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When the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers list was announced, a group of us decided it would be pretty boring to go for a drive by ourselves.  And we didn’t let the fact that none of us lives near the other get in the away either.  Come with us on our virtual bloggers’ road trip as we test drive the new Ford Territory for a chance at winning the car to drive for a year and $5000. Each of us picked a topic and got blogging. Bianca at Bigwords put down some road rules, Carly from Tune Into Radio Carly put together the ultimate road trip song list, Jodie from Mummy Mayhem vlogged about it in a way only she can and Bern from So Now What wrote a post about road hazards.  I decided to make sure we all looked and felt our best every kilometre along the way with a few road trip fashion and beauty must-haves.  This is my entry. Come along for the ride.

In my highly fertile imagination, every time I climb into my car for a getaway drive, I look like this.

Yep, just me, my model-like figure and a set of Louis Vuitton travel bags.  I'm road-trip ready.

Yep, just me, my model-like figure and a set of Louis Vuitton travel bags. I'm road-trip ready.

Which stuns me because the reality is:  a) my childhood road trips were all about fighting over who didn’t have to sit in the middle back seat; and b) my adult road trips of late involve MY children fighting over who doesn’t have to sit in the middle back seat.  Nary a glamorous moment or piece of Louis Vuitton luggage in sight.

But put me in a new Ford Territory on a virtual road trip with four blogging sisters and I’m SO ready to glam it up.

Now, of course, the glam needs to start with the car.  A baseline model is just not good enough for this bunch of bloggers.  No siree, we’re driving this baby, the Ford Territory Titanium AWD.

The New Ford Territory Titanium AWD

The New Ford Territory Titanium AWD ... perfect for a little road trip glam

You don’t need to know what’s under the bonnet … it’s all good and cutting edge.  But we all know, just like choosing a new frock, a car is all about style and substance.  This baby is sleek, smart and guaranteed NOT to make your bum look big.  Actually, I made up that bit about the bum … but seriously, who’s going to notice your bum when you’re standing next to or sitting in this ride?

And fuel efficiency?  Wow.  We’ll save so much on fuel with this 2.7L V6 Common Rail Turbo Diesel engine (not impressed by my tech talk? It’s there to distract my husband while I discuss the new wardrobe I’ll need for the trip below) that we’ll have no choice but to stop frequently at little boutiques along the way to buy a little something new.  As souvenirs.

You know how I love a classic, stylish design, the look of luxe without the price tag?  Loosely translated as champagne tastes on a (low-carb) beer budget?  Check out this interior.

Sink into the cashmere leather trimmed seats

Sink into the cashmere leather trimmed seats

Apart from that leather, I’m a sucker for anything that brings out my inner geek.

Reverse camera? Check.  (So, Jodie at Mummy Mayhem doesn’t need to wear her puffer vest for ease of movement when reversing)

Satellite Navagation System with Traffic Message Channel? Check. (So, Bigwords’ Bianca, who hails from SA, doesn’t get lost on the Eastern seaboard)

Advanced iPod/USB integration? Check.  (So Carly, who is the cool, hip young one on board, is in charge of the music. Not Jodie.)

Alpine Rear DVD player? Check. (So, Bern and I can put the beach volleyball scene in Top Gun on repeat all the way from the Gold Coast to Sydney)

But back to those fashion and beauty road trip essentials … we have a gi-normous boot to fill.

1. Trenery outfit: waterfall cardigan $149, stripe knit $119, gathered maxi skirt $99, Meagan textile flat $129 (the perfect balance of comfort and style)

2. Mimco Barfly gloves $149

3. Peter Alexander eye mask $29.90 (for when my eyes are tired from watching the Top Gun volleyball scene … which actually will be never but I included these because they’re cute)

4. Sodashi Chakra Balance Oil 1:  Survival $55 (Because we just may need a little help to survive the trip unscathed!)

5. Prada sunglasses at Vision Direct $227.95

6. Witchery hand knit beanie $39.95

7. Mulberry Piccadilly leather weekend bag at net-a-porter 1017.38 pounds (Told you I had to distract my husband with engine stats!)

8. Lanolips 101 ointment at Addicted 2 Lip Balm $17.95 (I cannot leave home without this.  For lips, cuticles, cuts, grazes, the lot)

Now, before I set off on the virtual road trip of a lifetime, I’ll leave you with a copy of the little email I’ve forwarded to Ford.  Don’t forget to vote and enjoy the trip.

memo to ford



  • Now *that* would be useful! But there must be a proper mirror, preferably with extra lighting, involved!

  • Bring on the Volleyball scene baby. When Val Kilmer was hot and Tom Cruise wasn’t radio rental mental. Ahhhh, those were the days. xx

  • This road trip is so cute. I definitely prefer your first outfit (sans pants but with Louis) to the second (maxi and taxi). Good luck in the comp, Nikki! x

    • So does my husband! Thanks and good luck to you too, Bron x

  • Dianne Wallyn

    I can just picture you rushing out the door, no make up & delving into the colour palette at every red light…lol… very good addition to the Territory. Not sure what my husband would think if I got an aftermarket version put into his territory

    • Yep, don’t think he’d be too happy! And if I got one of these installed, I’d have to take the longest way round on the school run – lots of traffic lights please!

  • Oh! Make-up dispenser is a must! x

  • Where’s the picnic hamper? You need healthy but delicious food to eat, not to mention drinks. (Who mentioned wine bottle holders?) I’m putting my hand up to provide the goodies. I’ll even ride in the boot or on the roof.

    • It’s a 7-seater, Bron … with those offerings, I’ll pick you up on the way to get Bern!

      • Okay, I’ll put together a menu of offerings. Anyone with special dietary needs?

  • I was picturing it a little more Thelma & Louise than Louis Vuitton. You know, without all the killing but with the meeting up with Brad Pitt bit still included.

    • You’ll need to refer to Bianca’s road trip rules – especially no. 1 – what goes on tour, stays on tour … except if we picked up Brad Pitt, then of course we’d be tweeting and blogging like no tomorrow!

  • Those gloves are divine. Have voted. Good luck!

    • I know – love how my “job” gives me a legitimate reason to “browse” online. Thanks for the vote!

  • Ok, now the road trip is getting ugly, because Bianca and I are going to fight over that bag.

    Oh, how I LOVE the makeup compartment idea!!! You clever chooky, you.

    There’s just one thing missing from this list: Puffer jacket.

    *nods sagely*

    • Now, Jodie … it’s about the puffer vest. While I’m so humbled by your extremely generous offer to loan me yours, I really feel I’ll be OK without it! See you on the road … and I think we need Mulberry to sponsor our trip and give us each one of those bags.

  • I WANT THAT BAG!!! Oh Nikki, in my eyes you always look that stylish!! I could only imagine the looks we’d get when we drove into some little towns!! Hilarious. Love it x

    • We’d be rockin’ every town between the Sunshine Coast and Adelaide (via Sydney). Please see above re sponsorship proposal of said bags.