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I am not good with nails. Not good. At all.  My jaw drops at the very sight of a new post from You’ve Got Nail in my Google reader.

YGN’s Jacie is a mum to two boys yet still gives good nail.  Seriously good nail.

Me, I realise my nails have to look half-way decent because it comes with the territory (my hands are often on show wrapped around a champagne glass … for *networking* purposes, you understand) so I’m always on the lookout for ways to achieve the half-way decent look with half-way decent effort on my part.

This lazy, good-for-nothing attitude has seen me become the biggest CND Shellac evangelist.  I’ve had a CND Shellac colour on my nails for almost 12 months.  Most times, the application is chip-free for two weeks; with lighter colours I get away with three weeks. I’m yet to try OPI’s answer to Shellac – Axxium – but it does sound like we could also be mani besties.

This winter I’ve splashed a bit of colour around on a whim – from deep reds to a gorgeous coral – but in between those showy colours I’ve been all about the neutrals, the beige-browns.  They’re tougher than a pink-based neutral and work well with a cosy winter wardrobe.

Here are some you might like to give a try:

winter neutral nails - Orly, CND Shellac, RGB, OPI

1.  Orly Rich Creme in Prince Charming $18.95

2.  CND Shellac in Cocoa (salon application, from $30) – this is also the colour photographed on my nails

3.  RGB nail colour in Toast at HoneyHoney $24.95

4.  OPI nail lacquer in San-Tan-tonio $19.95


In other nail news …

I had been concerned about my Shellac obsession and what it may or may not be doing to my nails (they were a little dry but still strong) so I went cold turkey for two weeks and indulged by nails with Orly Nailtrition ($19.95).   It was like sending them on a two-week detox at a health retreat.  My nails lapped up the daily application of Nailtrition, which is infused with collagen, bamboo extract, protein and keratin and at the end of the detox they were very happy nail campers indeed. What I loved throughout the process was that they looked fabulous while on retreat, thanks to the pink sheen and the quick-drying formula.

Orly Nailtrition $19.95

Orly Nailtrition $19.95

If you live in Melbourne or are planning a trip soon, then you may want to put a trip to the Bloom Cosmetics’ flagship store in Chapel Street on your must-do list.  But before you do, phone to make an appointment with in-store manicure and pedicure therapist, Nadine Blamey.  Nadine has been in the nail biz for 25 years so she really knows her nail shiz.  To book in, phone 0411 477 281 or the Bloom Store on 9827 2977.

Bloom Flagship store Melbourne

Bloom Cosmetic's flagship store in Chapel Street, Melbourne

So, are you a nail tragic like me?  If not, what colours have been on your talons this winter?


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  1. Thanks for that interesting post Nikki. I, like you, have not been blessed with the “good nail” gene and feel like I’ve had a lifetime of weak, splitting nails. These days I just keep them short and apply a coat of basic clear polish after OPI cuticle oil. My biggest problem is I can’t stand the smell of nail polish and am trying to find some less “stinky” products…any ideas??

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      There’s not much of a smell from the CND Shellac – you do get a smell from the acetone needed to soak it off though. Best is choosing a place to apply yourself or a salon that is open and airy.

  2. I am LOOOOOOVING my Shellac nails (thanks to you and Little Jo). The coral colour I have makes me feel a little bit like it is summer (nevermind the freezing cold winds howling outside!). My other nail love is Butter London – there are some really fun colours and it stays really shiny!

    I just always feel better with a bit of a nail on 🙂

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  3. I’m loving the nudes. I was always embarrassed by my ugly nails until I discovered Bio Sculpture about 8 years ago. I would highly recommend Bio Sculpture gel nails. The only true gel nail on the market and they can be applied and removed with absolutely no damage to your natural nail. It is thin (unlike that ghastly acrylic nail look) and will not chip. Amazing range of colours. Great for a summer pedi as toe application can last around 4-5 weeks.

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      I’ve had this on my toes about five years ago. It was great until I pulled my usual clumsy action and stubbed my toe, causing the whole nail to lift off! Lots of people love BioSculpture – good to hear your glowing report.

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