Kate Moss: the bride who did not care?

Nikki Parkinson Life 43 Comments

I woke up this morning to some tweets about supermodel Kate Moss’ wedding to Jamie Hince and clicked through the associated links in excited anticipation.

After all, this is a model magazines have obsessed about for 10 plus years. She’s considered a style icon the world over so surely on her wedding day she’ll WOW us like never before?

… so I clicked and I clicked … Each time hoping for a better angle, a better image that would deliver on my pre-conceived expectations.

Instead I got MEH with some more MEH on top.

Lank hair, sallow skin (seriously someone send her a copy of Zoe Foster’s book) and a John Galliano dress that looked like an ill-shaped, gold-flecked slip.

Kate Moss on her wedding day. Marvellous or meh? Photo: Bellasugar

Kate Moss on her wedding day. Marvellous or meh? Photo: Bellasugar

Apparently the shoes were blue-lined, custom-designed Manolo Blahniks so that might redeem her a bit.

What do you think? Is she the bride who just didn’t care? Or doesn’t she need to? Because she’s Kate Moss?

  • Gwendolyn Jackson

    I wasn’t expecting a shift from her style, just something with a bit more WOW. I really loved how she wore her veil- the knots and draping at the back were my favourite. Yes, love the concept … Just thought she’d pull it off with more style? meh.

  • I`m sorry Nikki, but are you kidding or what??!!

    Kate Moss have been doing her way all over the years, and that`s why we love her right?!

    So please dont come and talk this mess of her roots not been colored…..

    Sorry, but this is just.. Is it that way we are going to be in this world today? Fix ewerything that can be fixed and do NOT look natural at all…

    This is how Kate is, I feel this is the real her. And the dress, her hair, everything is so beautiful. So elegant.

    • We welcome all opinions here. Thanks for adding to the chat.

  • I really loved how she wore her veil- the knots and draping at the back were my favourite.

    • Loved that too, Dot … and from the back I couldn’t see her roots 😉

  • I just came across your blog from reading Profile mag, loving it btw. I think Kate did as Kate does. It would have been nice if she had had her roots done though. The wedding party looked very English summer. I think it’s important to just be yourself when you get married – I certainly didn’t want to look back on my wedding pictures and see someone I didn’t recognise!

    • oh, great to see you here! I so agree, you should like yourself … but in my opinion the best version of yourself! So, yes, roots would have been good!

  • I did love her veil- the back shots were beautiful

  • Mmmm, sorry but I disagree.

    The detail on her dress is exquisite, and every single stitch of her veil an headwear is divine. (This link shows it in all its glory http://www.mydailystyle.es/2011/07/kate.html)

    I think she looks natural, and like ‘herself’, and that is beautiful.

    • Love getting everyone’s viewpoint, Andrea x Guess what I’m most disappointed in is her lack of polish … you can look effortlessly chic but sometimes need to put in some effort.

    • I am usually a very ‘tucked in’ sort of person, and love a bit of ‘polish’ but after seeing the photos on Andrea’s link (brilliant by the way – thank you) I am very much sold on Kate’s look … and the whole wedding gang! (I do think a little hair attention might not have gone astray though). x Annie from habbot.

      • Hi Annie, thanks for stopping by – love the link that Andrea shared too. I’m not always a tucked in person, just like a little effort for a special occasion. Love that everyone has an opinion about it … keeps it all fun.

  • Agree. She did look sparkingly happy, but…. meh. Just… meh. She looked so… plain.

  • Denise

    She looks happy…………and thats the main thing right

    • Yes, it is … I’m way too cynical to expect she’d gloss up for us 😉

  • Hmm..on the contrary, I don’t think it’s not a fact that she didn’t care, in fact I think she did care that her wedding dress etc, reflected who she was? It’s very Kate Moss, understated. Maybe we all have this notion that a bride should look different to what they normally look like at their own wedding, that they have to look outstanding. Whilst I do think it’s a bit meh, I do think she looked happy. As for her face being less than bright…hmm..am thinking it’s all those years of booze, drugs and late nights that’s taking it’s toll. But hey, at least she’s happy on her big day. 😉

    • I think there’s a lesson in *skincare* there for all young party girls, Norlin … very true!

  • I liked the natural makeup. Not a huge fan of the dress, but it’s her wedding day and her choice. I read lots of praise over on Mama Mia, and also some comments that she needs a good wash.

    It’s interesting that we become critical of appearance and clothes on celebs – as though they should look a certain way to make us happy. (Not a criticism on my part, just an observation.)

    • Definitely her choice Carly and as a celeb she’s made a decent living from putting herself out there. I wasn’t expecting a shift from her style, just something with a bit more WOW.

  • Umm you can totally see her nipple stag in that dress. That right there says she doesn’t care. Seriously how hard is it to get those nipple bandaids and cover up? Nipple stag in a wedding dress just isn’t classy.

  • Generally, I find her more meh. I have no idea how she became a supermodel. And I also wish she had her roots done…
    However, since it is her wedding and her big day…I think that as long as she’s happy, then who gives a toss what we all think.

  • melanie w

    i think she looked lovely very 60s hippy we just wed in the a meadow

    • Yes, love the concept … Just thought she’d pull it off with more style?

  • stink-bomb

    i think she looked fine. she has never conformed to “normal” fashion standards in that she doesn’t care what others think she should wear or look like, she follows her own style while sticking her fingers up at those who dare criticise her for her choices. the dress i thought was typical kate – wearing what she wanted, rather than what perhaps others would have liked to have seen her wear.

    she has never really had fabulous hair, preferring instead to leave it loose and freeflowing – which is how it looks in all the pics i’ve seen of her wedding day, doesn’t look dirty just not “styled”.

    the very thing people are calling her out for, is what makes her cool – she breaks the rules, hell she makes her own rules and breaks them too sometimes. and kate being kate – she also won’t care what anyone else thought of what she wore on her wedding day lol.

    • So true … she will not give a toss what I or anyone think about what she wore!

  • Claire

    I think she looks ok, just like a normal everyday bride.
    Don’t you think you all just prefer her airbrushed?

    • I’m not a fan of airbrushed … just would have like her to have her hair freshened up and more of a glow on her face. You can get this without any digital enhancements.

  • I must admit I thought she looked lovely. Understated and happy and isn’t that all that really matters? Coming from the person who definitely did not do understated on her wedding day, of course! 😉

    • Haha, it actually takes a lot of effort to get an understated look that looks fabulous. Crazy but true. She could have at least had her roots done … and maybe a facial or two.

    • Belle

      Agreed! I loved this look. It was authentic – it was what Kate looked like. I’m so sick of seeing photos of brides with way too much make up and don’t really ook like them. Go Kate!

      • I don’t think you need to wear a lot of makeup to have a fresh, glowing look. There are some great tips in Zoe’s book about this.

  • Dull, imagine what she got offered to wear.

  • Paula

    I had the same feeling looking at photos of the Monaco royals civil ceremony today – the blue blazer! Have you seen it ?

  • Mmmmm. Meh on a grand scale. And listen up kids – you can have drugs or your complexion. Just not both. Me. Ow.

    • Me.Ow. Right back at you. Thanks for stirring me into a Saturday night quickie blog post, Louise!

  • I suppose dressing up isn’t very exciting when you do it for a living. Still, washed hair and a bra might have been nice?