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Through pink-coloured safety goggles I stare fiercely at the smiley faces on the two stress balls I’m squeezing within an inch of their little yellow lives.  Yes, I’m a little nervous.

“Concentrate on the cooling sensation,” Bita, managing director of The Laser Lounge, reassures me.

“Breathe,” she tells me again.

So, I do. Because breathing is certainly a good idea at the best of times.

It’s also a good idea at the not-so-best of times.  Which includes right now.  As my lady bits are being repeatedly zapped by a laser.

Too much information?  Then sorry, you may choose not to read on.

But if you’re prepared to dismiss any disturbing visuals of me and my bits in the interests of learning about a treatment that will end up saving you dollars and help you avoid the pain and in-growns of waxing, tweezing and epilating, then stick with me here.

Because I’m here to tell you, laser hair removal is good.  Change your life good.

I’m at The Laser Lounge in Paddington, Brisbane (you’ll also find The Laser Lounge in Sydney’s CBD and Castle Hill).*  The business is the brainchild of sisters Gita Cooery and Bita Beyzaee. Sisters who know their stuff, whether it’s laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, cosmetic treatments, chemical peels, skincare, brow-shaping or tanning.  They do it and they know it.

Get laser hair removal in winter and be set for summer's swimsuit

Get permanent laser hair reduction in winter and be set for summer's swimsuit. Photo: Pinterest

Before I go any further, let’s just get that pain thing out on on the table, so to speak, because that’s where it was happening.  Yes, laser hair removal will come with a certain degree of pain but it’s certainly bearable and less painful than waxing or IPL/SPL (Intense Pulsed Light or Square Pulsed Light) hair removal.  In general, you’ll feel it more where there is more hair.  There really is a cooling sensation before the heat of the laser blast and if you can trick your brain into concentrating on the cool, it will be a whole lot easier to take.  And it will be over a whole lot more quickly than waxing the same area.

For me, the outside edges of the bikini line were a cinch.  I had SPL hair reduction treatments four years ago (yes, there’s still hair left from these … it’s reduced, just not entirely gone).  It was just as Bita worked her way in to the more *sensitive* bits of my bits that I got a little jumpy.

All up it takes about 10 minutes.  And I don’t actually come close to hitting the ceiling.

Too much information alert again. I wasn’t planning to go *all the way* but Bita – aka The Brazilian Queen – questioned why not.  Even if I changed my mind a few treatments in, at least the hair in the middle wouldn’t be as thick and coarse. And in a moment of craziness, I agreed.  Why not, indeed? After all, dear Stylers, you deserve the FULL story, don’t you?

Oh, ok, you got me … the real reason was that the aforementioned Queen of Brazilians (she’s earned that name because she’ll do an average of 30 a day!) told me that once I went grey *down there*, laser wouldn’t work.  Eek. Grey pubes. No-one gives you the heads up on that in this whole ageing gracefully malarkey.

You see, laser hair removal works best when your skin is pale and the hair is dark.  It’s that contrast that allows the laser to work most effectively. If you’ve been out in the sun or are using a self-tanner they’ll most likely recommend waiting at least one month before beginning treatments. All of these tips are explained in detail during your initial consultation.

This is why winter is THE perfect time to start a series of permanent laser hair reduction treatments.  If your legs are like mine they’ve taken on a particularly fetching shade of pasty … and I plan to keep them that way till things warm up again in September so bring on the laser.  Just pass me those stress balls.


Sister act: Bita Beyzaee and Gita Coorey from The Laser Lounge

Sister act: Bita Beyzaee (aka The Brazilian Queen) and Gita Coorey from The Laser Lounge

How does laser work?

The Laser Lounge only uses Certified Candela premier medical grade hair removal laser devices.  In Queensland you have to be approved and licensed by the Department of Health to use one of these machines – and Bita and Gita are currently lobbying the New South Wales government for similar strict regulations as they believe that people should not be using the machines unless fully trained.

The laser releases a focused beam of energy that targets the hair follicle at its root (it’s best to shave beforehand – complete contrast to waxing).  Within one to two weeks, the hair may appear on the surface like a “stubble” effect.  This is not hair re-growth but hair being forced out of the follicle to the surface of the skin.  Leave this to fall out by itself.

Hair doesn’t all grow at an even rate at the same time.  Some hairs will be in a “rest” phase when you have your first treatment, which is why a series of six to eight treatments six weeks apart is recommended; then maintenance every three to six months after (depending on personal factors such as genetics, hormones, medications etc).

What you need to know?

You must avoid the sun or self-tanning in the area of your treatment for one month before your treatment.  An increased risk of pigmentation change and burning can occur if you have a tan.

Avoid prescription-strength exfoliant creams for two weeks before your treatment.

Don’t wax, tweeze, epilate, thread or bleach the area for one month before your treatment.

You CAN shave or use a hair removal cream 24 hours before – and in between – your treatments.

What might happen after your treatment?

You might experience a mild sunburn-like sensation for two to 24 hours (I didn’t).

You could also experience a “bubbling” effect on the skin for two to 24 hours, which means the root has been targeted (I had a little).

Apply the supplied soothing aloe vera gel spray to the area to reduce symptoms.

Avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks after the treatment – SPF 30+ must be used after that.

Don’t use strongly scented lotions, soaps and creams.

Wait until any sunburn effect has disappeared before working up a sweat, using exfoliating creams, razors, tweezers or swimming in chlorinated pools or spas.

The cost

It’s best to first book in for a free consultation.  Phone 1300 963 962 or email the team at [email protected].  Each client is unique and a consultation will give you a better idea of the number of treatments you will need for your specific area of concern.

A Brazilian and Underarm package is priced from $99 per treatment.

A Bikini and Underarm combination is priced from $70 per treatment.

The Laser Lounge, Paddington, Brisbane. Also in Sydney's CBD and Castle Hill.

The Laser Lounge, Paddington, Brisbane. Also in Sydney's CBD and Castle Hill.


THIS COMPETITION HAS NOW CLOSED! WIN: The Laser Lounge has 12 prizes of a bikini and underarm permanent laser hair reduction combination treatment to give away.  Entering is easy.  Simply leave a comment below.  I want to hear about your most embarrassing body hair story.  Come on. Spill.  For extra winning karma, why not head on over and like The Laser Lounge on Facebook and follow them on Twitter?  Entries open on Thursday, June 30 at 7am and close on Thursday, July 14 at 8am.  The competition is open to all Australian residents but the prize can only be accepted at The Laser Lounge’s Sydney or Brisbane clinics. The prize does not include transport to and from the clinics. The winners will be drawn at random using  They will be notified by email and the names listed here.


* I was a guest of The Laser Lounge for the purposes of writing this sponsored post.  This review is an honest account of my experience.

Comments 55

  1. Many years ago I decided to have a brazillian(my partner at the time talked me into it). At this stage I hadn’t even had my bikini line waxed so it was a new experience for me. OMG.. the pain!! I bit my lip and held the tears back but after about 10 minutes I couldn’t take it anymore. I left the salon with half a brazillian.. I never did show my face back there again!!

  2. With PSO syndrome, facial hair is a nightmare! Normally thread but no threaded with 6 hours drive whilst on holidays…. Tube of hair removal cream = allergic reaction and a avaunt face for 2 weeks…. The joys!

  3. Bury my head in the sand material – Was at my boyfriends house one weekend and was doing a home bikini wax job when my boyfriends mother burst into the bathroom and found me in a very compromising position. Lets just say she didn’t look at me the same way over the dinner table that night.

  4. I’m sure I’ve told you… that time where I was getting my first Brazilian, and the tanning bed wouldn’t work? So my waxer went to help… leaving me vulnerable and naked on a bed with the door wiiiiiiiide open, and everyone passing to see what all the tanning bed fuss was about. Yay.

  5. I talked my boyfirend into helping me wax my eyebrows and he accidently ripped off half of my right eyebrow!! So I ended up having to do the same to my other eyebrow and penciling the rest in! Thank god it grew back quickly!

  6. Thought I’d test out my ability by purchasing a home waxing kit and ended up getting stuck together resulting in an emergency appointment to my BEAUTICIAN!!

  7. Getting caught waxing the nether regions in my bedroom by my MALE flatmate, it was not a great position for him to walk in on!!

  8. I was about 13 and new to shaving etc. I have no idea how I did it, whether shaving arms or legs, but I somehow lifted my hand up and on the way managed to shave half my left eyebrow off. I had to make up some ridiculous excuses at school as to where it had gone, and no doubt pencilled the missing bit in rather badly!

  9. my boyfriend owned a beauty salon and booked me in for a bikini line wax. Little did I know it was really a brazilan. OMG..

  10. Shazilla heads out the door in search of the beach. It’s warm and balmy, her new bikini in tow. Arriving at the beach she sprints to the beach passing some surfers waxing the board. Shazilla proudly derobes her short shorts. The surfers share with shazilla she has seaweed hanging from her bikini’s. Looking down an undergrowth stares back at her, Somewhat stunned. She’s shocked! Shazilla should have hit the laser lounge before the surf. : (

  11. Preparing for my first date, I used mum’s “Nads” (Hair removal cream) above and beneath my eyebrows… Too impatient to wait the 5 mins, I jumped in the shower… The steam must’ve melted the nads, because it dripped through my eyebrows. Washing my face with a washer, most of my eyebrows came away with the towlette! Looking in the mirror, I had only 2 or 3 small patches of hair left which was supposed to consitiute my eyebrows! Needless to say, I cancelled the date, and stayed home & cried!

  12. Capital E, embarrasing = As a PA to a Senior Executive, my boss asked me what VJJ meant. I had no idea what he was talking about until I realised I accidently invited my boss to my outlook appointment “VJJ – 8.30am” !!!

  13. Six weeks after having a baby I went to beauty therapist, half way through the wax she commented on how I got stretch marks on my legs and hips….keep your comments to yourself thanks.

  14. Reading all those funny stories has certainly put a smile on my face – thanks for sharing (I think!). Having to suffer to be beautiful certainly seems apt in the case of hair removal.
    (not entering the giveway thanks).

  15. Being a Perthite, sadly, I can’t enter. But I love a good chance to name and shame, and share someone else’s embarrassing story.

    So…while in boarding school, I was lucky enough to spend a weekend at a friend’s house. This girl was uber rich, and her mother was like a glamorous goddess. At least, that’s how she appeared to a group of 13 year olds.

    Until she came screaming out of her bathroom, clutching her “girly bits” under her bath robe.

    Seems she had got her Epilady caught in her pubic hair.

    I can see now, that laughing hysterically was perhaps not the most mature or appropriate response at the time.


  16. being told i need a shave by a friend is always embarrassing Polycystic ovarian syndrome makes my life hell every day i feel more like a man than a woman i get embarrasses every day

  17. I went to get my bikini waxed and the girl was new and unsure. She dropped some extremely hot wax on me and burnt my bikini area and the top of my leg. My boyfriend was crazy with anger as got a big blister. Luckly, it all healed up with no scars and got a three month credit from the owner but i was too scared to go back.

  18. I have not had a good history with hair removal. I have tried waxing myself several times which resulted in a lot of pain and barely any hair being removed. I have tried hair removal cream which started burning my skin immeadiately after putting it on and left some delightful blisters. Plucking…well I now have a few gaps in my eyebrows from where I got a bit over excited.

    Laser hair removal would be a great alternative for me, I would love to never have to worry about hair removal again (or going grey down there!).

  19. This was very painful. The one and only time I have ever waxed my underarms. I used salon wax and left it on a little longer than it should have been left. When pulling it off, it began to break into small pieces. After the remaines were picked from my bleeding armpits, I vowed to never wax under there again.

  20. Having my eye brows waxed and my skin being taken off at the same time – not only ouch but VERY embarrassing for many days after while the skin repaired itself.

  21. Being half-european I have QUITE a lot of hair! I’ve had a mo since I hit puberty and one time I left my hair removal cream on a couple of minutes too long; I ended up with a mo… of little red bumps for a week!

  22. I have been damaged forever and this is a true story. As a toddler i mistakingly grabbed the wrong womans leg-thinking i had my arms around mums calf! When i looked up i was under the womans skirt and there was black hair all down her inner thighs. I nearly died!Especially when i got older and realised it must have been pubic hair!

  23. I was in a rush so didn’t shave before going swimming. I only noticed afterwards the stray hairs curling around the legs of the swimsuit.

  24. Getting to our fabulous Gold Coast holiday, lying back on a deck chair and my hubby leaning over to tell me that in sunshine I have a little moustache… OMG… mortified!

  25. I have a bit of a moustache, i get it waxed, i used to bleach it or pluck it. One time i decided to use hair removal cream on it when I was in yr 12. I left it on too long and it burnt my skin. It scabbed over and the next day at school everyone kept telling me i have vegemite on my face but i told everyone I had a reaction to face cream and tried to hide all day. So embarrassing

  26. Out on a mystery date (organised by friends), I ducked to the ladies room and while washing my hands glanced up in the mirror. In horror I saw a Mustache that would put many a man to shame. I hadn’t had the money to get it waxed and had intended to pluck it, but overlooked doing it in the rush to get ready on time, for my date. Needless to say I never saw him again.

  27. my most embarrassing hair moment involved me accidently seeing my mum naked when i was younger, and noticing she had quite a lot of hair downstairs, i’m not sure who was more embarrassed though…me or her!!

  28. My sister and I were in a restaurant having something to eat and she noticed a long white hair coming out of my chin. She pointed it out and I felt around and there was a white wispy hair about 5cm long growing out of me!!!! I was horrified that I had not noticed it before and wondered how many people have seen that hair before I saw it!!! I got my sister to yank it out and she’s called me a goat ever since!!!

  29. I got a brazilian laser job done once, and the boss lady was so rough and rushed. I think she had the machine on highest setting and blasted my cha cha till it was all red, lumpy and with spots of blood. The free Aloe didn’t do much to alleviate the burning sensation that lasted for the next hour or so.

  30. I had been traveling in Vietnam for 3 weeks with girlfriends. We had been on a tight budget and living very cheaply. We decided to relax at the beach for a couple of days to chill out. 2 lovely Vietnamese ladies approached us and offered to “defuzz” our legs very cheaply. My legs had not seen a razor in a month and I was desperate so I agreed. The 2 ladies bit off (what hygiene) long strands of cotton thread off a spool and slid it up rapidly up and down my legs which basically just rips the hair out. It hurts ALOT. My friends watched in hysterics and quickly went swimming. I could’t endure it to the end so only half my legs were done. The Vietnamese ladies couldn’t believe it but they had been paid so they continued on down the beach.

  31. One (bikini) waxing embarrassment after another… most recently, neglecting to take into account the distance between the bathroom and microwave in the house we just moved into (and the fact that there is a window facing the street on the dash from one to another)!

  32. All my trips to the waxer are embarrassing! Why am I nearly 40 given birth to two kids and generally “normal” but get so embarrassed getting a brazilian?
    This is why I would love love love to win this prize because the thought of never having to strip off for a wax again is just fab!

  33. When I was a kid I had a unusually long hair grow from “the female flower”. When I say ‘unusually long’ I mean think 8cm curly hair from a hair-free vagaga. Not knowing what to do, I decided to pull the only hair out and BOY did it hurt – for days. So bad that I had to ask mum if that was normal?! She said that was a freak of a hair and next time leave it and let the rest of the bush catch up over time.

  34. this is not me but something i am not sure how to work with and Nikki I know you have a teen daughter and may have some advice on this. but my five year old came home from school a couple of weeks ago and said she was getting teased for having hairy legs. I was blessed with fair hair which also meant fair skin (which felt like a curse). So i have no idea of how to handle it other than “on no sweetheart, they don’t know what they are talking about”. Confessions of a mum!

  35. Until I was into my 30s I had NEVER, EVER trimmed, shaved, plucked or “anythinged” in the lady garden. I thought the only people who did that were people with excessive hair that had actually grown down their legs (OK….I’m talking 20+ years ago).

    After I’d given birth to my daughter (@30) I had noticed that my hair “down there” had grown VERY long. But I didn’t think anything about it until one day I was in my little teeny tiny bikini and I noticed I had a “pad” in the nether regions of the ‘kini. I looked closer and realised the hair was so thick and dense it looked like I was wearing an old fashioned padded cod-piece! AND hairs were escaping through the fabric and around the edges.

    I was totally horrified and stood in shock for a few moments wondering how long it had been like that! Once I recovered I disappeared into the bathroom with my trusty scissors and trimmed enough hair to make several wigs for Elton John!

  36. When I was having my legs waxed for the first and only time at a new venue – I was lying on my tummy and I accidentally let one go, “quite loudly” as you do when you are in pain , biting through knuckles, trying not to cry.
    The lady had to back away.
    (The lady was qualified beautician but lived & worked from home in next street away from us in a small estate … she had just set up business) So I saw her a few times afterwards and a sly smirk every time.

  37. My bikini line and underarms have always been a problem with me. I wax or shave and I always end up with irritated skin with ingrown hairs. So I have hair or I have red, lumpy rash :/ Hmmm Which one is better?… lol

  38. I have no embarrassing stories about waxing (I’ve blocked them all out) but I’d be really happy to not have to do that again… Wish I could enter the draw but I can’t get to Sydney or Brisbane 🙁

  39. My beautician calls me the screamer and will not book anyone else into the shop while I am there. She hands me the numbing spray which I use like bio oil on my brazilian, which stings her eyes when she is waxing me because I put so much on. She gives me two waxing sticks to bite down on while I am being waxed, one for brazilian and one for legs.They dont look like sticks after I finish with them.

    One day she said should couldn’t take it anymore she said “you go and get lazered”. I have had a few treatments and it’s been bloody wonderful. Now I only go to my beautician for facials and gossip. By the way Lazer Lounge you ROCK!!!

  40. Oh I think a few times when I was in my late teens and a party turned into a pool party. I hadn’t thought I would get lucky but the nicest boy turned up and chatted me up. When I went to the bathroom I realised there were stray hairs hanging out of my lady garden. I tried to shave them off with a razor in my friend’s bathroom, but it was rusty and I was fairly inexperienced, and I cut myself. I went home embarassed without even saying goodbye to cool boy.

  41. I was 18, and decided to have a go at doing my own brazillian. I had never even had it done by a professional before. I woke up early on a Sunday at my then boyfriend’s house, who lived with his parents at the time. Everyone else was having a sleepover, so I decided I would give it a go and surprise my boyfriend, since I had the freshly purchased wax there with me and everything. Into the bathroom I went, and as I waxed the top area it was fine… painful, but fine (I didn’t know about using powder back then). But… as I got to the (sorry) lower, more insidey bits, in my naivete, also neglected to erm hold tight the other bits… so as I ripped off the wax, I tore all up the side of my labia. Oh holy… it HURT LIKE HELL, and yes, it bled. I couldn’t help but yelp, which woke up my boyfriend’s mum, who was knocking on the door, asking if I was okay. I said I stubbed my toe to account for the limping back to my boyfriend’s bedroom (and politely refused her offers to take a look at it), who I had to admit the whole story to. Needless to say, I have NEVER tried to do this myself again!

  42. I’ve always wanted to know more about laser hair removal…so thanks. Okay, embarrassing body hair story: I was 30 weeks pregnant, and a bridesmaid for my sister’s wedding.

    Now, I hadn’t waxed for a while…I couldn’t reach (down there) and I was too tired to go and get it done. Just to add a little more to the story (overshare) I often wore my favourite undies (washed in between wearing of course) because they were comfy for my belly. The thing is, they were TOTALLY see-through…like mesh (overshare). So, I had a fitting…and didn’t even THINK about what I was wearing under my clothes…and so I had to strip down to, not only reveal, ahem, (overshare) my unwaxed bikini line but (overshare, overshare, overshare) everything through the undies…! Oh man alive, My sister was laughing; the dressmaker was lovely but I never quite lived it down! I had to laugh too! Gotta laugh or you just might cry. HA! So ladies…think about your underwear BEFORE you go to a fitting!

  43. I think the worst story was my second ever brazilian via wax rather than laser. I was so tense I started to sweat…down there, and tense up down there too and the combo of that and the seeming inexperience of the “therapist” meant the wax wouldn’t come off. I thought I was going to lose a labia (sorry is that too much info!??!! heehe) at one point – give me laser down there any day!

    Nicole x

  44. it has to be accidently waxing off half my eyebrow will waving a waxing strip around. it landed on my eyebrow and there was only one way that bad boy was going to come off. 🙂 xx

  45. Gosh, I can’t believe I am admitting this, but one time, when I went to get my brazillian I got my period half way through the waxing. Talk about embarrassing. My beautician said “Um, excuse me, I don’t want to alarm you, but you’ve just gotten your period” My face was bright red for the rest of the day.

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