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Are you a soap or a shower gel kind of girl?

Me, I firmly sit in the shower gel camp.

That five minutes in the shower is often the only non-work time I get to myself all day.  I like to close my eyes and imagine I’m NOT in a two-foot wide, triangular-shaped cubicle so small, should I make a slight error in judgement as to the manouvere required to reach for the shampoo or the razor, then I’m likely to cause harm to myself and shout out things unbecoming a woman.

In my imagination, I’m standing (serenely and not shouting) under one of those rain shower thingies in an indoor-outdoor bathroom on a cliff-top villa in some exotic location.

This shower fantasy will do

This shower fantasy will do

Sometimes it’s Koh Samui, sometimes the Maldives, Bali or Mexico.  I share it around.  Now, I’m quite good at this imagination stuff (clearly) but I find if I’m employing soap as my Chief Body Cleanser, it just doesn’t cut it.

I want luxe, I want foamy, I want fragrance … I want shower gel.

So, I’ve become quite a bit of a connoisseur in the shower gel department.  If by reading connoisseur, you read, “she’s tried a lot of gels”.

Here are three that have been hanging out in my bathroom of late:

I'm a shower gel kind of girl

I'm a shower gel kind of girl

1.  Dove Go Fresh Revive Nourishing Body Wash 375ml $6.99.  This is the latest to make it into my shower space.  It uses the same hydration technology as found in the Dove Beauty Bar, “enriching it with lipids that are found naturally in the layers of beautiful skin”.  The one I trialled – Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena scent – is a very girly.  Which generally works for me as there’s less chance of Mr Styling You adopting it for his own. Available at supermarkets and pharmacies.

2.  Radox Macadamia & Coconut Oil Shower Cream 1l $9.99.  Unbelievable value for money, which the Radox people say will give you 200 washes.  Can’t vouch for that as haven’t been counting but do know a little goes a long way, Mr 5 loves it in his bath and I love anything with a tropical scent (see above re shower fantasies). Available at Woolworths.

3.  Trilogy Botantical Body Wash 500ml $27.95.  So, we’ve jumped up in price but unisex body wash is a winner.  It’s a perfect pick-me-up in the morning thanks to Frankincense and Rose Geranium oils, plus the invigorating pure plant extract Kawa Kawa and tonifying antioxidant-rich Amla fruit.  Available at Myer, Priceline, selected pharmacies and health food stores. For further stockist information visit


Now, I’ve worked you into a lather, I want to bring you the fun part.  The part where you get a chance to win one of 25 Weleda Citrus Creamy Body Washes (1ooml).  Each is valued at $19.90.  We’re talking luxe body washes here.


Weleda Citrus Creamy Body Wash $19.90

Weleda Citrus Creamy Body Wash $19.90

Weleda’s new range of Creamy Body Washes are formulated with pure essential oils of Pomegranate, Citrus, Sea Buckthorn and Wild Rose and only the purest natural ingredients and organic oils, free of drying and synthetic emulsifiers.

Particularly gentle sugar and coco-tensides are used for mild and caring cleansing without the ecological harmfulness conventional active cleansing substances can cause to aquatic life.

Natural vegetal oils such as sesame oil from organic cultivation nurture, protect and support the natural lipid layer of the skin. Sesame oil has a particular high concentration of unsaturated acids and natural antioxidants in the form of sesamol and tocopherol (Vitamin E).

Weleda Creamy Body Washes feature a light acescent pH (6.5-7.0) thus respecting the natural cutaneous pH range and are very well tolerated by sensitive skin.

All Weleda Creamy Body Washes are:

Dermatologically tested
Certified natural and obtained from biodynamic cultivation projects or certified organic cultivation
Contain especially mild and ecologically friendly tensides of Sugar and Coco
Free of synthetic fragrances, colours, preservatives and raw materials derived from mineral oils

Weleda Citrus Creamy Body Wash

This body wash is a revitalizing blend of natural essential lemon and orange oil from organic cultivation provides a refreshing and lively shower experience. Lemon oil is known to support concentration and awareness and encourages lymph and blood circulation. Pure Sesame Oil, high in concentration of unsaturated acids and natural antioxidants helps to nurture and protect delicate skin.

Available from selected health stores and pharmacies nationwide. Stockist enquiries: 03 9723 7278 or

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me about your dream shower location.  The competition closes at 8am on Thursday, May 26.  The competition is open to people with Australian mailing addresses only.  The winners’ names will be drawn at random using and prizes will be sent to the winners.

This competition will be drawn, today, Thursday May 26.  Winners will be announced here and notified via email.


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  1. Richard Branson “Virgin Tycoon”! has an island of his own. I would love to have a shower at his place! He has an open plan home, ocean air coming through, privacy, tranquility. Living the dream x

  2. My dream shower location would be in a 5 star hotel overlooking the Caribean ocean with a hot guy in the shower with me.

  3. I stayed in a hotel right on the north coast of Bali, well away from the tourists, which had a beautiful outdoor bathroom with a giant frangipani tree for a ceiling. There was something wonderful about showering under the stars. The floor was all pebbles and stepping stones. Just beautiful.

  4. My dream shower experience was an open air shower in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. Total luxury, private fly in tented camp. We could hear the monkeys chattering in the trees overhead, as the elephants boomed nearby. Dream shower in a dream destination!

  5. Somewhere warm (’cause if I’m getting my kit out in winter this is top priority), somewhere gorgeous and somewhere where the view is absolutely divine!

  6. An open shower in western queensland. I used to do a lot of work Jill-a-rooing for my uncles in the school holidays. You can not beat a cold shower after a day out mustering or working the yards. Heaven!!!

  7. Tahitian Spas, I imagine, would have gorgeous shower rooms and the scent of flowers filling the room… MMMMmmmmmm

  8. Ohhh.. I would have to say Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands. Have seen some footage of it and it has the most beautiful open shower areas. Would be so awesome to feel the freedom and tranquility showering in such a beautiful island paradise…

  9. On honeymoon 10 years ago, open roofed shower on an island resort where the smell of frangipanis ignite when you walk into the shower.

  10. I would love a big shower head that sprays hard water at a 2m radius so I can stand there and spin around with my arms out and not get cold!

  11. It would be lovely to have crystal clear waters as my view and the sound of waves lapping nearby. The shower would have 3 walls(back and 2 sides), each wall with shower heads, I want massage from water beads from all angles. Then bottles of my favourite shower gels hanging from each wall, so I can choose what scent depending on what mood I’m in.

  12. Preferably by the sea where you may have to scratch your bum and hopefully nobody will see. Of course that’s after you have cleaned all parts of your anatomy.

  13. I think having a shower on a deserted tropical island with complete seclusion and privacy sounds amazing…

  14. I would love to have a hot steamy shower on the edge of beautiful snow-covered mountains! I imagine it would have to have floor-to-ceiling windows, of course!

  15. An underwater shower on the Great Barrier Reef. Imagine watching sharks, stingrays, fish and coral while taking a shower.

  16. Oh, I love this post! My ultimate shower destination would be an outdoor shower at a little hut that sits over the water in the Mauritius. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

  17. My dream shower at the moment, is my own but with the head fixed so it doesn’t fall down on MY head all the time, and with my children otherwise occupied so I can enjoy it BY MYSELF! Not much to ask, right?

    If not, I’d happily use the one you’ve pictured. Ohmigosh. Divine.

  18. I am a shower gel girl too. I want a shower in a fantastic location I have already seen, its in a hotel that had one side as as full length window overlooking Melbourne. Ah yes, lovely. It’s in the penthouse suite so its high up.

  19. In Fuji, Beqa, in an ocean front bure with an outdoor shower with a pebble floor and a walled garden and best bit was showering at night looking up at the stars listening to the ocean…bliss

  20. My dream shower is in a secret location, shhh I am not telling don’t want to let anyone in on it. We take our boat to a little island off the coast yet do it in style with all the luxuries of a shower fitted out and all.

  21. I’m totally a shower gel girl as well! My dream shower location would be in a luxury cabin aboard a luxury cruise ship (I wouldn’t care where the cruise would travel)… but yes if I could pick somewhere to be using a yummy shower gel, that would be it 🙂

  22. My dream shower would be in an isolated relaxation getaway location where it would feel oh so soft and vitalising on my skin-Precious

  23. My dream shower location is one I’ve been lucky enough to experience before & long to enjoy again – in a bungalow on the beach on Perhentian Besar, a tiny island off the east coast of Malaysia. Off to bed to dream of it now 🙂

  24. Anywhere that I don’t have a toddler pounding on the door after 15 seconds saying “Are you done YET???” So, my own shower, with no one else at home!!

  25. Bath, shower, whatever gets me clean. I love bathing in the great outdoors the best. We are putting in an outside shower and I’m insisting that it has hot water because that’s where I’ll be! x

  26. My favourite place to shower, would be on top of Mt Warning in Northern NSW. The first place to see the sunrise, just behind Byron Bay, it is my favourite place in all the world.

  27. Dream shower location? Somewhere tropical and warm, like Cairns. Somewhere that I have my pre desk job body, taunt and terrific!

  28. I would love anywhere where I can have that 5 minute shower without having one of the kids coming in to want to join me! I would love to take a nice long relaxing bath/shower in Italy overlooking the countryside

  29. Anywhere where I can lock the door and not hear my darling daughters screaming “MUM”

    Glad I am not the only one who hide from her kids/life in the shower 🙂

  30. Funny you would ask that question. It’s something I always think about.

    My dream location would be in my own beautiful home. ONLY without the eyes of my 2 young children watching my every move. Without the fights, and the splashing. It would be bliss to enjoy a shower without feeling guilty I am leaving my children 😀

    My husband and myself are only 30, but we have worked very hard for this house, and there is no where else I’d rather be to have this dreamt of shower!

    Love Amanda xoxoxo follower on twitter @babycakequeen

  31. I’m a shower gel girl and the best place for a shower is inside the bush in Kenya, in touch with nature! I did it some years ago and I cannot forget it.

  32. I would have to say Forster.

    It may not sound too exciting but it is where my boyfriend and I often go on holiday. If I am in Forster I am relaxed (after a few days or figuring out what relaxing is!)

    Just the thought of it makes me smile.

  33. This may sounds odd, but I would choose Forster.

    It is where my boyfriend and I have taken many holidays and I am always so relaxed there.

  34. My location would be some where like fiji in those gorgeous cabin over thw ocean with the glass floors to see fish swimming underneath that wouls be amazing.

  35. I am not sure where it actually is as I haven’t been there’yet, but you know those places on travel shows where you arer in a lovely quiet place and can shower in a natural waterfall. That would be ideal. And it is so hot that you don’t care there is not hot water. And there are no snakes or bugs in that exact spot either.

  36. My fantasy shower would be at the end of a raised wooden open walkway nestled amongst eucalyptus trees somewhere in the Blue mountains. I would walk through into a dark stone walled shower cubicle (with my shower gel) and enjoy the clean mountain air, sounds of early morning birds and wash my worries away!!

  37. Well, I know I’m WAY behind the times, but I’m still using soap in a bar! I need help don’t I? Location’s gotta be overlooking our local surf beach we used to camp at (pre kids), but preferably with warm water this time!

  38. Shower gel all the way, no soap for us!

    Dream shower would be in my brother & SIL’s penthouse apartment in the Seychelles….

  39. According to my Countdown to Bali app on my iphone I have 147 days 11 hours and 45 minutes until I arrive at my private villa in Bali.

    It is there where a nanny awaits for my 3 darling children and while I can do things like shower or bathe in peace.

    Oh wait 44 minutes now ;-p

  40. I am definitely a shower gel gal! Love the stuff. I have 3 in my shower now, plus my husbands soap.

    My dream location, for ones I have actually been to it would be over looking the beach down in a secluded area we used to camp in Southern Tasmania.It is beach meets forest type area.

    For anywhere I haven’t been too, possibly the Bahama’s somewhere looking at the beach.

  41. I’m treating myself to a trip to Hawaii after I run the NY marathon in November. A shower in one of those gorgeous waterfalls on Maui will do just nicely thank you very much!

  42. Oooooh an outdoor bath, in the mountains, with my husband in the other end sounds lovely but the picture you have put up is BEAUTIFUL!! I want to stay wherever that is!

  43. Anywhere that I don’t have to hold the shower door shut with one hand while washing my hair with the other (Yes I have young children)

  44. Ha! Well my fantasy is a little closer to home and not so exotic I’m afraid… I’m most comfortable when I’m at home so I’d have to say at this stage of my life my fantasy is having a shower I can see out of, sans the 2 children sitting at my feet oh and a showerhead without lime buildup! That is all I dream of! Ahhhhh!

  45. Iam A shower gal as well and my favourite fantasy shower Location is wherever the photo shoot was taken, i can only dream about a place like that.:)

  46. dream shower location?? that would be the deck of the boat we used to live on while sailing in the bahamas a few years ago….. nothing beats a (solar) hot sun-shower on deck.

    except maybe that shot you’ve got there of the shower in the lovely round tub in the hut while looking out to the ocean……………..

    xoxo, buf

  47. Believe it or not, I do love a cold shower at thr beach, coming off the sand as the sun starts to set, and having a rinse as you watch the waves, hear the gulls and smell the heavy salt air

    I’m a weirdo, aren’t I? Haha

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