WIN: 5 OPI Pirates of the Caribbean nail colour and movie ticket packs

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I do love a good movie beauty collaboration and this one from OPI is pretty damn impressive.

To celebrate the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides on May 20, OPI has your swashbuckling style all sewn up with the creation of OPI’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides inspired nail lacquers featuring six limited edition cool pastel lacquer shades and the new Silver Shatter top coat.

While The Pirates of the Caribbean shades will become your new must-have colours, the real treasure trove is the new crackling shimmery two-texture silver finish know as Silver Shatter top coat.  It follows on from the success of OPI’s Black Shatter top coat, and was inspired by graffiti artist.

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides collection

Disney’s highly-anticipated fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise is directed by Rob Marshall and features an all-star cast, including Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz.  OPI’s The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides lacquers were inspired by a world filled with mythical mermaids, gleaming treasure, and high-seas adventure, with shades ranging from sage and lavender to khaki gray and pastel pink, evocative colours within a tropical setting, with a classic nautical influence.

Explore this uncharted shade of oyster with a green hue, Stranger Tides. Loose yourself in the adventure with Sparrow Me the Drama, a cool shade of pink that means business. Show off your pirating spirit in Skull & Glossbones, a desirable nude with a hint of pale khaki grey.   Dive into style with this lust-worthy lavender purple shade, Planks A Lot. Hoist the sails and Steady as She Rose, a milky pale pink, designed to help you reach your final destination. Indulge in a magical shade of sea foam pale pastel green, Mermaid’s Tears. Top off your favourite shade with a shimmery sea of silver, Silver Shatter top coat, a two texture cracked finish.

The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides-inspired Nail Lacquers by OPI contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde, and feature OPI’s exclusive ProWide Brush for easy application. This limited-edition Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides collection will be available from May 1, 2011 at selected salons and David Jones, $19.95 each.  For stockist please contact 1800 358 999 or visit

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides


Winners will be announced Friday, May 13 2011


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Comments 490

  1. Seen the move again not long ago and realised how corny it really was!! I’m a pirate, to be sure! I am more mermaid as I love swimming in the sea (rather than sailing on it), enjoy eating raw fish (sashimi), I have a glittering personality, collects sea shells and am a girl! definitely a pirate, I’m always on the lookout for hidden treasures while out shopping & at garage sales.

  2. I’m a mermaid! On good hair days, my long mermaid-like locks turn wavier than the high seas. If im lucky enough i might catch the eye of a cute fisherman 😉

  3. I am more mermaid as I love swimming in the sea (rather than sailing on it), enjoy eating raw fish (sashimi), I have a glittering personality, collects sea shells and am a girl!

  4. I like to think of myself as a pirate. I’m always embarking on some sort of adventure (to the shops), looking for new treasures to steal (the best bargains on the rack from other bargain hunters) and of course swearing like a sailor (when I miss out on a great sale!)

  5. definately pirate – love the thought of sailing the seas finding hidden treasure in beautiful far flung places

  6. A Mermaid….definitely.
    I think pirates are scarey….
    Mermaids are sugar spice and everything nice…. why would you not have a positive start to your day.

  7. Pirate. There’s so much excitement & freedom. It would be amazing to be able to travel anywhere you wanted do what you wanted, to find treasure and be rich beyond your dreams.

  8. I would be a pirate:

    The idea of sailing the seven seas, wind in my hair, sword on my hip searching for that elusive buried treassure……..

  9. Im not one eyed or do fishy business, Im a land lubber through and through, so if I had to chose between the two it would be a pirate without a ship

  10. As a teen I loved the movie ‘Splash’ and so wanted to be Madison the Mermaid (aka Daryl Hannah). Seen the move again not long ago and realised how corny it really was!! Still think I’m a bit of a mermaid though!

  11. Pirate, definitely! I’ve got black & green striped skinny jeans and a tee with a pirate ship on it. I’m a galleon and crew away from being the biggest, baddest thing on the sea.

  12. I’m definitely a pirate – I love my hats too much to be a mermaid, plus you get all the shiny jewels and metals.

    Then you also get the upside of dressing however you see fit and randomly shouting out arrrr.

    Remember: it’s more fun to be a pirate than it is to join the navy!

  13. Aussie girls, we love the ocean,
    Water is a magic potion.
    Swimming, cruising, sun and sea.
    Gorgeous mermaid I’d love to be.

  14. Eye Eye Captn Id say from ye ol Pirate ship,
    If i twas to wonder a mermaids life
    Id find for me self that a pirates life twas the one for me

  15. Pirate…. Im hard working, strong minded, goal driven, hunger for more, passion for life im a modern day pirate.

  16. defiantely pirate im always on the lookout for treasure, love the clothes and rum, being carefree just sailing around without hardly care in the world a pirate lifes for me

  17. I’d be a pirate for sure ‘coz I am always searching for the treasure chest and have a small dog that could almost pass for a parrot!

  18. A Mermaid I is
    All sleek and curious
    Meandering the shores
    and the water beyond
    Looking for SPUNKY PIRATES
    is what I do BEST.

  19. I am a Mermaid…..I have the long flowing hair, sing like a Siren (perhaps a Fog Horn) and have a penchant for sea-faring men…a.k.a. pirates.

  20. Definitly a pirate because I dont like the idea of becoming shark food or being chased all over the ocean buy one as a mermaid.

  21. Ahhh me matey I’ve got the gold in my pocket and the wind in my hair. If department stores were carried on ships, I’d be pirated to rob and steal all that fashion.

  22. Im a Pirate not a myth, Im real with a tainted past
    Dressed all in my gay pirate colours and
    wearing Planks a lot, I look the pirate part

  23. I’m a Mermaid in coats of OPIs
    In Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
    Silver Shatter, Mermaids tears
    Strong, beautiful conquers any pirate fears!

  24. I’m a mermaid, with long luscious locks;
    if it weren’t for all this water I’d be dressed in gorgeous frocks!

  25. Definately a Pirate without the parrot, then I could sidle up to Johnny Depp, and show him that he doesnt need a mermaid.

  26. ssssssssh don’t tell everyone but I’m a mermaid posing as a pirate posing as a dog bloopblooparrrrrrrrghwoof

  27. I’d quite like to be a mermaid but I puzzle over certain aspects of the lifestyle. Like, how do they go to the loo? Where do they plug in their straighters? These things keep me awake at night sometimes…

  28. I am am mermaid BUT if it means that I could get close to Mr Depp! then I’am a pirate, no questions asked!

  29. My parrot said I’m as pretty as a mermaid
    … but only ‘cos he know I’ll make him walk the plank if he doesn’t behave!

  30. Mermaid for sure! I used to be a Pirate when I was younger- roller blading, pyromaniac, always in shorts and a t-shirt. Until I discovered shopping and turned from the tomboy pirate to the princess mermaid!

  31. My hair doesn’t style well at Sea
    Scaly and Fishy, it’s really not me
    A pirate then I would be
    Fat pants, blokes and a parrot named Dee

  32. My hair doesn’t style well at Sea
    Scaly and fishy it’s really not me
    A pirate I would have to be
    fat pants, blokes and a parrot named Dee

  33. I am more Mermaid. The ocean is my second home, I love swimming, diving and exploring the world under the sea.

  34. A pirate’s life for me, I pillage and plunder the pantry cupboard till all is eaten then I nod off sleepin!

  35. A mermaid I may be,
    but be careful of what you see,
    for I may appear to be beautiful,
    but be worse than a pirates evil!

  36. As appealing as a one-eyed, drunken, plundering pirate may be … I’m more of a frolic in the waves, sunbathe on the rocks in a shell bikini kind of girl!

  37. I’m no perfect siren, sitting on a rock,
    So a pirate I’d have to be-
    I’d be jolly happy to receive a call,
    Saying this treasure was coming to me!

  38. I am a pirate for sure. After breastfeeding twins, there is no way I would be putting these saggy boobs of mine on display!

  39. Definitely a mermaid.I am the first person to get in the water, rain or shine,hot or cold.I live for the water!

  40. Oh I’m definately a pirate… a bit disheveled, a bit naughty, a bit charming and totally in need of some styling as well as nail polish 🙂
    And IF by some chance Johnny Depp is around I’m happy to share girls!

  41. A mermaid as I love to swim,
    But I don’t have a big fin.
    I have the smile,
    And I can stay in without crozzling for a while!

  42. Mermaid. Swimming about in the sea, lazily lying around on rocks in the sun. Sounds like the life for me! Pirates – too much like hard work!

  43. Pirate,as a pirate i wouldn’t have to be so accommodating and could do things my way without looking sweet and lovely like Mermaids do.

  44. I am both mermaid and pirate, i love the e the hair down and up for those times of when i get into a mess. Cant wait to see this movie!!!

  45. Pirate, with a hidden chest under my Pirate hair
    One armed bandit that’s me
    Always after some illicit booty!

  46. A beautiful, enchanting mermaid whose masterful cunning and can lure even the most seasoned pirate of his gold. …

  47. Mermaid because I am the mermaid and I am awesome oh yeh and did I tell you I am the mermaid? Oh yeh I did too silly me

  48. i reckon a mermaid, sitting on rocks out in the sea
    tempting sailors with my beauty
    to wreck their ships with my soft songs or distracting men and causing them to fall overboard!

  49. I am definitely more of a mermaid…I’ve got thick long tresses and a penchant for shells and trinkets. I’d love for a pirate to sweep my off my tail though!

  50. With my melodious tones and long, luscious hair, I would use my mermaid wiles and glistening tail to lure the pirates to my Caribbean lair!

  51. With my simmering tail and long hair, I can entrap the pirate (Johnny) with my eyes and take him to the Caribbean Island.

  52. Half half i would think.
    there are times where i am calm, relaxed & soothing like a mermaid drifting along currents
    But i can also turn into a jolly roger fanatic.
    so i guess i’m a PIRATE + MERMAID = MERATE! xD

  53. Definately a pirate..Partying hard, drinking and surrounded by beautiful treasures (diamonds are a girl’s best friend!)plus if Johnny and Orlando on board as well then that’s what heaven must be!

    1. A pirate, I like to horde so I feel like a pirate when I go to trash and treasure markets and find my treasures.

  54. I would be a Mermaid ,swimming in and around the Great Barrier Reef with all that beautiful coral which matches my colourful Tail.

  55. A pirate.. a female one! One that still has the time for her hair, face, nails etc.. well, a girl has to look just right after all and no makeup or hair product is going to last under water!

  56. Avast, me hearties a pirate that I be, life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? I’m a pirate, after all.

  57. Definitely a pirate if it involves a penchant for all things glittery and treasurelike…do love a gold hoop earring too!

  58. ‘Mermaid’, I always fantasised and dreamt of being a mermaid when i was younger and i am a ‘Pisces’.

  59. I think I would have to be a pirate, because I can be a little bit scary, I love anything that glitters, and I do prefer to not get wet! But I would be a sexy pirate that has learned the art of seduction from the mermaids I meet at sea.

  60. Mermaid ~ I’m definitely at one with the sea and I love to bask in the sun all day sitting lazily on a rock looking glamorous. LOL 🙂

  61. Im a mermaid for sure! When I was little my sister and I used to pretend we were mermaids in the pool in our backyard lol we could spend hours doing it. So Ive had lots of practice 🙂

  62. I would definitely be a mermaid – I have long flowy hair, love to sing and am a big fan of shiny flippers (or shoes). I’m also not averse to the odd topless swim!

  63. I wish I could say mermaid as they are beautiful, alluring and just a little bit deadly but alas I’m more pirate, a little bit rough and tumble and slightly scary =D

  64. Definitely a pirate! Who doesn’t dream of stealing and discovering lost treasures of the world and of the sea! It would be an adventure of a lifetime.

  65. Mermaid because:
    (1)I like wearing my hair down, not hidden in a pirate scarf or hat
    (2)I prefer swimming to cutlass-wielding
    (3) I’d rather be sunning myself in the warm waters of a secluded lagoon than chasing carbuncled ships
    (4) I’m a belly-flop diver, so would have a bad time walking the plank
    (5)I’m not keen on scurvy

  66. A bit of both I think. Hope fully I have some of the femininity of the mermaids but I also think I’m strong and will fight for what I believe and maybe manipulate a little here and there.

  67. A mermaid. Swimming with the dolphins is much more fun than enduring typhoons, scurvy and walking the plank methinks.

  68. I fancy myself as more mermaid than pirate. Mermaids can swim, play and be free. Best of all, turn up where and when they want too.

  69. I’m a mermaid – long flowy hair, love to sing and always a fan of shimmery flippers (or shoes!). Oh, and not averse to the occasional topless swim too!

  70. I think I’m a Free Spirited Mermaid but I think if you ask hubby he’d say I’m a nagging money-taking Pirate! 😉

  71. Definitely a mermaid. I’m a girly girl who loves makeup and nail polish and could never give that up!

  72. I’d like to think of myself as more of a mermaid..glamourous, beautiful and evasive
    But I think maybe I’m more of a pirate..attracted to shiny bling and a bit rough round the edges! Arrrr

  73. I be a Pirate, argh! I love dramatic outfits, boots & hats with feathers, the only thing I don’t have is a parrot…… Would love to try out these OPI shades, especially the silver crackle, good luck everyone!! xx xx

  74. I’m more of a pirate than a mermaid. I swear and drink, and I’d rather be on top of the water than under it.

  75. I drink like a fish yet its usually rum. Bacardi with lime in the salty air, under the sun. I guess I could be either pirate or mermaid but id love to be a mix of the two my life would be made!

  76. I have the eyes of a pirate because I’m drawn to anything sparkly but have the strength of a mermaid because I’m one to swim against the tide.

  77. Definitely a mermaid, too much of a girly girl to be a pirate, although at times I may be capable of acting like one!

  78. I am equal parts pirate AND mermaid! Depends what time of the day you catch me at. I drift between dreamy and ethereal and wild and tough.

  79. Definitely Pirate, I seriously can’t do anything fishy, if I had a fish tail I think I would have to cry, would so much prefer the swashbuckling, rum drinking lifestyle of an adventurous pirate any day.

  80. Well… with two girls in the house I’d have to say mermaid. If I do win, I’ll have to hide the nail polish though, or my girls will want to put a different colour on each nail! NOT a good look!

  81. I would be a pirate as they have much more FUN!! Plus you get to hang out with captain Jack – no complaints about that:)

  82. I would be a pirate. Being a mermaid would be awkward. Not having a bra and having my girls exposed all the time. Not my cup of tea.

  83. Definately Mermaid. I always used to pretend I had long red hair and could swim like Ariel when I was a little girl.

  84. I’m definitely a pirate. I was dubbed Captain Jaffa Cakes by one of my friends a few years ago because all my friends know that I’m a pirate.

  85. I am more pirate. It’s sad but when pirates of the Caribbean first came out my friend and I watched it about 15 times. Eventually we knew all of “Captain Jack”‘s quotes from the movie and were pretty much in love with him. Please poppit, give me this prize! Savvy?

  86. I am definitely a mermaid because, I have been obsessed with mermaids since my childhood!!! I have dressed up as a mermaid many times for costume parties and since lately I have got my new husband to dress up as a pirate (this was before I heard of the movie). To my surprise, it turns out that he in fact loves pirates and those classic ships and he gets into character too! We have a blast together and wining this and getting to see the movie together would be so memorable and something we’ll cherish for years.

  87. I think I would be more mermaid…
    1. I love my hair to be long with beachy waves
    2. I would much rather fish over hot beer
    3. I love the ocean, but hate being stuck on a boat in the middle of nowhere

  88. Im deffinately a mermaid a seductive one that loves my men to be like piratessss argghhh that filthy look is sorta so sexyyyy mmmm 😉

  89. Definitely a pirate for two reasons:
    1 I’d be a hopeless mermaid as I hate putting my head under water
    2 As a pirate, I may just happen to encounter the spunky Jack Sparrow on the high seas!

  90. Im more of a pirate. Im strong, confident, independant & fiesty. I always have my eye on the prize and im not afraid to give the boys a run for their money.

  91. it’s a pirates life for me…..i dream of sailing the sea with captain jack sparrow and who doesn’t love the idea of bling bling treasure?

  92. I think I’m a mermaid at heart, though I look like a pirate. Still, piracy’s awesome; just look at Captain Jack. 🙂

  93. In my heart I’m a mermaid; I’ve always loved the water, have the long hair and long legs (just add some flippers and I’m set), and I just know I drive men wild when they see me 😉 Given that Johnny Depp is a pirate, a land-dwelling fella though, I have to say I’m a pirate. Because pirates don’t date mermaids do they????

  94. With a lack of long lushious mermaid locks and being rough around the edges, I’d definitely have to say I’m a pirate!

  95. Mermaid, we can turn the pirates into savages by showing what we can do in the water. Mermaids totally own!

  96. I’m a mermaid. Sweet, sexy and ever so nice. But I’m sure there’s just a little pirate in me somewhere.

  97. A pirate by nature as the rebellious blood runs through my veins, I take no suvivors I am ruthless.

  98. I would definantly be a pirate! In the previous 4 movies Keira Knightly shows us just how sexy and smart a pirate can be 🙂

  99. This classy lady has always liked the finer TREASURES in life, like O.P.I. Nail Polish. This PIRATE is as debonair as a buccaneer!!!

  100. Remeber the movie Mermaids with Daryl Hannah? Loved that movie so I’m going for mermaid. Mermaids seem to carry so much mystic, beauty and grace. Why would I want to be a pirate that have to rob and steal from people? Mermaid all the way.

  101. i would definately be a pirate arghhhh…ima comin to steal all yea treasures, mostly that thar purtty nail polish, yar yar!!!! 🙂

  102. I will enter even though I know that if I won, my shaky hands would get nail polish all over me. However I do have a Miss 8 who is in training to be a beautician, and I’m sure she could help. And Mr 10 would just love to see the movie!

  103. When I was very young I used to have a recurring dream that I was a mermaid living in an undersea castle with my prince, before I really understood what a mermaid was! So for many years I believed I was a mermaid in a previous life. Although to tell you the truth, I’d kinda rather be a pirate!

  104. I’d like to think I’m mermaid due to my childhood love of Ariel, but considering my love of alcohol, hearty feasts and not having to live up to prohibitive standards of hygeine- I’d have to go with pirate.

  105. I’m more of a pirate. I have a desire to be free like a swashbuckling swagger roaming the world, when and how I please to my heart’s content

  106. I’m definitely more mermaid than pirate ~~ really don’t think that eye patch would suit me one bit!!!

  107. Definately a pirate. Im always up for ripping me bodice and unbuckling hubbies swash for a rollicking good time!

  108. I would have said mermaid a few years ago because I had the long flowing red hair, but these days I think I’m more pirate. I think I’d prefer to be on a boat than swimming in the ocean anyway 😉

  109. Well, SHIVER me TIMBERS! I’m definitely a PIRATE! Mermaids dont have a ‘talk like a pirate day’ just for them! And everyone loves a stuffed parrot!

  110. I,m a pirate cause I love roughing it camping and adventures,serching for a mermaid to give those wonderful nail colours.

  111. Definitely A mermaid my whole family loves the water so much that if we spent anymore time in it we would turn into fish!

  112. My mother tried hard to raise me as a mermaid. The poor woman. So sad that I broke her heart. The wild natural beauty and elegance just didn’t stick. She thought she had succeeded when I learnt to swim so well … more under water than above. But despite rubbing fish oil on my legs each night no scales appeared. Instead I joined the pirates. Their style and roving life drew me to their ranks (and when you are at sea that long believe me when I say ‘ranks’). Now I sail the seven seas – no land my home.
    So that is my tale – the truth is fair but the story false.

  113. I like to think I’m a beautiful mermaid, but in my heart I know that I am a pirate.. I want more more more!

  114. I’m more of a pirate because I love gold, grog and getting drunk with friends in style/Winning this prize would make me smile

  115. Well I have plenty of booty , like a bit of grog, have three cats but none with nine tails,the captain of my ship, so blow me down I must be a pirate, and if you don’t believe I’ll make you walk this here plank. So ahoy me matey and fair winds to all you fellow hearties.

  116. A mermaid I am it’s the water that attracts.
    Born with a tail and that’s a fact.
    For it’s where I’m most relaxed.

  117. Mermaid…enticing, sensual, fascinating, mysterious…I have the whole underwater world for me to explore and when I get bored, I just resurface and lure the pirates away for a……..

  118. I would definitely be a pirate! Went sailing down to Sydney and that is how I captured my husband and sailed back to Melbourne

  119. I’m a mermaid
    through and through
    dressed in pearls and seashells too
    my nails painted in nail lacquer
    swimming and frolicking
    enticing pirates into the sea

  120. I’m Defentley A Mermaid,
    The One Mermaid, That All The Pirates Sort After For A Good Splash. =}
    “and i always say, them pirates wish, like jellyfish” hehe

  121. I am definitely more Pirate. I’d much rather spend my day swashbuckling and searching for treasure than singing sweetly to sailors.

  122. PIRATE. I’m more comfortable aboard a ship, barking commands at my crew, than swimming about in the ocean relaxing all day.

  123. Unfortunately for now I am Pirate, no glitz, no glamour, just a boring black eye-patch for the rest of the week while I recover from surgery. Then back to mermaid!

  124. I will say that I’m a Mermaid today. I see the OPI silver shatter and I’m in love…

    I’m pregnant and craving raw seafood, pate, smoked salmon even a prawn,
    I can’t eat them or packaged salads so I’m so forlorn,
    my hormones are crazy I shout and lose my voice,
    I feel like the little mermaid- Ariel- like her I have no choice!

  125. I am clearly a mermaid as my star sign is a virgin; and as soon as I am in diving into water I am in my element.

  126. I’d like to think I was a glamourous and mysterious mermaid but I’m more a rough and tumble pirate LOL

  127. Mermaid for sure im a water baby with a turquoise obsession
    for me to have a tail would be a blessin.