Why I’m qualified to talk about ageing, anti or otherwise

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In a couple of months, I will stop filling out surveys.  Not because they’re annoying and I don’t think I’ll ever win anything for my efforts. No, because before I’ve even got beyond the first page, I’ll be ticking the age box and I will be ticking a whole new category.  You know the one.  The one that means you’re more middle aged than young and nubile.  Not that I remember being nubile …

Anyway, this fear of survey box ticking has coincided with an inordinate amount of anti-ageing products landing on the Styling You desk.


Sorry, for the capitals but, please, it does feel like I can’t turn around anywhere these days without reminders about ageing, anti or otherwise.

Now, you know Stylers, that the “anti” bit is all a bit of a marketing tool.  It’s designed to strike a bit of fear into us (oh, ok it works) but the fact is we are all ageing.  We can’t stop the ageing bit but we can slow down some of the results of it.

(And if you’re 20 or 30, then listen up for a sec … wash your makeup off every night and wear sunscreen every day.  There.  You can go back to what you were doing and come back and check this post in 10 or 20 years.)

Skin, and specifically the skin on our face, is where the tell-tale signs that we’re not 23 anymore start to appear.

What you might see in the bathroom mirror:

wrinkles/fine lines




lack of plumpness

uneven skin tone

I can tick every one of the above. Welcome to the naughty 40s.  The decade where you start to pay for your past sins. Thankfully advances in skincare mean that I can make a vain (vain being the operative word) attempt to stay ahead of the game.

And yes, I’ve “tried” Botox .  Saying, I’ve “tried” it is so celebrity of me, isn’t it?  Truth is I’ve  “tried” it twice a year for the past four years.

I realise this acknowledgement opens the floodgates for me to be shot down for my choices but after “trying” it for a newspaper feature in my former life as a journalist, I became unapologetically hooked.  My face still moves and I love that I look less tired, when in reality I want to crawl up under my desk and take a very long nanna nap.

I’ve also tried an injectable lip plumper.  And in this case it really was a once off.  It bloody hurt and I’ve opted to leave it out of the budget priorities … for now.  Never, say never … especially as a beauty writer.  Guaranteed it will come back to bite you on the bum (or remove fat from your bum to plump up your sunken, ageing face).

Leaving injectables and other non-invasive cosmetic stuff aside for another blog post, I can tell you that there is absolutely no use forking out the dollars for any of that stuff if you’re not looking after your skin at the same time. Which leads me to these 10 products, which have been on rotation in my bathroom since January.  Each brings something of note to the anti-ageing table.

Finding what works for YOU, however, is a matter of matching up your main skin concerns, getting great advice and giving a solid regime a good go. That means sticking at it for at least six weeks.

anti-ageing products, skincare

1. Sin-Care Booster Serums Relaxation Sensation 50ml $69 The Sin-Care range tackles skincare from a slightly different angle.  This serum is designed for skin under stress (or the owner of the skin being under stress and fatigue) which can definitely make you look older. www.sincare.com.au

2. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lift and Firm Makeup SPF 15 30ml $78 This is skincare (plumping technology) combined with a luxe cream foundation.  Yes, it does actually give your skin a lift and sense of firmness.  Coverage is great too.  On counter April 18.

3. Clarins Vital Light Day Illuminating Anti-Ageing All Skin Types Cream 50ml $120 This one’s all about working on the uneven skin pigmentation.  It’s a beautiful, quick-absorbing cream.  Key ingredients are Cochlearia (to firm the skin); Waltheria (boost collagen production and improve light refection) and Spergularia (reduces pigmentation).

4. Comvita Replenishing Night Moisturiser 50ml $55 Comvita Skincare uses Hunixa Manuka honey as its key anti-ageing ingredient.  I’ve used Manuka honey to calm a sore throat before so can see how it would work in skincare.  Loving this night cream which promotes the production of collagen for firm, toned-looking skin.  Exclusive to David Jones.  www.comvita.com.au

5. Olay Professional Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Protocol $99 This all-in-one, solution in a box includes three products – Age Protection Lotion SPF 15, Wrinkle Smoothing Cream and Eye Restoration Complex.  It’s a three-pronged approach to better skin in 28 days.  Scientists mapped young skin versus old skin to come up with these formulas.  www.olayprofessional.com.au

6. Kiehl’s Double Strength Deep Wrinkle Filler 20ml $68 You won’t find any parabens or silicones in this baby but you will find sodium hyaluronate filling spheres to tackle wrinkles and fragmented hyaluronic acid to build collagen. There’s an immediate difference on application and over time it does do what it claims.  Working a treat above my lips. Available at selected David Jones stores and Kiehl’s stores.

7. RoC Retin-Ox Wrinkle Correxion Night 40ml $54 This is a workhorse for using while you’re sleeping.  Includes intelligent biopeptide, pure retinol and hyaluronic acid to increase collagen production and plump the skin.  www.rocskincare.com.au

8.  Jan Marini Age Intervention Gentle Cleanser 120ml $44 Love this cleanser.  It’s a non-foaming cream cleanser that is hydrating and gentle enough to use as an eye-makeup remover and after microdermabrasion, IPL or fraxel treatments. www.janmariniaustralia.com.au

9. Dr Lewinn’s Anti-ageing Tinted Moisturiser SPF 30+ 50mL $39.95 Love the light texture and the sheer coverage this gives, which works for me on weekends.  Green Tea extract is the key ingredient as is the UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection. www.drlewinnssynergise.com

10. Prevage Eye Ultra Protection Anti-Aging moisturiser eye SPF 15 15ml $150 This product (and its sister product Eye Advanced Anti-aging Serum) has been formulated with idebenone technology which has been shown to address wrinkles, lines, crows feet, puffiness, dark circles and crepiness.  I love the texture of this cream, the SPF for protection and the spatula it comes with to massage it into the eye area.  Have definitely noticed improvement around the eyes.

Have you tried any of these products?  What’s your secret (or not-so-secret) anti-ageing skincare regime?

* I’ve used the English spelling of “ageing” throughout this post, except where product names have used the US spelling, “aging”.

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  1. Years ago when I was a journalist I received free products for Estee Lauder so I could write a advertising promos for them in local newspapers. Also, I had my hair and make-up done (free) twice a week for TV appearances. Yes, I loved the luxury products and telling people who commented on my skin that I only used Estee Lauder.
    However going back to teaching and farming saw an end to that and unable to afford Estee any longer I tried many products before I discovered Avon. Now aged 67 I receive gasps when people hear my age, am constantly praised for my appearance, having such good skin, fantastic hair, excellent make-up etc. I always nourish my skin morning and night, always wear sun-screen, use scrub once a week and am fanatical about never going out without make-up or my hair done.
    It takes only minutes to look good and although on a pension, it doesn’t cost a fortune to feel so good. Good old Avon!!!

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  2. Nikki, I love this post. I keep getting shocked when I look in the mirror .. and seeing an older version of myself, who I just don’t feel.

    My grandmother bought me a bottle of “Oil of Ulan” when I was 14, and told me to use it on my face every day. Which I have … but forgot my NECK. (Gobble gobble). I may or may not get a complete facelift when I turn 50. Depends on how ballsy I feel. xo

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  3. Let me tell you, 40s is nothing! Enjoy them…its 50s that kind of sneak up on you and that was when I really began to notice differences and decided to take action!! I love the Olay products…I have had great success with them! But I LOL when you wrote to the 20s and 30 somethings to wash off their make up at night and wear sunscreen…so true…hides a multitude of sins!! You will do well in your 40s …and no one has to know that you were proactive!!

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  4. I wouldn’t ever shoot anyone down for trying Botox! I feel like we’re all entitled to try whatever we’d like, especially when it comes to beauty products. If it works for you, then rock it, lady! I’m 23, but I can imagine giving it a go, too, one day.

    Despite that, I feel like aging is a part of life that should be embraced (I guess I might have a different view in 20 years, but I want to try to embrace it!). But it’s hard to do so when the media puts such a terrible spin on it. I really wish things were different. Companies are making so much money on anti-aging product and our fear of aging!

    I haven’t tried any of the above products, but right now I use Olay Total Effects cleanser wipes along with my daily scrub. I’ve actually noticed a difference in skin tone and pore reduction. Other than that, I use face lotion and foundation with SPF.

    Anyway, just thought I’d stop by to weigh in, and to let you know that you’re beautiful! Don’t let those surveys make you think otherwise. 🙂

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      Hi Kristin, thanks so much for your lovely comments. I agree about the fear marketing around anti-ageing products. What you’re doing right now is the best routine anyone can do. I’ve had a bit of fun with this post but in all seriousness, I’ve had a skincare regime of some sorts in place since I was 18. I’ve also used sunscreen religiously (and I live at the beach, so essential). It has meant that my skin is in better shape 20 years down the track.

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