At what age do you need anti-aging skincare products?

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Did you know Jurlique is Australia’s second biggest skincare brand behind Clarins?

No? Nor did I.

I’ve long been a fan of this 26-year-young company though.  Early product loves included Rose Hand Cream and Blemish Cream and now I fit firmly into Jurlique’s second most popular collection – the Purely Age-Defying Range.

Now, on *that* age-defying or anti-aging topic (I’ve previously discussed it here and my obsession with Sodashi’s Samadara age-defying creme here) … 

The gorgeous-skinned @GoodGoogs tweeted me while I was at the Brisbane launch of Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream*, asking what age a woman actually needs to amp it up to this calibre of skincare.

Jurlique Brisbane Concept store: launch of Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream

The Brisbane launch of Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream. Love the natural antibacterial hand sanitiser at the door.

Good question, Zoey.  And one that I promptly put to the knowledgable people at Jurlique.

They said it wasn’t an age thing but more about what your skin actually needs at this point in time.  A Jurlique consultation helps to pinpoint those needs and advise on products that will bring your skin back in balance.

I like this approach.

You could be a 20-something who’s spent every one of those 20-plus years at the beach. In which case, you most probably should be embracing a decent eye cream from two decades of squinting.

Likewise, you could be a 30-something mum who’s religiously applied sunscreen on a daily basis from the age that she was old enough to apply it herself. In your very lucky well-managed case, you will probably have bought yourself a few extra years before needing to call in the age-defying reinforcements.

For most people, the age that the urge to age-defy kicks in is 40.  A few things happen from this time on that are part of the aging process.  Skin cells don’t renew themselves so efficiently (you’ll need an exfoliator to help with that) and collagen production (the stuff that makes your skin lovely, plump, ripe and wrinkle-free) isn’t as efficient either.

As someone on the other side of 40, I’m thankful that there is no longer a need for me to age disgracefully. Everywhere I turn there are products available to save my skin from itself.

And I’m now adding these three Jurlique Age-Defying products to my unofficial anti-aging hall of beauty fame:  Ultra Firm and Lift Cream ($90); Facial Serum ($89); and Eye Cream ($58).

Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream $90

Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream ($90) has some pretty serious clinical study stats to back up its claims

Now, this Ultra Firm and Lift Cream is not just a lovely smelling and textured cream.  It’s the biz.

I’ve felt the difference in just a week – and it’s been backed up by a third party clinical study – so you don’t have to take my word for it.

90% of women immediately experienced smoother, more hydrated skin on the first application

After six weeks, 100% of women showed increased skin firmness

And 84% saw a visible reduction in lines and wrinkles

Ultra Firm and Lift Cream works three ways with its key ingredients.  It has a plant-based amino acid to lift and re-define facial contours;  a natural repair agent to help activate collagen; and Rock Samphire extract – known as retinol of the sea – to work on those wrinkles.

The video below includes a little more detail about the product from Jurlique’s general manager – Laurence Crussol – and regional brand manager Vivienne Hess. (I love hearing from people so passionate about the products they live and breathe every day – and check out their skin!)

* I was invited to the launch at the new Jurlique Concept Store in the Wintergarden Centre, Queen Street Mall, by Jurlique.  The products mentioned above were gifted to me in accordance with my disclosure policy.

Have you tried anything from Jurlique lately?  Do you have a favourite you can recommend?

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  1. Sadly I could not make the Sydney event due to work commitments but nonetheless I still adore Jurlique and can honestly say I am not surprised that it is one of the best selling brands in Australia… I am surprised that Clarins is way up there though!!

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  3. You’re so right Nikki about your skin telling you when the time is right.

    I used Jurlique for a few years many moons ago and loved it at the time, I always felt it was very fresh and clean; I didn’t realise it was Australian though or that they grew some of their ingredients here, that’s really nice to know.

    I’ve been using general Ella Bache products for (about) 28 years now and their anti-ageing products for perhaps 6 years (when I turned 48…or thereabouts….I think).

    It was after a general (free) consultation with one of the beauty therapists. I had noticed my skin was a little drier, I tried a couple of different things, but it still wasn’t at its best. Once she realised my age and that I had gone through menopause she recommended their anti-aging products, which kicked in VERY quickly. I might just have a little peek at Jurlique again though.

    I thought Eleanor was going to mention women producing more facial hair as they aged and was going to stick my hand up and say “me too”. I only just noticed it, a slight fuzziness for an inch or so coming down the side of my face. I know it’s something that happens as we age, and most of the ladies here seem on the good side of 50 so may not have encountered this yet….but I wonder if they have and do they do anything about it?


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      Hi Gillian, sounds like you’re on track with your skincare regime. If you do get a chance to try this range, I’d suggest giving it a go.

      And as for the facial hair, if it is dark, have you considered laser? I’ve been having laser hair removal at The Laser Lounge and they treat a lot of women’s hormonal hair problems.

      1. Oh yes, just read this, laser! Go for it as it sounds like a hormonal hair issue.

        My daughter tried laser and we were disappointed as it really can be extremely difficult to get rid of very dark hair on very olive skin. We knew this in advance and went to a clinic recommended by our dermatologist. Oh well. Onwards.

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    2. Oh Gillian, indeed!

      I’m 42 and have already noticed even more facial hair than in my 30s. And I should mention that I come from a long line of hairy women (my 19 year old daughter’s as thrilled about that as me, ugh).

      My experience is that you should be very very careful with any decision you take. Many beauticians who have little/no facial/body hair really don’t quite get the issue. I have opted to leave it be (apart from upper lip and chin which, with age, is growing in darker and stronger, good grief). My sister-in-law bleaches successfully, but I found it just turned my fuzz orange. Sob.

      My dermatologist encouraged me to leave the cheeks as it really isn’t as noticeable as I believe. I still worry about it every day though. I’m sorry, not too helpful here…

      Yours in sisterhood,

      Eleanor x

  4. Oh no, not 40!! I’ll be looking for some anti-age help then… It can supplement my Cetaphil moistuiser? x

    PS – I think every Aussie woman alive has the Rose Hand Cream. Maybe even some dead ones too, but their hands are still very fresh?

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  5. I often get gift packs of Jurlique from my mum, so although I have never bought it myself, I usually have something from them on rotation.
    I’m not 40 yet but have been using age creams for a while as a (hopefully) preventative measure!

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  6. I have been on a life long mission for “The Right Product” which started as a teen, early 20 something with moderate acne. Through some incorrect advice (for me) and disastrous results, I started on an education process to find out as much as I could as to the why’s and hows, what works and what doesn’t.

    Now I am on the other end of the scale (late 40’s) and sometimes back to the breakout stage but with the aging as well, lovely combination! I have just started the anti-Aging products, I have been holding off as long as I can as I really wanted to bring out the big guns as late as I could. I figure I have quite a few years yet to be trying to reverse the inevitable.

    There are so many fabulous products out there my advice is sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen every day, exfoliate, get some professional advice and hold off with the big anti-aging stuff until you really need it.

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      Hi Tracey, yes, I have that wonderful break-out/wrinkle combination skin. Lucky, aren’t we?
      Your advice is spot on. My skin would not be what it is today without religious sunscreen application (especially growing up in QLD and living at the beach since my early 20s).

  7. Nikki – I have been meaning to ask you, and keep forgetting but this has prompted me … A good lip cream? One to help make those little fine lines disappear… ??? 🙂

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      I don’t use a lip specific cream (sometimes I’ll use a plumper on my actual lips before lipstick) – instead I’ll use an eye cream designed to combat wrinkles around the edge of my lips.

  8. And they’re Aussie, aren’t they?!

    When I hit my late 30s I started noticing pigmentation, and because I was pretty ignorant of cosmetics at that time *hangs head in shame* I did what my mother had always advised me to do – consult a medical professional. I now see my dermatologist annually and would recommend it to every woman, no matter what age. The best thing? My dermatologist is a gorgeous woman in her 70s who smiles sweetly whenever I mention cosmetics. She understands the joy they bring, but the ironic glint in her eye reminds me to be realistic.

    P.S. I’m wondering if there are any other hairy women out there who found that after years of waxing their upper lip they then had to treat the pigmentation (because the skin had been using the hair to protect itself from the sun, and I used too little sunblock).

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      Yes, Jurlique is an Australian company and they have a farm in SA where some of the ingredients in their products are grown.
      I love your advice – I too have consulted a dermatologist for more concerning skin matters and I love the sound of yours, a 70-year-old woman with the benefit of hindsight and many years of skincare!
      Hope you get some answers from other Styling You readers re your upper lip.

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