Why I need three hair styling irons? Truly

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Hands up if you remember the first time your hair was on the receiving end of a pair of styling irons?

I certainly do.  They weren’t pretty, with their thick, wide stainless steel plates (not far off the size of a clothes iron) but boy, oh boy, did they transform my boofy mop into a kind of sleek I’d only ever dreamed of.

I was hooked.

Photo by: Anna DeLuna

That was nine years ago.  And it got me to thinking … there must be a lot of girls out there who know not of a hair life pre-styling irons.  Do they know how lucky they are?

In that nine years we’ve seen huge advancements in technology in this field.  Advances that have ensured styling irons remain on the can’t-live-without list of almost every woman I know.

In Australia, the styling iron revolution really got serious in 2004. We welcomed with tears of joy ghd, its marketing hype and superior product.  Women across the country did not hesitate to throw down $300 a pop for a fast-tracked glide to frizz-free styling at home.

And they’re still doing so.

Up until last year, ghd had the market pretty much styled up.  Enter stage left: Cloud Nine, a UK range from the original creators of the ghd.

Overnight the styling iron ante was upped, with the winner being you, the hair product consumer. Not only do both companies compete on price but both now compete to offer features and enhancements that make the styling irons of my past REALLY seem like dinosaurs.

On the back of Cloud Nine’s arrival mid-last year, ghd launched its fightback late 2010 with the ghd Gold Series.

Yes, the styling iron war continues and I, for one, am glad.  We’re now styling our hair with a far superior product and one that does far less damage.


Cloud Nine (features)

– The ability to adjust the heat settings to both the hair type and desired style is a major benefit of Cloud Nine’s revolutionary technology. The six heat settings reduce unnecessary damage often caused by the searing heat of standard styling irons (many hair types do not need high temperatures to achieve a particular style – especially fine or delicate hair).

– Unique black plates with a secret ingredient that adds shine to the hair

– Automatic hibernation mode

– Universal voltage

– Heat guard

– Swivel cord

– Carry case

cloud nine vs ghd

ghd Gold Series (new features)

– An improved outer body casing making the stylers cooler to touch and lighter to handle

– A new protective plate guard to safely cover hot plates

– Golden contoured ceramic plates with a high gloss finish to glide through the hair for smoother, snag-free styling and ultimate shine

– A chic, new look with an on-trend dot design, gold sparkling accents and golden plates

– Universal voltage

– Sleep mode

– Unique digital technology that allows the styler to heat up to its ideal temperature in seconds

– Fixed temperature setting to achieve great results that last in a single stroke

– Swivel cord

– Curved barrel to create a variety of styles


Both Cloud Nine and ghd a choice of three different styling irons.

And I’m afraid to admit, I could justify owning three.  In fact, I really do think I need a styling iron wardrobe; much like my accessories wardrobe … and my shoe wardrobe … and my bag wardrobe … 

But stick with me here while I try to back up my justification.

1. I have long, thick hair.  That makes me a perfect candidate for the ghd Gold Max Styler ($269) or the Cloud Nine Wide Iron ($270).  I’ve been trialling the ghd Gold Max for a couple of weeks now and it gets a big fat tick for helping me speed up the styling process.  Bigger plates means it can handle bigger sections and it does so without compromising on finish.

Above: ghd Gold Max Styler; below:  Cloud Nine Wide Iron

Above: ghd Gold Max Styler; below: Cloud Nine Wide Iron

2. I have a fringe, which is why I first fell in love with the Cloud Nine Micro Iron ($90) when first released last year.  They make ironing my fringe more precise and for someone like my step-mum, who has short fine hair, these are all she needs to create an overall style. The ghd Gold Mini Stylers ($269) are longer and come with a more hefty price tag.

Above:  Cloud Nine Micro; below:  ghd Gold Mini

Above: Cloud Nine Micro; below: ghd Gold Mini

3. I often go away for the weekend or for work and can’t justify carrying three irons (or can I?), which brings me back to originals, The Cloud Nine Iron ($270) and the ghd Gold Classic Styler ($269).  These are both suitable for most hair types.  ghd advancements bring it in line with Cloud Nine, except for Cloud Nine’s adjustable heat settings, which are designed to work with and protect your hair.

Above:  The Cloud Nine Iron; below: ghd Gold Classic Styler

Above: The Cloud Nine Iron; below: ghd Gold Classic Styler


How do YOU choose?

Ok, so it’s all very well and nice for me to set up a corner of my bathroom devoted to styling irons but the reality is a styling iron purchase is still a major outlay for most people.  You need to consider your hair type, how you style your hair and how often.

Then get some good advice from a salon. A good salon will also offer to book you in for a service where they teach you how to use your irons at home.  This is the ultimate “try before you buy” and the only way to really make a considered styling iron purchase.

Stockists: ghd, search here; Cloud Nine, search here.

Do you own a hair styling iron?  Have you upgraded recently?  Which has worked for you?


This post was inspired by Sassybella blogger Helen Lee’s award-winning post Hair straighteners: Cloud Nine vs ghd

Disclosure:  Over the past 12 months, Styling You has been sent the Cloud Nine Micro Iron, The Cloud Nine Iron and the ghd Max Styler to trial and review.


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  1. I have a pair of classic ghd and I’m a happy customer! I don’t use ot as much as I used to, as my hair is very long and super straight looks a bit to flat, but it’s a handy gadget that gives me great looking hair in no time. If I need to go somewhere and my hair needs to be tidy and sleek in a short amount of time it really is the way to go. Still haven’t mastered how to curl my hair with them though, as apparently you can?

    1. Post

      I’m not so good on the curls either but I got some tips on the weekend at a beauty blogger event from the Cloud Nine team about using a round brush to follow through as the iron cools to get a lovely bouncy curl. Will be trying!

  2. love this post – am so hooked on straight hair, even though they keep trying to plug 70’s curls for this summer.
    Congrats on making the IFB weekly roundup!

    1. Post
    1. Post
  3. I have super curly hair.

    Like almost afro.

    As was evidenced when I got wet at ABC.

    My first love was the Muster (I think that is how it was spelt… it was THE straightener of the 90’s) and redkin glass.

    And now I will not go outside a 50k radius of my home without my beloved paisley purple GHD and Moroccan oil.

    1. Post

      Oh, Kelley, I can’t believe there was a straightener in the 90s and I was unawares!! I do love Moroccan oil but have also found another product that’s working a treat too – Kerastase Elixir Ultime

  4. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Cloud nine one, my hairdresser uses it and it gives a wonderful shine and finish to my hair. I have a small and a wide GHD, so I’m with you..you can never have enough styling irons

    1. Post
  5. I once burned the crap outta my hair with a styling iron – it wasn’t a cheap one but it wasn’t a fancy pants one. I had to get my hair all cut off and vowed to get a proper one after that. My husband bought me a ghd for my birthday 🙂 Major brownie points 🙂

    1. Post
  6. I have thick wavy hair with cowlicks! Styling my hair is the biggest pain in the arse but I do it EVERY morning.

    I remember the first time I used a straightner: I was in love. I turned to my mother (who spent two hours sectioning my hair and straightening it) and said that I didnt need a man, just an iron for my hair!!!

    Now its come so far that it takes me *two minutes (mine is a remmington pearl, i think) and Im out the door…

    I also love my curlers which come in different shapes and sizes (and heats for that matter) which give me unique curls depending on the look I want…

    *two minutes is a massive exaggeration… I take forever to get ready.

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