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Nuffnang’s Blogopolis Conference is here. In an hour or so, 300 bloggers will register for a day filled with information and inspiration. And I’m stoked to be a part of it.

If you’re not in Melbourne for this event but want to keep up with the best bits from today, make sure you follow the #nnb2011 stream on Twitter. With this many bloggers Tweeting in the one room, you’re bound to pick up a blogging tip or two … hundred.

I’ll pass on what I learned from the conference next week.

Here are the Blogopolis posts I wrote:

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It’s been a big week of speaking about blogging for me. On Tuesday I spoke in Sydney at the Beauty Directory’s Digital Seminar, talking to beauty brands and PRs on how best to work with and navigate through the explosion of beauty bloggers on to the media landscape.

Also talking that morning was Jacki James, strategic planner at Zuni. I’ve hit up Jacki to guest post here in the future. She’s got a tonne of knowledge and amazing stats about social media in Australia.

Jacki James - strategic planner at Zuni - delivers her presentation at the Beauty Directory's Digital Seminar in Sydney this week.  Photo: Beauty Directory

Jacki James - strategic planner at Zuni - delivers her presentation at the Beauty Directory

Here are just some of those stats that I, as a blogger and social media addict, took away from her presentation:

1. Facebook rules. The number of Facebook users in Australia is 20% ahead of the nearest social media platform – 6.6 million Australians check Facebook on a daily basis.

2. The future of social media is mobile. If you are a blogger or manage a website, are you ready for that?

3. Offer your audience on social media something tangible in return for their time, eg discounts, giveaways and information.

4. If you have your blog posts automatically posting on to your Facebook wall, think about stopping this. You have more likely of your posts showing up in the news feed by manually posting a link. This has got to do with the formula Facebook uses to determine your news feed.

5. Timing of posts is the key. You will receive half of the likes you are likely to receive in the first hour and 20 minutes. Get to know when your target market is online.



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