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Ladies, listen up. Men love it when you wear stockings.

With the onset of the winter, stockings are being pulled out of women’s undies draws all over the country and I have to admit.  I like them.  I just haven’t pinpointed why.

Why DO men love women tights?

Why DO men love women tights?

I mean, what is it about a thin layer of nylon, or silk, or whatever they’re made of, that so easily drives us men to such happy distraction?

Online research told me that up until the 16th century, stockings were a men’s only garment. Usually worn to finish of a smashing pair of pantaloons.

But as women learned that stockings were actually comfortable they started adding them to their wardrobes as underwear instead.

Apparently stockings even became so intimate that some Arabian countries banned their import for years under the threat of the death penalty. Damm!

It was in the ’30s that the DuPont company offered up nylons as an alternative to woollens and silk ones, which were busy being made into parachutes to support the war effort.

And from then on, they were popular as well as practical.

So why do men like them?

I think it is because we see them as an extension of fashion … a bit like make-up. Much like trends in fashion encourage women to wear make-up to extenuate various features of their faces to appear more attractive to the opposite sex, stockings work to highlight the womanly curve of, well, a woman.

I am of course talking specifically about my wife here … not women in general.


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Song of the Month

I always love to spruik a local bad and given this month’s subject matter, this song is pretty appropriate! Brisbane duo who used to be a trio, The Grates, are back in Aus after a stint in the US, and despite farewelling drummer Alana Skyring have retained their fast, fun indie-rock sound. Turn Me On is the first single of their third album, Secret Rituals, which will be released on June 17.


So, do you like to wear tights?  What do you think it is that makes men like them?  Or had you never given it a thought beyond fashion?

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  1. Just love a good pair of hose or tights! For me it’s part of the wonderful world of layering in winter – adding texture and interest to an outfit as well as the obvious warmth. My winter “uniform” always includes a fab plain or patterned pair with boots. Love.

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