far the best accessory 😛 Hehe.

    • The Glow should be bottled and marketed. Love your idea of recreating the scene at home. Wonder if family wouldn’t mind watching Twitter tonight instead of Masterchef?

  • OK I am buying that lippy and wearing it. I always wish I was brave enough to wear ANY lipstick and you have inspired me. Best be practising my application..xx

  • I think the Melbourne weather surprised everyone, us Melbournians included!

    Loved your session and loved your red lippy – thanks for posting the name of it!

    • Thanks so much – and I was trying to read the name of it while out on Friday night but my Gen X eyesight couldn’t read the label 😉

  • I just have blog conference envy. Man, that red lippy looks gorgeous on you. I love red lipstick x

  • Loving the red lipstick/gloss… will be looking out for that one. And hunny you can rock red lippy!! Look forward to reading you post about what you spoke about. After reading several blog posts about the weekend I’m a wee bit envious. Love that the information sharing is happening though.

  • Loving this post as much as I loved your talk on Saturday at Blogopolis.
    I didn’t realise I too was suffering from PBCD but I TOTES am!
    It was so lovely to meet you- but too too quick.
    The limited time to talk to people was the only downside of an AMAZING conference.
    And just a little bit excited that my tweet is going ‘Straight to the pool room’.

    • I’m going to ROFL all the way to the pool room with your Tweet. Totes.
      And yes, more time to just network and chat would have been good!

  • Aw, thanks Nikki! So glad I got to meet you too! xoxo

    • It was just like “old times” really – that’s the fantastic part about “meeting” online first.

  • “Even in a dark club with just an iPhone as a mirror. ”

    She’s serious folks, I saw it. Genius.

    (I then also proceeded to make a star-struck fool of myself when introduced to her by the lovely Laura)

    • Alyce, thanks for backing me up! And, you didn’t make a fool of yourself. I wanted to meet everyone – glad you came and said hi. x

  • Hi Nikki, so great to finally meet you and thanks for bringing the inspiring in the panel you spoke in; certainly has gotten me thinking about how I work with fab PR etc. Also lady, you have some ace moves on the dancefloor- fabulous stuff!

    • It was great to relax; if by relax you mean, drink way to many champagnes, think I’m 23 again and dance when there’s not even anyone else dancing ;). So lovely to meet you. Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions re PRs etc.

  • I saw all your tweets coming through, lovely. Can’t wait to read the post about your talk. So wish I could have joined you all. Next time! xoxo