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I miss Oprah.  I know we’ve still got episodes from last year screening every day at 1pm.  But it’s just not the same.

No fresh possibility of couch jumping, car giveaways or the annual episode that used to make me cry and squeal in equal proportions: Oprah’s Favourite Things.

There was a book on the final Oprah’s Favourite Things – her Ultimate Favourite Things 2010 – that caught my eye … in between the iPad and the Le Creuset Cookware set, of course.

Marianne Williamson’s A Course in Weight Loss.

Best-selling author Marianne Williamson is coming to Australia as part of the I Can Do It! Australia 2011 retreats

Bestselling US self-help author Marianne Williamson is coming to Australia as part of the I Can Do It! Australia 2011 retreats

“We all know that it’s a spiritual issue to help you get your mind, body and spirit aligned,” says Oprah, the woman we’ve watched for decades very publicly battle her weight demons.

It got me thinking, maybe Oprah’s finally found the key?  The thing that helps her make peace with her love of food.

So, I did what thousands have done before me.  I went online and bought the book that Oprah told me to.

(Have I mentioned before that I’m a marketers’ dream?  I’m that easy!)

The said book didn’t take long to arrive but it did take me a little while to summons up the courage to open it.  But then I happened to flick open to a page and this quote got me in:

Perhaps you are someone who feels a need to sabotage yourself when things get too good.  Perhaps you’ve made a subconscious decision that you should allow yourself only this much success, or this much money, or this much physical beauty … perhaps you grew up afraid to break through barriers your parents didn’t break through, or were ashamed of being successful when those around you weren’t, or were concerned that you’d lose someone’s love or approval if you dared to have the life you really wanted.

Without going all Oprah on you, I’ve long had a battle with my weight.  Other people joke about losing their shape after the kids.  I sometimes join in the joke but the truth is I lost my “shape” when I was eight or nine.  Even before then I was never the skinny rake that most of my friends were.  On top of that life-long blessing, for the past 12 years I’ve had a diagnosed thyroid auto-immune condition – and not the one that makes you lose weight. Fun stuff.

The frustrating thing is, I eat an incredibly healthy diet.  My kids complain A LOT about the lack of junk food in our fridge and pantry and my husband still has pangs for his former life that consisted of work lunches of Big Macs and cans of Coke, followed by a trip to the vending machine for a 3pm Mars Bar.

But – and it’s a big but – I have a love/hate relationship with exercise.  I generally love it but it doesn’t always love me. The wrong type of exercise can make me physically ill, thanks to that aforementioned auto-immune condition.  And often my lazy-arse mindset gets in the way of any exercise love anyway.

It’s that mindset – whether it’s tied in with food or not getting up off your butt – that Williamson pokes a big stick at in A Course in Weight Loss.

There are 21 lessons for you to work through (I’m still a work in progress!).  If, like me, you could do with a bit of a spur on, then the fact that Williamson will be in Australia next month might just be the motivation you need to get started on your journey.

Williamson is part of a stellar line-up of Hay House authors delivering life-changing lectures at the I Can Do It! Australia 2011 events in both Sydney and Melbourne.

In Williamson’s lecture she’ll address the question of spirituality and weight loss, helping those attending to surrender their weight forever. I like the sound of that.

And I’m going to get a bit new-agey on you here.  Williamson’s lecture addresses the true causal root of your weight-loss issues.  Apparently it’s like a forgetfulness, which has confused not only your mind but also your body, making you reach for that glass of wine . . . and reject the freshly squeezed spinach, cos lettuce and lemon juice.

She says, once you’ve got your mind back on track, your body will reclaim its natural intelligence as well.

I want me some of that.


Hay House Australia I Can Do It!

I Can Do It! Australia 2011:  A weekend retreat for your soul

Friends of mine attended this HUGE event last year and have already booked for this year.  And it’s not difficult to see why – two days featuring not only Marianne Williamson but some of the world’s most inspirational speakers.

Louise L. Hay, whose concepts on positive affirmations are so profound; Deepak Chopra, the leading force behind mind-body medicine; Doreen Virtue, if you ever wanted to know anything about angels and how to work with them in your everyday life Doreen is the authority. Everybody is looking for more happiness in their life – Robert Holden is the guru of happiness. John Holland is a medium extraordinaire and Denise Linn has the most unbelievable guided meditations that actually assist you in identifying a past life. Whether you believe in past lives or not, the guided meditations are so good that you come out of them so motivated in your present life. I’m sure they’ll never be able to bring all these people together again, under the one roof and at the same time.  Don’t miss it!

Sydney: Saturday July 30; Sunday July 31.  Earlybird tickets $295 for the weekend and are available until June 30

Melbourne: Saturday August 6; Sunday August 7.  Earlybird tickets $295 for the weekend and available until July 6


A course in weight loss by Marianne Williamson rrp $19.95

This competition has now closed! WIN: Hay House and Styling You have five (5) copies of Marianne Williamson’s A Course in Weight Loss book (rrp $19.95) to give away.  Entering is easy.  Simply leave a comment below telling me about the worst diet you’ve ever been on.  Entries open on Thursday, June 23 at 7am and close on Thursday, June 30 at 8am.  The winners will be drawn at random using  They will be notified by email and the names listed here.


I’ve noticed that there was lots of responses to the Marianne Williamson post, all of them about weightloss, just wanted to make sure that you think about all the other parts of her message. It’s more about attitude to food than losing weight and trying hundreds of different diets. She’s appearing with the most incredible authors in the field healthy lifestyle. Louise L. Hay, Deepak Chopra, and Robert Holden. There’s also an opportunity to become a Hay House author and see your book published around the world. For information about the I Can Do It conference visit and at the same time have a quick at The Writer’s Workshop. I’d love one of my followers to become an international bestselling author.

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  1. Great post, thanks Nikki. I used to do the starvation diets where you just don’t eat for 6 days. I dont like diets as they dont work speaking from past experiences they leave you hungry,crankey, my worst idet was soup diet so bored and hungry on it.

  2. Where do I begin.. so many.

    Worst was the cabbage diet. Not just the smell and taste, but the smell of me after three days!!!

  3. I’ve been dieting since I was a teenager and haven’t really stopped. But the worst diet(s) have involved a good deal of starvation & copious water intake, OR having nothing but Optifast shakes for two weeks solid. All in the name of vanity!

  4. I’ve been dieting since I was a teenager and haven’t really stopped. But the worst diet(s) have involved a good deal of starvation & copious water intake, OR having nothing but Optifast shakes for two weeks solid.

  5. I was on the cabbage diet once, I was so bloated and stunk myself out so much that even now, I involuntarily twitch when I think about it!

  6. I dont like diets as they dont work speaking from past experiences they leave you hungry,crankey, my worst idet was soup diet so bored and hungry on it.

  7. The worst diet ever..hmmm… that would be very diet I have ever tried and not been able to stick to. However in saying that the grapefruit diet was pretty much at the bottom of the list. who in there right mind can live on grapefruit?

  8. The shake diet, I would rather learn how to eat healthy then substitute my meals for liquid, and it didn’t work for me !!

  9. The fruit diet sounded aPEELing but was actually BERRY expensive, gave me mouth ulcers, JUICE a WAIST of time and no APPLEy ever after!

  10. The mastercleanse had me drinking lemon juice for a whole 10 days
    now I cannot help but shudder when a lemon appears before my gaze.
    The atkins diet I tried but found was not vegetarian friendly
    more for the meat eaters out there, but not me.

  11. The hospital food diet.

    I’ve worked at a couple of public hospitals, and the food in the cafeteria was usually ok…but there was one hospital I worked at that must have missed out on funding for catering.

    The food was terrible (everything in thick batter and deep fried, plus some soggy vegies, greasy potato bake etc) and sadly, it was the same food that they gave to the patients.

    …but I still ate it every day for lunch (and sometimes for dinner too, when I worked late)

    I think my skin/arteries/liver/whole body was happy when I left that job.

  12. Another for the cabbage soup diet. That was really bad. I know what I should do, just need the mind twist to make it happen

  13. I’ve tried the cabbage diet, and sure slim. At the end of the day i lost 25kgs just from eating healthy and exercising. Common sense really…now to focus on losing the rest of this baby weight 🙂

  14. Recently Diagnosed with Hypo-thyroidism, Pre-Diabetic, morbidly obese with a family history of Heart Disease tried everything from lemons to cabbage to starvation to enemas

  15. A few years ago I was on a cabbage soup diet: You only get to eat this, 3 times a day. It is believed to burn fat, I remeber it tasted horrible but it worked.

  16. I went for the hardly-eat-anything diet.

    Yes, I lost a considerable amount of weight, started getting heart pains and it was suggested by a doctor that I be admitted to a psychiatric ward for a week to help me recover.

  17. I have this book Nikki and it has been life changing for me and for my family too!!!!

    I just booked in to attend the Sydney event and I never would have found it without YOU!!!!

    Did I tell you I love you today??

    1. Post
  18. Many years ago I did a diet with a “Harley Street” specialist which consisted of protein and oranges, pills and injections – I hate to think what was in those pills! I did lose weight rapidly but felt terrible and would never do a diet like that again.

  19. I’m in for forties now and both the WI and my doctor agree I do need to lose weight so I’m doing it slowly with Weight Watchers. But the worst diet I ever did was with shakes – I was doing o.k. for the first week and then I got very sick. Of course the weight I had lost and a few extra kilos came back in super quick time. But the most interesting comment in your blog was about the self sabotage – I am off to buy the book because self sabotage is something I seem to be very good at, for some reason i have trouble letting myself get to that next level of success or achievement in so many areas of my life.

  20. I got myself a personal trainer who preached “carbs are bad!” and “protein is good!” with an hour’s exercise every week.

    So I went on the diet, subsequently lost a lot of weight by eating loads of protein and put it all back on when I went back to eating carbs again. However a friend who also did the same program but longer ate only protein and no carbs for so long she now gets constipated whenever she eats bread!

  21. To be honest I haven’t been on an actual “diet”. I’ve always been fairly slim and didn’t have trouble staying that way (I ate reasonably healthy and did average exercise) until I hit about 50. Then I put on about 15kg – it just jumped out of somewhere and landed all over my body!

    A male friend of mine asked me to accompany him to an event as he was between “female companions”. He decided to go on the cabbage soup diet and lost 10kg in a week! So I decided to do that too. I PUT ON 5kg in a week!!!!!! 🙁

  22. I’ve down the cabbage soup diet as a young adult, I stuck to it religiously for a week but felt revolting, and the smell was hideous. Lost a kilo or two but needless to say they were back a few weeks later.

  23. i have tried the feast and fast diet where you have one meal a day at dinner time not a winner A big thumbs down.

  24. learning to love ourselves inside and out can be quite a challenge! But it is also very rewarding. Those little moments when I relaise I have thought an awesome thought about myself fill me with an ‘I’M GETTING IT’ thrill!
    To love our spirit is in a way the same as loving our body and vice verce and it all starts with a thought! I AM AWESOME! we are ONE!

  25. The very worse ‘diet’ for me was when my first baby came along. I was so tired, so busy, so depressed that I just didn’t eat anything. I ended up anaemic, totally exhausted and my milk completely dried up. I do not recommend this to anyone. That was 8 years ago now and I take much better care of myself now.

  26. Nikki, I’ve already been a happy prize winner from you so please count me out of the competition, however wanted to share this…

    Apart from my teenage apples-only diet, my worst diet was earlier this year and entirely devised by me… A daily spin class at 545am Mon-Fri (25-30km ride per class), skim milk coffee for breakfast, bowl of low fat muesli for lunch, some green tea/water through the day and a salad for dinner. In between this I chased two under-5s around.

    I lost weight and felt just a bit smug. After about 6 weeks I was sick and bone tired – I had bottomed out my iron levels. My doctor told me I was an idiot. And now? I have now put all the weight back on. 🙂

  27. Worst diet ever – lost lots of weight but don’t recommend it! – is the my marriage is over diet. Involves losing your appetite and forgetting to eat…

    I visit the site every day. and I always get something out it. Would love to go the retreat… will just have to put it on my law of attraction list. 🙂

  28. Great post, thanks Nikki. I love Marianne Williamson’s work and when I had my Personal training Business I would recommend that my clients read this book. Such great content. Thanks for the heads up on the event as well, I am off to check it out.
    Dee 🙂

  29. I quite enjoyed the cabbage soup diet the few times I did it. But then my housemate did it… When I realised how much her breath, skin, hair – just her entire self – smelled of cabbage: I vowed never again! Never again would I inflict that stench on myself or others around me. I’d rather be chubby and not smell like cabbage any day!!

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