Is mascara your no.1 makeup must-have?

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I hereby apologise to you, mascara.

You are not my number one. There, I’ve said it. It’s out there.

Mascara you are my no.4. If I didn’t have to play favourites, you would come in a dead heat with concealer, foundation and lip balm in my dessert-island cosmetic must haves. You know that, don’t you?

See, it’s not you; it’s me.

For me, if my complexion is evened out and my lips unchapped, then you are the final quick addition to my minimal look (code for “kids, OMG we need to leave the house, NOW!).

Others out there will give you the love that you deserve. Such mascara devotees are probably not of a *certain age* and have the kind of complexion that doesn’t require any coverage. I have a dim recollection of that being the case for me … A LONG TIME AGO.

Anyways, I’m OK with aging gracefully. Truly. I am.

The eyes have it with a great mascara application

But back to mascara.

I’ve certainly been coating my lashes for too many years than I care to remember and there’s no denying that mascara, applied well, can open up and make your eyes pop but there are more than a few things I’ve learned over the years that I thought I’d share with you in the interest of lovely lashes everywhere.

1. Ditch your mascara three months after opening it. This helps to prevent any eye problems caused by bacteria in the product.

2. Put a little “wiggle” action into your application. Wiggle the wand from right to left at the base of your lashes and wiggle all the way up the lash. It’s the the coating at the base of your lashes that works to make your eyes look more open.

3. Coat the top of your lashes in a down and upwards motion. This will pick up any of the powder from your eye colour that may have settled on your lashes.

4. Wipe your mascara wand on a tissue before applying. This will remove any excess without you wiping it on the side of the mascara tube and possibly risking contamination.

5. Don’t pump the wand in and out of the tube – yep, you got it, you’re just introducing air and you’ll dry out the tube long before its use-by date.

6. Go easy on the bottom lashes, a light coat will suffice, if any at all.

7. Save waterproof mascara for special occasions; long-term use is not good for lash health.

8. Never seem to get on top of the smudge factor? Perhaps consider regular eyelash tinting (I am a fan of Get Threaded‘s coal tar-free formula and application).

And what about how much to spend on a mascara? Especially considering that you’ll be ditching it after three months?

I’m here to give you the green light to go budget on this makeup purchase. Yes, there are some amazing luxe-level mascaras out there (Lancome Hypnose is a long-time fave of mine) but there are some incredible budget friendly ones as well.

New on my budget friendly mascara list is Australis Lash TLC Conditioning Mascara*.

Australis TLC Conditioning Mascara $14.95

The formula is an all-in-one package aimed at increasing volume and length, creating definition and holding curls … all the while strengthening and conditioning.

The conditioning part comes from a power pack of ingredients – vitamins E and B5, a silk powder and a protein containing 18 amino acids and trace elements.

My money is on the Black Curling brush – it’s a no brainer for making those eyes pop.

Stockists: Big W, Kmart, Priceline, Target and selected pharmacies.

* I was sent the new Australis TLC Conditioning Mascara as part of a Beauty Directory blogger trial challenge.

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  1. I’m a bit like you, I only use mascara when I’m really making an effort…. My number one make-up MUST HAVE is blush – without it, I look a bit like a corpse. But a good mascara is a must have when I’m trying to look properly ‘done’, so thanks for the info!

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  2. Mascara = LIFE

    If I dont wear mascara I get variations of the following:

    Did you not sleep last night?
    Are you sick? You look really sick? Have you been to a DR? I think you should stay away from me!
    Go home, you look terrible!
    Are you dying? (my Mum!)

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  3. Thank you Nikki, I did not know about tip 4. Like you, I put mascara at about No.3. I cannot live without my MAC loose powder and consealer. I’m clearly of a *certain age*. As for the lashes, I need to give mine a quick curl first, and since I wear conteact lenses I must use smudgeproof or else I’ll look like a raccoon. It’s harder to find waterproof and smudgeproof now, so perhaps I missed that they aren’t good long term…

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      I think the arrival of kids heralds an obsession with concealer for most mums! If you can do an eyelash tint, I think that would be fantastic for you – then you could do a quick curl and go!

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