Six tips to de-stressing your wardrobe

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Editor’s note:  I’m in Sydney today so no vlog, sorry.  Regular programming will resume next week.

Is stressing over what to wear each day all about our trying to fit in. A desperate cry for approval? Or both?

I’m sure most men don’t agonise over this first world issue but women, we’re a tribal bunch and mostly we just want to fit in.  Or we might want to stand out … but not for all the wrong reasons.

The tricky part comes when you leave one tribe for another.  Starting your first real job.  Leaving the workforce to have kids.  Heading back to work.  Or setting up your own business.   Each new tribal stage comes with new expectations and usually a big head scratch while staring blankly at your wardrobe in the morning.

Take the time to find your new style

Take the time to find your new style

To make matters worse most women don’t have time to do that aforementioned head scratching, let alone throw together a vaguely coordinated outfit.   Or one that’s actually clean and ironed.

It’s why we’re obsessed by the Goks and Trinny & Susannahs of this world.  It’s why I’ve been able to make a living out of helping busy women escape a wardrobe rut.

We want wardrobe answers NOW and we want them served up faster than a McDonald’s drive-through order.  And yes we want fries with that.  And probably a Coke, ice-cream sundae and one of those annoying toys as well.

Wardrobe de-stressing tips

1.     Edit your wardrobe. Do you actually know what’s in your wardrobe? Now is the perfect time to pull everything out and get it sorted for the cooler months ahead.

2.     LOVE what you buy. If there isn’t any change room love going on, you’re sure not going to love it when you get home.

3.     Less really is more. Fewer clothes – clothes you’ll actually wear – are the key to a good working wardrobe.

4.     Let your personality shine. We’ve all got one (or multiple if you’re like me).  What personality are you putting on show today?  Do you own clothes that reflect that?

5.     Consider your lifestyle. Are you a mum on the move?  Do you work in a corporate office? Do you work from home?  Do you go out a lot at night?  Whatever your lifestyle mix, you need a solid selection of clothes that can work for you.

6.     Flaunt the good bits. No-one has a perfect body.  Make the most of what you have and disguise the bits you’re not too keen on.

Does getting dressed each morning stress you out?  Do you struggle to know how to dress to “fit in” with your tribe?

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  1. Hi Nikki,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I am a mid-30s just-returned to work mum-of-two and I discovered your blog about 6 months ago. I had shortly returned to work and was desperately searching the web for some fashion and beauty inspiration (and advice)when I stumbled across your blog. Since then I have picked up some great tips and managed to turn my work wardrobe from something so boring and uninspiring it made me depressed, into a great workable wardrobe that I don’t have to agonise over every morning! Blog posts like this one are especially inspiring 🙂

    Thanks again for putting it out there and keep up the great work!

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  2. Since I’ve started reading your blog, I’m learning a lot more about fashion to suit my age and body shape. It doesn’t all have to be black and baggy, I’ve learned, and that accentuating assets can take the focus off the negatives. Thanks for helping me become a bit braver with my fashion choices. (Though clearly, I have a long way to go!)

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  3. Since I started my blog, getting dressed is so much fun!! The stress is gone and I am really enjoying my wardrobe! It takes a while to really glean through the closet. As we get more confidence and to understand who we are, we begin to know what to by and what to toss. These are really good tips…number six is very important!!

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