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Editor’s note:  Mr Styling You is known to walk in the door at night time, not inquiring as to how my day was, instead asking whether any “product” had arrived for him.  Most days, I say, “no dear, I’m the blogger, remember”.  But on the day that this pack arrived, it was a different story.  Not only was this giant pack all for him but it was his favourite brand of razor. Pig. In. Mud.

Gillette Fusion Proglide Power ... and his Gillette grooming mates

Gillette Fusion Proglide Power ... and his Gillette grooming mates

Razors. An important piece of kit for blokes. Most of us use them every day, or at least every other day, and are acutely aware of the fine line that exists between pleasure and pain when you are chasing a clean shave.

You can go cheap and easy with a bag full of no-name disposables, but unless you’ve got a particularly tough hide, you are probably going to end up missing patches or even worse removing skin as well as stubble and leave yourself looking like a well used newspaper – “red” all over!

You can, of course, go the other way these days and spend a heap of money on expensive electric shavers, but if you have sensitive skin this can also result in a dodgy finish and the rash to prove it.

The key is to find a razor that provides the best of both worlds. A clean shave (without the irritation) at a reasonable price.

Gillette is a brand synonymous with the cutting edge (pun intended!) in shaving gear. And they’ve got the stats to prove it. The Gillette Fusion, released in 2006, is currently the world’s best-selling razor.

But they’ve upped the ante even further. The Gillette Fusion Proglide Power ($16.99) is packed with features that make this a really good razor.

Gillette Fusion Proglide Power $17.99

Gillette Fusion Proglide Power $17.99

There are a heap of new technical features in this little beauty that make it great, but in very basic terms, there are a couple of things that you need to know about why guys around the world will love this razor.

The cutting blades are thinner and finer and have a low-resistance coating that allows them to cut more easily through hair with less tug and pull. This feature cannot be emphasized enough. You’ve got to have good blades.

The lubricating strip is larger and infused with mineral oil that helps the razor to move more smoothly over the skin, reducing the irritation from repeat strokes in those tricky areas under the chin.

An improved precision trimmer on the reverse side of the razor, which is great for getting at those delicate little areas near the nostrils and corners of the mouth

I was also super impressed by these two Gillette products to help top and tail the shaving experience by preparing the stubble beforehand and soothing the skin afterwards.

Gillette Series Thermal Face Scrub ($12.99)

The scrub has been formulated to activate on contact with water to warm the skin and help clean and clear away dirt and oil, while softening facial hair before shaving. It is soap free so it doesn’t dry you out and the scrub particles have the right amount of texture to exfoliate dead, dry skin cells to clear a path for the razor without leaving you feeling like you’ve rubbed your jaw with sandpaper.

Gillette Series Thermal Face Scrub $12.99

Gillette Series Thermal Face Scrub $12.99

Gillette Series Intense Cooling Balm ($11.99)

The post shave balm has a dual-cooling complex that designed to extend the cooling effect on your face without drying the skin and help soothe the freshly shaved areas by sealing in moisture.


Gillette Series Intense Cooling Balm $11.99

Gillette Series Intense Cooling Balm $11.99

Does your man use a razor or an electric shaver?  Is he a sucker for a new razor product or does he stick with what he knows?


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  1. My hubby also happened across a gift pack of the new Gillette razors and he is hooked. He also loves the products that came in the pack. The replacement blades are a bit pricey but I guess they are worth the price for a good,clean, rash-free shave.
    (come on ladies, let’s show Kester a bit of support and leave a few comments)

    1. Haha, thanks Shaz … he’ll be stoked at your comment! You know the funny thing, he did tell me about how much the replacement blades cost when he ducked into the supermarket last weekend. I laughed and said, when was the last time you actually bought the refill and didn’t just put it on the grocery list!

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