Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers: I’d love your vote

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Now, I realise you’re starting to probably think … how big can this girl’s head get?  Well, given I was born with an overly large head circumference (hello forceps delivery), I can tell you I do not go looking for anything that will cause it to swell even further.  (After all, I AM fond of wearing fashionable hats)

But there’s an amazing thing happening in blogging land – particularly in Australia – at the moment.  Bloggers are riding a giant wave of recognition and respect and I’m very happy to be on that big surfboard with them.  In the past two weeks, Styling You won Best Blog Post at The Jasmine Awards, recognising excellence in fragrance journalism and Best Business Blog and Best Australian Blog 2011 in the Sydney Writers’ Centre blog competition.  Overwhelming.

Today, I can also announce that Styling You has also made it to the 2011 Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers list.  I’m in very good company – so many of these bloggers in the Top 50 are my friends and I read their blogs.  Every day.  I suggest you do too.

Kidspot Top 50 bloggers

And if you’d like to share your love for Styling You, head over here (or click the icon below) to read what I have to say about blogging – don’t forget to vote (and no, you don’t have to give away your details to anyone for this one!).

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