The Hot List: four things I’m loving right now

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This isn’t meant to be showing off but I understand if that’s the way you take the next statement.

I see and get to try A LOT of stuff.  Fashion and beauty stuff. So much stuff that sometimes it’s a little overwhelming.  And sometimes that overwhelm might stretch to a little bit of  *ahhemm* boredom.

You know, same ol’, same ‘ol? (Told you you might think I was showing off)

Anyway, lately I’ve opened up the mail to not only be interested but also excited.

These four products have all left me raving.  (Often to myself, as I work from home but I’m generally good company, apparently)

Lindsay Phillips interchangable Ballet Flats

Ok, so I’ll be upfront here, when I opened up the press release and read these shoes were available at TerryWhite chemists my “Nana” radar started beeping. Loudly.

But the second I slipped them on feet, it stopped.

The. Most. Comfortable. Ballet. Flats. Ever.

Wearing them is like I’m walking on sponge cake.  Except if I were ACTUALLY walking on sponge cake, I would squash the cake and it wouldn’t be very comfortable at all.  These are so comfortable.  Like slippers.  Except not Nana looking.

It was love at first wear and quite frankly I’ve not stopped wearing them.  Changing the look of the shoe by snapping on a different shoe decoration if I wanted to mix it up a little.

Try them on for size at your nearest TerryWhite Chemist – they’re $59.95 a pair and $12.95 for each pair of shoe “snaps”.

Lindsay Phillips Ballet Flats $59.95

Lindsay Phillips Ballet Flats $59.95

tanGO tan removal cloth

I’m more than a little guilty of turning a blind eye to the last remnants of a fake tan, covering up the patches instead of given them a good scrub.

Not any more.  This re-useable cloth just needs water to work (I liken it working on your skin like an Enjo glove works on a shower screen … what? You missed that party plan invite? Shame on you.  Or is that shame on me?).

The polyamide cloth gently removes the tanning pigment from your skin’s surface without harsh scrubbing.  You want it to be damp but not too wet (that’s the key).  Start with ankles and feet, rub with a firm upwards motion.  Continue with hips, arms and elbows followed by the rest of the body.  Go gently over the decolletage.

Now, if you’re thinking I’m not getting a spray tan till September, why would I want one?  I’m actually using mine at the moment as an exfoliator. Works a treat.

tanGo cloth is priced at $29.95 and available at and from selected spas and beauty salons.

tanGo cloth $29.95

tanGo cloth $29.95

Benjibox clear storage boxes

About three years ago I got serious about looking after and storing my (growing) shoe and handbag collection.  I bought clear plastic boxes.  Lots of them.  Which I was quite content with, often feeling a little bit smug even, when pulling out a pair of shoes which had been saved from a thick coating of dust by its plastic home.

And then the lovely people at Benjibox sent me five from their range.  Five that open like little drawers and include non-slip rubber pads so that your boxes stay stacked on top of each other, not falling on top of each other like mine do every time I dare to head into the bottom of my wardrobe searching for a different pair of shoes to wear.

Now, while these thrilled me, I’m still formulating my sneaky plan to replace each and every one of the existing flappy ones with this little babies. Apparently, Mr Styling You says I should be happy with the ones I’ve got.

I SO beg to differ.  I’m just not telling him how many boxes I’ll actually need. As that will, of course, clarify the number of shoes I now own.  Come to think of it, I’m a bit scared of doing the tally myself.

Benjibox Clear Shoe boxes $5 each (this is a hot price valid until June 13).  Visit

Benjibox clear shoe boxes $5 each

Benjibox clear shoe boxes $5 each

Mish Mash Makeup Essential Retractable Kabuki Brush

You already know I’m a mineral makeup fan nut.  I wear it every day.  At the moment I might do Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals first but afterwards (or on its own), I use Jane Iredale Pressed Powder.

Using a mineral powder requires a kabuki brush for a successful application.  And I’ve tried my fair share.

This one from a Gold Coast company stopped me in its tracks for two reasons: a retractable case and amazingly soft bristles.

The retractable bit isn’t just a party trick.  The downside to mineral makeups is, well, the minerals.  They can get everywhere.  So, if you’re wanting to take your makeup out with you for the day – or away for the weekend, this brush won’t put any residue over anything else it’s sitting with.  You can even pre-load the powder and close the lid for a quick touch up.

And, I know you want more … depending on how far you retract the case you’ll get a soft or more dense application. Genius.

It’s a synthetic brush (100% vegan approved) and is resistant to dropping hairs (don’t you just love when you get a black hair on your face during a makeup application?)

The launch price is $19.95 (normally $32.95).  Buy online at

mishmash makeup kabuki brush $19.95

Mish Mash makeup kabuki brush $19.95

That’s it, Stylers, the stuff that’s been floating my boat … over to you … have you found a fashion or beauty product recently that you now can’t live without?

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  1. I’ve seen those Lindsay Phillips ballet flats and ignored them because I thought they were just another … odd thing to buy at the chemists. So I’m so glad you said they are comfy because I live in ballet flats. Next time I’m at the chemist I’ll buy some shoes.

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  2. Rosemary and Mint shampoo/conditioner from Aveda. It is great on my hair but to be honest, I mainly buy it for the great scent. Really strong, natural smell and it helps wake me up in the morning.

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