Fab Friday style tip: jackets to wear with maxi skirts

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Just when you thought I wasn’t going to mention maxi skirts EVER again (more fool you, Stylers, as I’m OBSESSED), a question pops up in my inbox from the lovely and super stylish Kerri:

“Just hoping you are planning on doing a spot on jackets for winter. I am looking for something I can wear with my numerous maxi skirts (mostly Country Road) and jeans, that I can wear to work but casual enough for shopping/kindy drop off/other Mum duties. I need your help because I have little to no time for trawling the shops and your posts have served me well so far. Love your style and advice.”

Kerri, can I just say that flattery will get you everywhere.


Key styling points:

1.  Always look for balance and contrast in an outfit – so with a maxi skirt, contrast the length and shape of the skirt with a jacket that is the opposite of the skirt length.

2.  Do wear a longer tee or top under the jacket to help create this balance.

3.  Do aim for a jacket that gives you a little shape.  Even if you don’t do it up, the very nature of its styling will work to show us you have shape.  Too long a jacket will make you like more hobo than boho.

4.  I’ve included a mix of options below – don’t be afraid to turn that maxi into an evening or work stunner.

Shopping suggestions:

1.  Morrison Cassano leather jacket $899.  Ok, so this may be a little out of my budget range but a girl’s got to dream and if she’s going to dream then it should be something classic and beautiful like this.

2.  Witchery Cargo jacket $149.95.  This is the perfect weight for wearing as the seasons change and if you’re a Queenslander this is all you’ll need for winter.

3.  Sportsgirl denim jacket $89.95.  Denim works a treat with this look – particularly a patterned maxi skirt.

4.  Jacqui E Leonie bomber jacket $139.95.  A great neutral to add to your outfit for any occasion.

5.  sass & bide commercial love soft tailored jacket $650.  Create a tailored day look with your maxi – the scarf can be worn as a scarf, as a belt or wrapped around as shown.

6.  Country Road fur trim four-pocket parka $249.  This jacket is cotton but fur-trim dresses it up.

7.  Jeanswest aviator jacket $199.99.  If you hadn’t cottoned on as yet, fur trims are huge this season.

8.  Trenery washed linen jacket $149.  Just the right balance of tailoring and casual with this one.

9.  Basque French crepe waterfall jacket $189.  Take your maxi skirt out after dark, simply had heels, a cami, this jacket and a statement necklace.

Like any of these jackets?  Got a style question you’d like answered?  Email me at nikki@stylingyou.com.au

It’s a bloggy-blog world….

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  • Latonya Matthews

    That’s my focus. I just love everything about the way you write about the fash. I would like any of them but wishing for a fairygodmother to deliver the Morrison one! yes, that’s a great one – I hadn’t included as similar to the Witchery one.

  • I notice that most of the jackets that you put up are very structured ones. Would you recommend slouchier jackets with maxi skirts?

    • No, I think you need a jacket that has some shape and balances out the amount of fabric in a maxi skirt. Just my opinion, though 😉

  • Libby

    Hi, I have a question about shoes, I already have the jacket perfected and I loove maxi skirts and dresses ….it’s just with winter coming id love to keep wearing my maxis …but! I’m lost as to what shoes to wear with them. I’m quite slender (actually very slender) so I don’t want to wear wedges that make my feet look bigger than my whole body.
    Do you think ballet flats are a good option??. Omg helpppp!!!!
    I hope someone reads this and replies. :s I really need some advice and inspiration about this dilemma.

  • Andrea

    Thanks for the suggestion. Great Tips. Just bought a nice jacket from Magaschoni. Love it.

  • I’m wearing my maxi skirt today and it’s COLD here in Melbourne, so THANK YOU for putting this post up. Now I know which jacket I can wear with it! 🙂 And thank goodness I do have something similar amongst the ones you’ve recommended!! 🙂

  • Kerri

    Thanks heaps Nikki, exactly what I was after!! I have been eyeing off the Witchery Cargo Jacket for a little while and the others are just delicious (especially the Morrison – I’d have to go back working full-time for that one!!). Like the Sportsgirl demin number too. At least I know I am on the right track.

    • Oh, yes, the Morrison jacket is definitely a dream purchase. Good luck with finding what you’re looking for!

  • Paula

    Hi Nikki, I tried on a Morrison leather vest today (it was $699) that was AWESOME – such soft leather. Want it.
    I’m still unconvinced on maxi skirts for me and my peasant shape… but wanted to tell you my reason for being in Morrison was that I had to pass that shop to get to the beauticians where I bought some Jane Iredale loose powder after your post – and it is awesome!! I have a couple of broken capilleries on my cheeks that I hate, the powder has covered them! Thank you for the recommendation…

    • OMG, I know the vest you are talking about – I’ve only seen a photo of it but yes, I SO want it too, maybe in the butter colour if I’m getting the black leather jacket. LOL.
      And thanks for telling me about the Jane Iredale win – that’s so wonderful to hear. I recommend things because they work for me – and I hope that that’s the case for others too.

  • NIkki, every Friday I come over here an binge read all your posts. I just love everything about the way you write about the fash.

    I haven’t worn a Maxi skirt since my grunge years at uni. I actually think they are the most unflattering things going, but I’m sure your jackets would perk them up!

    My main aim right now is to lose enough weight to be able to buy that Trenery jacket! That’s my focus. Thanks Nikki. x

    • oh, thank-you so much! Yes, definitely agree that a maxi look can look grungy but I’m actually surprised with some of the skirts just how flattering they can be. I’m a size 14-16 and they can work. The jacket (as opposed to a long coat) definitely helps to balance out the long proportions.
      Good luck with your goal – that jacket is a good incentive!

  • drooling over the first jacket – aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! xx

    • Me toooooooo! think that jacket needs an ambassador – or two ambassadors!!

  • I think I have that denim jacket, from Ojay, circa 1999. Might be time to see if it still fits.

    But I also love number 4.

    • that’s exactly why when I do a wardrobe edit with clients I don’t let them throw out a denim jacket – you never know when it will come back.

  • I love jackets my favourite winter clothing! I love number 2 and 8 – stunning!

    • I would like any of them but wishing for a fairygodmother to deliver the Morrison one!

  • manda

    Awesome! Just what I was thinking about the other day. But i’m stuck with tops. I have the ‘ Country Road’ collection and mainly the slimmer styles, and i’m stuck on tops. did i miss the tops post?!

    • Hi manda, I haven’t done a specific tops post but I do mention tops in both maxi skirts posts I did. You want a longer-line tee or top. With the slimmer style skirts, you can add a little volume to your top if you like but still have it coming in and skimming over or belting on the hips. I like the loose-style soft, cotton button-up shirts that around at the moment as well. Add the jacket, and off you go!

  • Sarah

    Thanks Nikki, you and Kerri read my mind. I have been wanting to get a jacket but not sure which way to go and sounds like the life I lead is a similar one to Kerris’! I like the Jacquie one and the Trenery one. Thanks Nikki!

    • Fantastic, Sarah – both those jackets would be so versatile for a polished casual look.

      • Sarah

        Just looking at the Trenery website and there is an awesome one I have found too (you should post it’s pic – (if you want to! haha!) – its the Cotton Utility Jacket $229. Pretty cool too!!

        • yes, that’s a great one – I hadn’t included as similar to the Witchery one. Good to have options!

          • Sarah

            Yes you are right. The Witchery one is also similar to a CR one too. The only thing I thought about the CR & Witchery ones is that they have such big pockets at the front that with big boobs and big pockets might be too much
            🙁 otherwise I love them all!!

            • you’re right about pockets and big boobs! Sometimes is ok if the fabric drapes a little – you won’t know for sure until try on.

  • Mrs Woog

    You are so clever – given me great ideas. thanks Nikki x

    • I think Kerri (who sent in the question) and you are equal in maxi skirt obsession.