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I’m currently giving away five of Benefit’s b.right! It’s Potent! eye cream and I noted in that post that I was somewhat of a connoisseur of eye-specific skincare products.  When I say connoisseur, I mean heavy user.  Especially since giving birth to my first child almost 16 years ago.

And there is no coincidence in a week when I turned another year older, that my addiction to use of these products has escalated.  No eye wrinkle is left unturned in my eternal quest to keep this area of my face hydrated and smooth.

I admit it.  I'm addicted to eye creams. Photo: realbeauty.com

I admit it. I'm addicted to eye creams. Photo: realbeauty.com

Have I stumbled across the Holy Grail of eye products?  No.  To be honest, I don’t think there is one single cream, lotion or potion that can make this area totally smooth and youthful again.

But … and it’s an important but.  Consistent application of a quality skincare product in this area will lessen the chance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. Some will have impact immediately. The key is consistency.

You will hear in many beauty circles that a separate eye cream is not needed.  That it’s ok to use your regular face moisturiser.

Perhaps this may be the case in your teens and 20s but, from personal experience, once you hit the big 3-0 (and beyond), it’s time to get a little bit more serious about your skincare.  And it’s my belief that a cream, serum or mask which is designed specifically for the eye area is a must.

I tend to apply my eye creams day and night but I’ve been told by some beauticians that a night time application can be counter productive as you’re lying down and the blood will pool in the area around the eyes.  I think it works best to experiment to work out what’s best for you and your eyes.

Mine are best when they get that hit of hydration after cleansing – twice a day.  I dab on (with the exception of the Rodial Glamoxy product below) with my little finger then gently press into the skin.

I’ve had great success with Sodashi Eye Mask, Twenty8 Firming Eye and Lip Cream and Prevage Eye Anti-Aging Moisturising Treatment.  Each offered a different formulation for tackling this area of the face.

And in the past month, I’ve been trialling* three eye products that I’m giving my seal of approval.  They may not suit you but in my books, they’re all worth a try.

1. Endota Green Tea & Pea eye cream 15ml $40

This one tackles the three things you want an eye cream to tackle – fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.  The pea extract works to stimulate oxygen while the green tea is a powerful antioxidant protecting the skin from further weakening.  Aloe Vera water provides easily absorbed instant hydration.  Chamomile has been included for soothing and grape seed for strengthening.

2. Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum pen 6ml $95

This is the third in the Rodial Glamoxy range to be released in Australia – and I suspect it will be as popular as the full-size Glamoxy Snake Serum and the Snake Mask.  The pen is the best-selling original formula, delivered in a new, more portable way.  You pump the serum into the end of the tube for delivery via 3-D roller balls on targeted areas (the roller ball application is very similar to the Olay Regenerist Anti-Aging Eye Roller).  The formula works thanks to its active ingredients – peptides, an oxygen carrier for achieving that glow and proturon for intense hydration. Available at Myer

3. The Jojoba Company Cucumber + Guava Firming Eye Balm 25ml $46.95

This is a 96% natural formulation that includes a combo of cucumber, guava, aloe vera, jojoba and gotukola to soothe and reduced the appearance of fine lines on the skin around the eyes. It works on bringing down puffiness and darkness too.  A really small amount does go a long way so don’t be overly trigger happy with the pump.

*These products were sent to me for trial and review consideration under my Disclosure Policy

Do you have a favourite eye-specific skincare product?  How does it work for you?

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  1. I was using Mirenesse’s Superstar Eye Serum but ran out and haven’t been able to afford to buy it again yet. But I did really like it. I really like the Benefits It’s Potent Eye Cream, it’s gorgeous to use and leaves my eyes feeling really refreshed. If money was NO object, I would honestly say I would buy every eye cream I could get my hands on. I’m addicted to skincare, especially eye creams as I’m always trying to find that “miracle” one that will make my dark circles disappear and banish the wrinkles overnight. Still searching…..

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      I hear you! I don’t think there are overnight solutions but there are plenty of great eye products out there that will give you medium-long term benefits. Consistency is the key!

  2. I usually splash rosehip oil around my eyes and let it soak in, although I have a new product obsession now and I’m IN LOVE – Kiehl’s “Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate” around the eyes with the “Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate” everywhere else. I’ve had them for 4 days now and they are awesome. I don’t have heaps of wrinkles but I am fighting to keep it that way!!
    I don’ know if these are my holy grail but they are as close I’ve come so far.

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        Umm, it’s borderline. Not as “puffy” as puffer vest but I’m concerned about the shearling thing – it’s a high trend when styled in a trendy manner – but can be bogue-like too. Concerned it won’t be around next year. Much prefer the Morrison leather version 🙂

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  3. I, too, am still searching for the Holy Grail of eye products. I try almost every eye product that is released and have had various results, including no improvement, slight improvement and a bad reaction (the skin around my eyes became red, itchy and peeled after one application).

    I don’t have a favourite, but I do have lots of half empty eye cream tubes and tubs!

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      Hi Merryl, it’s so important to watch out for the delicate skin around your eyes – the Endota or Jojoba Company products listed above would be worth a go. Also, do check out the links to the Sodashi and Twenty8 products I included above.

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  5. I use Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus on my eyes twice a day. Then I pat some eyecream over the top. Water Lauder Advanced Night Repair, Trilogy, Pevonia or Possibly Skincare. I like to change! At night, I also add Trilogy rosehip oil.

    Best results ever from the Laser focus! I’ve also been fading my pigmentation with Ultraceuticals Even Skintone Serum and SKII Facial Treatment Essence and this helps. A lot. Plus I spent agonising months growing back eyebrows. Instantly younger!

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