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I know I’ve been sounding like a cracked record of late.  Nagging Talking about the importance of a good skincare routine.  One that you start … and never finish.

That routine – coupled with being sun safe – really is the key to your skin looking and feeling a whole lot younger than it is.

And when you reach a *certain* age, let’s just say that it may be time to look at something a little more targeted to your specific skincare needs.  Which is why I’m excited to post here about Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals.  And even more excited to be giving way one Skin Doctors’ skincare pack valued at $500*.

Now, I can’t guarantee the winner will look like the Skin Doctors’ ambassador – model and presenter Laura Dundovic – when those bottles and jars run out but your skin will be on its way to a happier state.

Skin Doctors brand ambassador Laura Dundovic

Skin Doctors brand ambassador Laura Dundovic


Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals are industry leaders in the development and marketing of breakthrough, clinical strength cosmeceuticals that offer consumers topical alternatives to surgery. Skin Doctors products are based on cutting edge formulations developed in conjunction with leading research institutes and cosmetic surgeons. Clinical strength results. No doctors. No needles. no pain!

Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic products that include ingredients designed not only to enhance the appearance but to also have a positive physiological effect at the cellular level. They provide lasting benefits and satisfy both beauty and health needs. Skin Doctors is not just another range of “fluffy moisturisers” but rather cosmeceutical strength preparations formulated to make a real, visible difference to the appearance of the skin. Skin Doctors is able to “bridge the gap” between ordinary skincare and cosmetic surgery and that is why many of the results have been compared to cosmetic surgical procedures.

For every skin problem there is a specific Skin Doctors solution. The Skin Doctors range is the most comprehensive on the market, with treatments for almost every major beauty problem from spider veins, puffy eye bags, wrinkles and skin ageing, to pigmentation and even micro-dermabrasion and chemical peels. The range provides solutions that can be used in the privacy of your own home and they deliver dramatic results that require no recovery time, unlike surgery. They are a fraction of the price of a cosmetic procedure while being safe and non-invasive.


Here’s what you can win

1.  Instant Facelift $49.95

2.  Supermoist Face $49.95

3.  Supermoist Body $39.95

4.  Powerbrasion System pack $124.95

5.  Rapid Peel $64.95

6.  Skinactive14 Day $30

7.  Skinactive14 Night $30

8.  Eye-tuck $39.95

9.  Antarctlyne Plump $55.95


[This competition has now closed] For your chance to win this Skin Doctors skincare pack valued at $500, simply leave a comment below to let me know why your skin needs a Skin Doctor this winter? Entries open June 9 at 7am and close on June 16 at 8am.  This competition is open to Australian residents only.  One entry per person. The total prize pool is valued at $500. The winner will be drawn at random using  He or she will be notified by email and their name will be listed here.


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Comments 193

  1. Just read your Birthday post Happy Birthday. With that in mind this aging thing isn’t much fun!! Noticing small changes.. That is why I NEED …Skin Doctor this winter!

  2. I’m approaching THAT certain age where my skin is weathering – it’s an outrage! I need as many Skin Doctors as I can get!

  3. I am 35 & yesterday hubbie/kids made a joke that my skin care should be poly filler . I would prefer to use skin Doctors awesome products lol


  4. My skin needs a skin doctor this winter because under the makeup my nose looks like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and it’s not even Christmas! Must be because I have reached the ‘certain age’ you speak of. So, it would be like a Christmas present when it’s not Christmas.

  5. Its easy to be deceived by pretty packaging, but it seems Skin Doctors is the real deal. I would love to take off my makeup and see my skin improve by using ingredients that lift my skin naturally.

  6. I need the skin Dr this winter because being pregnant may be reducing my oil flow but is aging me with lack of sleep.

  7. Doctor, doctor, I’ve got the blues,
    I have a bad case of needin’ you,
    Tried pills but my skin’s still ill,
    I’ve got a bad case of wrinkles toooo!

  8. Skin Doctor will fix my skin,
    Dry and parched, starting to become thin.
    No script required,
    Cleansed, Moisturized and nourished,
    I will feel like a spring chicken again,

  9. Between chill outdoors and stuffy office indoors, skin’s red, flaky and dry. Paramedics looking at me and wincing, saying I need Doctor for Skin stat!

  10. I’m shocked every winter by how I suddenly look 5 years older. My summer glow gives way to dry, lifeless skin. I get the water intake, the fruit, veg, fish, and exercise, but sometimes you need a little help from the outside.
    I love Skin Doctors products, because they really work. And clearly some skin doctoring is in order for me to look my age again (or maybe even a little younger!)

  11. “Oh, doctor I’m in trouble” sang Sophie Loren. I too am in trouble.
    My daughter has decided to get married in just a few months and without the doctor’s help my dry skin will have me looking like her Grandmother, not her Mother.

  12. my skin is already super dry and winter has only just started definatly need the skin doctors help to get it looking super moisturised and glowing, nothing seems to be working at the moment would love to win this pack.

  13. I need a bit of guidance for my aging combination skin over winter. Skin doctors sound like just the ticket for assistance when skincare has become a long overdue priority.

  14. The budget’s tight and I’ve just run out of cleanser, my moisturiser is nearly all gone … if I don’t win the Skin Doctors pack I will have to resort to SOAP!!!!! Please let me win and save me from such a fate!!!

  15. In Winter, living in Melbourne, my skin goes through a lot more extremes, with catching public transport and working in an office, hot and cold become a way of life.

  16. I’ve been using Skin Docktors since I was a wee little teenager to try and fade my freckles. In my twenties, I’ve not finally embraced this unique feature and want my face to shine – I know Skin Doctors can help me do just that.

  17. Ye whats up doc I heard you can fix me skin you see doc I keep standing in the mirror closing my eyes clicking my heels together an guess wat doc I reckon me need ya. Ye wants to be cinderalla all winter long.

  18. Help! Am in urgent need of a skin doctor! Have reached that *certain* age and am pretty sure those new lines I’m seeing in my reflection are not the mirror beginning to crack as deluded as I try to be!

  19. You said it! We all need a beauty routine, and WOW – Skin Doctors would certainly give the boost my skin needs, not just for this drying Winter, but for Summer, Autumn and in Spring!

  20. I need a skin doctor because I am currently on uni exams, and I am getting stress pimples left, right and centre!

  21. I spend my entire working week trapped in a cubicle. I get to work before the sun rises and I left after the sun sets. I normally fall into bed exhausted with little or no me time. I need a pampering desperately. My poor skin is suffering with the constant aircon/heating at work.

  22. My skin is suffering from from the extreme temperatures, going from a heated office to standing in freezing winds.

  23. This chilly Winter wind and rain has left my skin feeling very under the weather. Dry & flaky, itchy & chapped so badly that no amount of supermarket bought moisturisers can save me now!
    Help! Someone call the doctor quick…the Skin Doctor of course it sure would cure what ails me!

  24. Because my winter complexion resembles that of Jack Frost instead of a sun kissed Skin Doctors ambassador Laura Dundovic.

  25. So many skin problems in winter-dry skin, oily skin, wan complexion, dark lined area never mind all those nasty minor issues that arise on a regular basis. The idea of specific treatments for individual problems is a great one and i feel one that is destined to work for me

  26. Now we’ve all heard of acne, back-ne, pimp-in pimple, but what is this crummy, flaking, winter zit fest forming on my face. Help me Skin Doctors!

  27. Now that’s the sort of “doctor” I want in my life…one that doesn’t involve sitting in a waiting room full of coughing, sneezing people. Hopefully my skin will look like I’ve visited a health spa instead!!

  28. Skin Doctors is my saving grace,
    A boon to my mature old face.
    Aids dry skin, wrinkles too,
    Face looks sensational, mood’s not blue!

  29. I have reached that certain age
    where I need extra help
    and I’m worried cause I’m still single
    Please HELP Skin Doctors, this is heartfelt!!

  30. I have reached an age where I am happy with myself generally – would just like the face I present to the world to be a bit more in tune with the age I feel on the inside. Fresh and moisturised. I don’t need to look young again, just youthful 🙂

  31. I’ve got rosacea on my face and my skin feels like sandpaper no matter what I use on it. I’ve never tried Skin Doctor before and would like to see if it makes a difference.

  32. I am now getting closer to the fine age of ‘3 score years and 10’ and up till now have been able to easily pass myself off as ‘about 60.’ However, Mother Time is starting to catch me out a little and I really need HELP!!! I am a busy working woman and to be able to win such a lovely pack from Skin Doctors, I would be such an excellent advocate for your product.

  33. My skin needs a Skin Doctor everyday of the year, but even more so this winter as my pregnancy has re-ingnited all the flaws from within and sent them to the surface!

  34. Winter skin does kind of suffer an ego illness! Lack of vitamin D, heaters dry it out. Fresh fruit isn’t as plentiful. Yes, that’s where I’m at. Bit lacking, wanting a boost so that my skin think’s it’s bounding through summer.

  35. I am pregnant and this combined with wintry conditions outside has completely dried my skin out- would love to win this prize to treat it.

  36. My skin is in deep turmoil after a few ‘volcanic eruptions’ (acne trauma), dont know whats happening with my hormones…HELP!

  37. I need the Skin Doctors skincare pack because my skin has been acting up lately in this weather, dry but also breaking out.

  38. My skin is dry all year round but especially so in Winter. I find I have to upgrade my body and face moisturisers to more hydrating ones to continue caring for my skin. I haven’t been lucky enough yet to try Skin Doctors but my fingers will remain crossed, hoping I’m lucky.

  39. Seriously?? Something JUST for ME! Yes please. Ive plucked, plumped, poked and prodded, now its time to Pamper but luckily it also prepares my skin for the years to come. Now my days chasing after kids can not show for years on my skin. Thanks for the chance. This is just an amazingly good prize!

  40. Doctor, Doctor give me the news
    I’ve got a bad case of the winter skin blues.
    No pill’s gonna cure my skin
    I need some Skin Doctor!

  41. No-one wants dry flaking Winter legs:
    It’s for Skin Doctors that my skin begs!
    Vitamin E for an intensive hit,
    To moisturise every affected bit!

  42. winter is the harshest season for my skin because of the cold and the windiness. so a skin doctor would be a saviour this winter 🙂

  43. I feel I am starting to look my age all of a sudden and would love a chance to try this amazing pack so I can stop this revolting aging in its tracks.

  44. Just found out that once you hit 35 mini-skirts are out! HELP!! Now that the guys will be looking at my face I need a confidence boost and a facial makeover.

  45. Expecting with three,
    My skin is in thirst I definitely agree,
    It has transformed,
    It’s the idyllic time to be informed!
    A little dry,
    Perhaps “Supermoist” I can apply,
    For a seamlessly smooth soft touch,
    It’ll surely by my winter crutch,
    A challenge to sleep,
    It’s time to apply a moisturiser that travels deep,
    Away with the gloom,
    It’s time I glow and bloom!
    An instant lift is what I yearn,
    Before my skin becomes a major concern,
    This beauty pack epitomises bliss,
    An experience I hope not to miss!

  46. This package would force me to finally start taking proper care of my skin. Winter has made my skin abnormally dry (usually I am on the oily side) and rough. I’m keen to banish blotchy and dull skin for good! x

  47. As I am getting older my skin is changing and I need some help. Am looking for a fantsatic skin care product I can continue to use for the years to come

  48. I looked in the mirror the other day and my skin looked so blotchy and saggy and old I thought it was time to get serious about looking after it. I need Skin Doctors urgently.

  49. I am of that ‘certain age’ but have sensitive skin so desperately need the specific skin doctor solution so i don’t end up looking like a prune!

  50. My skin always suffers so badly in winter I get dry flaky skin and alot of uneven skin tone. So it would be great to have something to keep my skin in check this winter.

  51. I like the idea of targeted, clinically proven skin care, that gives significant results in all environmental conditions – and if my skin can look half as good as Laura’s after using these products, then this winter will be hot!

  52. With dry spots, wrinkles and pigmentation,
    My beauty regime is causing me consternation!
    Would love to win a Skin Doctor skin pack,
    To help get my skin routine on track!

  53. I am finally admitting defeat,
    With acne, blemishes and unflattering crows feet!
    This winter to fine tune my beauty regime,
    Winning a Skin Doctor skincare pack would be a dream!

  54. A Skin Doctor beauty pack would be surreal
    Receiving a helping hand from a facelift, eye tuck and skin peel!
    No surgical procedures, no hospital stays,
    Just quality products getting me loads of praise!

  55. Living by the coastal regions of Australia, my skin is constantly faced with wind, bitter coldness and harsh sunlight! These 3 factors cause much damage to my skin and only the Skin doctor would be able to cure me!

  56. Winter is a killer,
    I want to look a thriller.
    I crave the work of the doc,
    I’m sick of all the other crock!

  57. Winter had a mummy who’s skin was sick, sick, sick.

    So she called for the Skin Doctor to come quick, quick, quick!

    The doctor came with his Supermoist and Antarctlyne Plump,

    And he knocked at the door with a rat-a-tat-tat.

    He looked at the Mummy and he shook his head,

    He said ” Skin Doctor products for her from toe to head!”

    He wrote on the paper for a win, win, win.

    “I’ll be back in the morning. To deliver for your skin”

  58. So it never is said in my house, wife dear you forgot to iron your sleeves (when im not wearing any)

  59. Because I have shocking skin, and good skin stuff is really hard to come by in Paradise… even the local chemist only sells supermarket brands- I’m suffering here!! Skin’s my thing! 😉

  60. Winter is always harsh on my skin. I dont know how but I can have oily and dry skin at the same time. I always feel I look older in Winter being pale dry and tight. Great skincare will help alot.

  61. The seasonal changes play havoc with my skin
    the dryness, the redness, and wrinkles where do I begin
    Along with major stress, life’s issues and no rest
    I’d love my skin to experience skin care at it’s best 🙂

  62. Winter in the states and now winter in Aust,
    It seems epi-dermal moisture is continually lost.
    If the Skin doctor came to me,
    My skin (if it could talk) would surely be saying YIPPEE!

  63. Ahhh skincare. It is a big battle for me, with a mother in her early 40’s looking as old as her mother (who is in her early 70’s) it is like genetics have been against me from birth. I have all the drive to do this and make it work, but I have zero idea where to start. And when you ask? Everyone has a brand they like, one that works for them, but is it going to work for an early 20’s girl who still gets zits all the time, and is trying to fight the many wrinkles she already has (no I don’t smoke, so it’s not thanks to that, nor do I sun bake, and yep sunscreen is a MUST to be put on before leaving the house of a morning).
    This skincare pack would probably save my face. Literally.

  64. Well, now that I have got the baby into a routine, it’s time to wrangle my skin into one! The baby seems to like routine, I’m banking on my skin being the same.

  65. OMG, where do I begin
    my skins defences are wearing thin.
    Age is starting to show the signs
    sunspots, wrinkles and those laugh lines.
    3 toddlers under the age of four
    means I’m getting less sleep than before.
    Need some help to make me look fresh
    be myself again, be my best.

  66. The wind’s chill factor plays havoc with my skin – drying it out, makes it red, not a good look – is the doctor in??!!

  67. My skin is dreadful, sore and tired
    If I went to work without makeup I’d surely be fired!
    Spots, dark circles, around my nose the skin is dryer,
    But my t-zone is oily, like I’ve been standing over a deep fryer!
    Am I destined to have skin like this forever?
    Maybe with Skin Doctors this would be a problem I have never!

  68. As a woman of a certain age,
    I’m needing advice from a wise sage,
    Maybe the doc can help me out
    With these fine lines around my mouth,
    And whats the story with these crows feet
    around my eyes, thats not so sweet!
    A good skin routine is what I need
    To fight this aging, I will heed
    any advice from the skin doc so fair
    Please help my saggy face to repair.

  69. Cold winds, wreak havoc on my skin,
    Winter , Wears it thin,
    Tone, Cleanse, Moisturise and protect,
    Largest organ on my body needs Skin Doctors help.

  70. I just got a little giddy looking at all those products!
    Confession – I haven’t used any skincare products for about 7 years. My skin is begging for some TLC!

  71. I try every day, to make my bad skin go away.
    Doctor please help my skin, so I can bring out the glow from within!

  72. Doctor Doctor gave me the news
    In my 30s but look 52!
    Flaky, grey and dull dry skin
    Repair recover, let the goodness in!

  73. Stress and a lack of sleep is causing drama’s with my skin, one minute it looks fabulous and then the next I have breakout and redness. I’m also finding that when I use night creams I’m getting breakout’s so have stopped using it. Help please!!

  74. My skin needs a psychiatrist- it can’t make up it’s delusional mind what it wants to be one day to the next!

  75. My skin is going through the daily winter blues just like me. We’re both tired and stressed and in need of some TLC!

  76. I would love to win this because my tight arse husband would NEVER let me spend $500 on skin care products

  77. I am almost fff, er, ffffffff … lets just say I’m nearing a significant birthday! It’s time to slip into 5th gear RE wrinkle control!

  78. Don’t want to leave looking after your skin until it’s too late. I need these products now to start looking after me 🙂

  79. My skin is old and daggy
    the texture very Drab
    I need the Skin Doctor to soften my skin
    and make me feel real Fab

    1. Spending alot of time indoors in an office, artificial lights and air conditioning leave my skin feeling drab and dry – the Skin Doctor would be a fabulous fix!

  80. Jack Frost has stolen all the moisture from my face – this start harsh to Winter has my skin feeling dry and wind blasted. Skin Doctor help me please!!!

  81. Skin Doctors will have my complexion sealed with protection with the wide Selection of skin care for perfection!

  82. I am 34 going on 14…{skin wise that is!} I have always used skin care, but it will always vary depending on what my skin wants and is liking. My skin breaks out AND I am getting wrinkles….AAARRRRR!! I need to find a skincare which I like and my skin likes too…a happy medium is not always an easy task !

  83. With my 30th coming fast, I’ve started to realise how important my skin is. I have had a basic routine for as long as I can remember, but now I need more help (and not just in the winter lol). Love skin doctors range and winning this comp would be amazing!

  84. Oh gosh, my skin doesn’t know what it wants to do half the time! One day it thinks it’s oily, the next it’s dry, next day my psoriasis is playing up, the next it thinks it’s 14 again…. every now and then it figures it out and looks half decent. I would love to have those days happen EVERY DAY but much much better!

  85. My face is all dry but still it breaks out,
    A Doctors skincare pack would definitely help.
    It would fix my face and keep it intact,
    Letting me make a big impact!

  86. I need some powerful anti-aging skincare boosters to ensure the fine lines and frown marks on my brows I see creeping in are kept in check and not taking over the features on my face!

  87. I need a skin doctor to make sure my skin wont ever wrinkle and i look like a shriveled old prune LOL… well i am 40 in 2 weeks so i need to look and always stay young ! (bloody hubs said when i reach 40 in 2 weeks he may just trade me in for 2 twenty yr olds LOL… Better not so gimme this awesome skin care now!!!

  88. I need a skin doctor this winter because I am sick of looking like a teenager. At 25 I thought my skin wouldn’t be welcoming a new pimple… or three every week with out fail!

    I also suffer from extremely dry skin and redness around my nose. Not a pretty sight at all!

  89. My skin dries out and just generally becomes dull in Winter. I need extra moisture and to take extra special care of my skin in the colder months, so I definately am in need of a Skin Doctor to help restore my glow!

  90. I would love to be ‘prescribed’ with this new skin care regime to combat the symptoms I am experiencing from this horrible winter weather – dryness, flakes, dullness, rosacea, you name it. My penchant for hot showers in winter doesn’t do much to help the situation either. I need my McSteamy in the way of a doctor NOT the shower temp.

  91. My skin and my hair are still recovering from having my son. I have combination skin and the oily bits are oilier and the dry bits are dryer! I urgently need a skin doctor to even out my skin and give me a glow! I don’t believe in neglecting your skin. It needs treatment as much as the rest of us. Is there a doctor in the house?

  92. Whose skin *doesn’t* need a doctor this winter? It’s bitterly cold, and windy. My skin knows it’s supposed to be hibernating, but I just keep going outside. My skin is protecting me from the elements, and it could use a little pampering.

  93. Would love this. Ever since Clinique turned on me like a rabid dog when I was 30 I have been struggling to find a suitable replacement. And winter brings out the worst in my rosacea. I get mistaken for Ronald McDonald a lot.

  94. I have a doctor for my health and one for my mind. And now there the Skin Doctors will help my poor skin survive winter.

  95. Winter in Tassie is so very damaging to my skin and this skin doctors package looks like the perfect prescription for fixing my skin woes.

    Someone is going to be VERY lucky to win this prize! Great giveaway thanks Nikki!

  96. My skin needs the skin doctor at any time of the year.
    I need to keep myself together before cosmetic surgery is the only solution!

  97. I am so sick of looking in the mirror at patchy, oily but dry, damaged skin and awful bags under my eyes, fix me Skin Doctor!

  98. At almost 28 years of age, I feel it’s time to start “fighting the seven signs of aging” so I can keep getting asked for ID for as long as possible!

  99. I am a 42 year old mother of 5 and my skin is changing quiet dramaticly faster than any other time and my husband is nearly 7 years younger and i am starting to panic a little at the changes and having 5 kiddies i cant really find the money often to spoil my skin so this would be lovely

  100. Because I have fair skin, prone to burning and sun damage. It needs some TLC after our hot hot hot WA summer!

  101. My skin suffers a lot in the cold weather! My hands and face are super dry right now, so dry in fact that I’ve broken out in a very unsightly rash on my right hand. With two children I don’t have time to take the proper measures to care for my skin (or the money!), so I’d love to win 🙂

  102. Because I’m about to move to freezing Canberra where it was a top of four degrees the other day – my skin has protested at the mere thought, sucked all the moisture from itself and refuses to talk to me until I get a Canberra-applicable skin routine happening 🙂

  103. I usually try products on a stand-alone basis, so I never get any results. It would give me confidence to have a range of products working together, my Skin Doctors prescription.

  104. I have had a spot on my face for over 2 months now and broken out in a couple of others. I really feel like I need to peel off a couple of layers and start again. I need Skin Doctors help!

  105. I have such dry and angry skin, i have tried many products only to find my skin gets worse or doesn’t change. Skin doctors has changed that, i love it and will never use another brand

  106. Hi Nikki, please save me from my increasing lust for cosmetic surgery after reaching a certain age brought with it the realisation that the soap-and-warm-water skin-care routine of a lifetime has not served me (nor my frown furrows,which I’m trying to rebrand as laugh lines) as well as hoped.

  107. After 2 years of living with chronic illness my skin has been the last priority on the list – especially financially! WOuld love to do some catch up indulgence now that I am gaining back my health.
    great competition!
    Hannah x

  108. You look Fantsic in this photo, Skin Doctor products must be awesome. Iam 55 and really need all the help i can get especially during Winter, i would love to try your products if they can restore my skin to look younger and firmer i would be very happy.:

  109. I have never had any type of skin care routine what so ever! And now as I’m reaching my 40s rapidly it’s starting to show! I so so need this!

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