Manland: the one about my wife, champagne, Shania Twain and a Dyson

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Editor’s note: Late on the evening of March 19, I texted my husband from the Aussie Bloggers Conference dinner: “Babe, I’ve just danced on stage playing a Dyson like a guitar while singing Shania Twain – I feel like a Dyson – and I’ve won you an accessories kit.”

My partner in Dyson Dancing Crime, Clairey Hewitt.  Note my multi-tasking with the wine glass and the Dyson.  Impressive?

My partner in Dyson Dancing Crime, Melbourne blogger Clairey Hewitt. Note my multi-tasking with the wine glass and the Dyson. Impressive? Thanks to blogger Ann Patterson for capturing the moment. Truly.

Now most husbands would probably not have responded with: “are you drunk?”  Mr Styling You didn’t need to ask.  He knew I was.

Apparently such shenanigans are ok when you bring home the cleaning bacon.   And when I told him Dyson would also be sending* the Animal dust-buster to trial as well, he may have let out a little, tiny squeal.  See I’m SO not the cleaner in our house.  I’m the organiser, yes. Mr Styling You’s attention to detail (some would say OCD) in the cleaning department results in a far greater result than I could ever (be bothered to) achieve.

Please excuse today’s lack of Fab Friday style tip.  I’m putting my feet up and watching my husband clean.


I do most of the housework at our place. It’s for a couple of reasons. One being that The Stylist hates it, and secondly because we both hate what it does to her allergies. But mainly it’s because I like the challenge. Mowing the lawn is a special ritual in Manland. We find the task of taking an unruly lawn and making it neat again, calming and somewhat therapeutic.

And much like I love my mowing hardware, I also love having the right tools to get the job done on the inside when the kids have unleashed dinner under the table.

I’ve been a Dyson operator for a number of years. The power and the consistency, with which it is delivered, is without parallel in my eye. But there has been something lacking from my arsenal – a decent hand-held that could be called up at a moment’s notice to rip around the kitchen after the eldest kid has “made” a sandwich or The Stylist has brushed the mane in the bathroom.

The void has been temporarily filled by the power-packed Dyson DC34 Animal.

Named exactly as it should be, it is the hot rod of the dust-buster kingdom.  The DC34 Animal has got grunt, stamina and the perfect array of attachments to help you dominate nooks, crannies, couches and even the backseat of The Stylist’s hard-working car.

Check out the video of the master and the apprentice putting their Dyson tools to work on the weekend. Just like his father, the youngest loves the sight of freshly groomed carpet.

Talking specs, $349 for the DC34 Animal and $299 for the slightly less powerful DC34 are pretty serious price tags for dust busters, but with the fastest, highest power density motor ever developed for a domestic appliance and up to 15 minutes of constant cleaning power, the units are hard-wearing and excellent value if you can find room in the budget.

The Dyson DC34 Animal $349

The Dyson DC34 Animal $349

* Dyson sent the DC34 Animal on loan.  The Dyson accessories kit was won thanks to The Stylist’s sweet dance moves.  Styling You has not been paid for this post.  Full disclosure policy here.


Song of the Month – Last Dinosaurs – Time & Place

I’ve gone local this month with the latest single from exciting Brisbane quartet Last Dinosaurs. Made up of Caskey brothers Sean and Lach, Danjuo Koyama and Sam Gethin-Jones, the band has a similar sound to another favourite group of mine – Ireland’s Two Door Cinema Club. Despite the cool of winter fast approaching, their latest track Time & Place has a poppy summer feel that we can hang on to for a few weeks more.


And while you’re here, you might like to click on the image below and head over and vote for The Stylist.  She’s told me if she wins this that she’ll be working VERY hard all week at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.

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  1. Hello Mr Stylist,
    With a natural aversion to house cleaning, I am having a good hard look in the mirror with your inspirational story of taming the animal. Perhaps you could consider becoming the Anthony Robbins of the male cleaning scene? Motivational CDs, books, and Oprah appearances will surely follow. Or set up a national tour along the lines of the ‘Dyson Whisperer’? Loving your articles, despite my feelings of inadequacy and shame. Thank you. Do you think there is hope for me to become a ‘Born Again Cleaner’?

  2. Is it wrong to be a little turned on by a male speaking of such things? WD had to get involved in some cleaning this week while I was away in Brisbane.

    1. He had to leave $75 out for our cleaner
    2. He had to put some sheets through the washing when 3YO spewed. He put the navy corduroy sheets through with a baby wipe so now they are all fluffy and I am having my own OCD palpitations.

    I think he does it on purpose.

  3. I love my Dyson with an unholy passion. I didn’t know they had a mini one. While the price tag is a bit of an ouch. Actually a huge ouch it would be so brilliant to use wouldn’t it? Nice to meet you Mr Styling You.

    1. It’s actually very useful to have plugged in so the kids can clean up after themselves too. Mr 5 thinks it’s like a gun from Star Wars. Not sure that’s politically correct but under the table gets cleaned up.

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