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How do you judge the quality of a facial?

Is it by the products used?

The skill of the therapist delivering those products?

The snore factor?

The tea served on arrival?

I'm a sucker for a herbal tea at the best of times

I'm a sucker for a herbal tea at the best of times

Me? I very much take all of these things into account (except the snoring thing of course – I’d just heard from “other” people that it can possibly happen so thought I’d better add it in) but the real test of a facial’s worth comes about a week later.

It’s when I wake up one morning and am truly surprised by the reflection staring back at me in the mirror.

Me talking to mirror one morning last week: Is that the glow of rejuvenated skin I see before me?  I think yes.

Seriously, that glow remains firmly in place despite it being almost two weeks and more than a few late nights since my Sodashi Thermal Infusion facial*.

Stylers, you’ve heard me talk evangelically excitedly (I’m clearly not the only one as last year Sodashi won Best Spa Cosmetic at the International Luxury Spa Summit) before about this luxe Australian chemical-free skincare range and I won’t apologise for doing so again.

Many so-called natural skincare products are not. This is the real deal; real ingredients and real results.

Because let’s face it, it’s all very well for the products to feel or smell lovely but when you get to a certain age you want bang for your buck.

Well, I do. A big one.

Back to the facial.

This facial is billed as Sodashi’s “nature’s facelift” facial. You might get to experience it at any of the destinations listed here (warning: these are links to dream worthy spas in dream worthy locations, episodes of giddiness may occur resulting in an online holiday booking. I will only be held responsible if you take me with you).

I got my chance at the hands of skin therapist, aromatherapist and author Fleur Whelligan in her newly opened Twenty8 Clinic on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

With what skin therapist Fleur Whelligan knows about skincare she should write a book.  Oh, that's right she has!

With what skin therapist Fleur Whelligan knows about skincare she should write a book. Oh, that's right she has!

Fleur, together with co-author Kim Morrison, have their own lifestyle product range, which was created under the guidance of Sodashi founder Megan Larsen.

It’s a synergy that works extremely well and I, for one, am very happy to be on the receiving end.

And can I just say, Sodashi plus Fleur Whelligan really does equal facial heaven?

So what’s the big deal about this particular treatment?

It’s about a deep cleanse and the application of some powerful vitamins.  What I really love is that while the products are working their magic, I’m kept lovely and warm under pre-heated towels and my feet, head and hands are massaged while the mask is on (this is big for me; the attention is on me the whole 1.5 hours.  No stepping away leaving me unloved).

And speaking of the mask … let’s take a little look, shall we?

This is the thermal mask which gives this Sodashi facial its name

This is the thermal mask which gives this Sodashi facial its name

Sorry to freak you out but yes, that’s me doing my best Hannibal Lector impression.  The mask goes on as a fluid substance, then sets and heats up the skin underneath to really get the products working.

Before I tell you more, let me back track through the steps of this facial.

1. The Thermal Infusing Face Mask treatment begins with Sodashi’s signature hot compress to the feet and aromatic inhalation to ground both the therapist and the guest before the treatment begins.

2. The face, neck and décolletage are cleansed twice with both the Eye and Lip Cleanser with Chamomile and the Clay Cleanser with Lavender.

3. The skin is gently exfoliated with three hot compresses of the Rejuvenating Concentrate* followed by application of a face oil to the face, neck and décolletage.

4. A second inhalation cleanses and purifies the atmosphere, encouraging a sense of calm and deeper relaxation.

5. A 20-minute signature facial massage ensues lulling the guest into complete relaxation.

6. The skin is then prepared with Eye Lifting Gel, Rejuvenating Skin Boost and the Eye and Lip Smoother before the Plant Essence Replenish Face Mask is applied to the face and neck.

7. The Thermal Infusing Face Mask is then applied and left for 25 minutes. Your hands and arms are massaged with Hand Rescue Cream while the mask slowly warms to a zesty 37 degrees.

8. The whole experience concludes with a spritz of Calming Rose Face Mist and application of Eye and Lip Smoother and Rejuvenating Face and Neck Moisturiser, followed by a closing inhalation to leave the guest revived and feeling radiant after the treatment.

I really do hate that tap on the shoulder; that signal that dream really is over.

But that’s the thing, the dream really isn’t over when the treatment delivers on it’s promises, is it?

Hence my mad chatter and smile at the glow reflecting back at me in the mirror two weeks later.

When was the last time you had a facial? Did it deliver the results you were looking for?

* The Sodashi Thermal Infusion facial costs $140. I was a guest of Sodashi and the Twenty8 Clinic. For more details on my disclosure policy please click here.

Post update:  just found this great video in which Sodashi founder, Megan Larsen runs you through the facial in more detail.  It was filmed at the Four Seasons in Paris.  I plan to put that on my bucket list!

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  1. Ive been using Sodashi for the past year with fantastic results , im just glad that i cant see myself while the mask is on .As Nikki says no pain no gain lol

    Sue ‘the mood stabilizer’ Harris

  2. Facials are one of the things that fell by the waywide for me when children came along. I used to have one every 6-8 weeks back in my DINK princess days, this year I’ve had 1 so far and that was in about January.

    I do love Sodashi – my beautician has been stocking them for years and she is fanatical about the products. Best be booking myself back in!

    1. Post

      Sodashi is a great WA based company, Paula, so no surprise you know and love them! I’ve been slack of late with regular facials but I’ve now been reminded about why they’re so worth it. It’s back on the agenda for me!

    1. Post

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