Ausblogcon 2011: SEO and blog monetisation

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Yes content is king and building your community is what makes a blog but what if you want to take it to the next step or in another direction?  What if you want attract more traffic to turn your blog into a full or part-time business?

That’s ok, isn’t it?

Remember, whether you go down that path or not is up to YOU.  YOU are the publisher.  YOU can decide where this blogging merry-go-round will take you and whether you want to jump off and ride the roller coaster.

Many blog just for themselves and their readers; many have day jobs and blogging is their hobby; and many others want to turn that hobby into an income.

For the monetisation part to work you need to get the traffic and the community to be a  brands and advertising agencies.

This was a hot topic at the Aussie Bloggers Conference.  About 50 of us were able to get a little bit of an insight into all things SEO and monetisation in a break-out session featuring Kristin Rohan (Sassy SEO) and David Lee (Nuffnang).

Would love to hear your thoughts.



Kristin Rohan – Sassy SEO

Krisin Rohan. Photo:


Bloggers have the opportunity to make a difference in their life and in the life of their followers.  That’s probably the most powerful message that Kristin delivered. She said there were no guarantees about ranking number one on Google (and if anyone tells you they can, run a mile) but that you can create a strategy around the content you create and your community. Having a passion you blog about is what will differentiate you from others; so will knowing who your audience is. “Don’t get caught up in the hype around SEO (search engine optimisation),” she says.

SEO best practices
Create friendly URLs
Include quality, refreshed content
Have a proper home page
Make sure navigation is easy and organised
Include call to actions on pages and posts
Don’t create dead-end pages or posts – lead your readers somewhere.
Be easy to contact
Be a one-stop site for resources
Use video
Link internally

Top SEO mistakes
Including duplicate content/tagging
No vision or long-term strategy
No measurement/analysis/optimisation
No social interaction

How to get traffic
Write quality/passionate content
Put keywords in your title
Just tell me what the article is about in headline – don’t get too clever
Engage with visitors
Comment on other blogs
Use social media
You don’t have to be all things to all people; focus on what you want to be!
Find your passion; be authentic
Care about your community and have confidence in what you offer
Connect and share



Dave Lee – Nuffnang Australia

Nuffnang director David Lee. Photo: Dannimezza

Nuffnang is Asia-Pacific’s first and leading blog advertising community – there are currently 194,861 bloggers in Nuffnang’s Asia-Pacific network.  Nuffnang has also this week started an Aussie Bloggers Forum.

In a nutshell Nuffnang talks to some of Australia’s major brands and companies and connects those company’s advertising campaigns with key Australian bloggers.  Registering with Nuffnang is a simple process, as is adding the advertising widgets to your blog.  If an ad is to be served into that widget you are emailed a few days beforehand and then it loads automatically on the nominated date.  These widgets also track the traffic to your site during an ad campaign and you are paid a commission based on the traffic to your site.  You may also be asked whether you would like to write a sponsored blog post.  This is offered at a set rate.

David said that brands were looking for these key things – audience, how the blog looks, its reach and its engagement with its community – when looking to advertising on blogs.  “A brand is investing in you, they want a return.”

He said the blogger was the publisher.  Similar to a magazine model, a publisher needed to understand who its readers were.  How loyal were they? What brands were those readers interested in?

“We hand pick the bloggers who we think work best for the brands we work with.  With sponsored posts, when a client briefs us, we provide them with a list of bloggers who would best work for that post. Content is up to the blogger but the advertiser will review the draft post for factual content,” said David.

Other ways that your blog can work bring in an income is through the blog being an extension of your brand. That blog brand could be a stepping stone to consulting, books and brand ambassadorships. “The blog is a channel of you and that provides great opportunity beyond the blog,”  he said. “Blog monetisation is the outcome of working with brands. Open your channels up and it opens opportunities.”


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I’m SO grateful for my Aussie Bloggers Conference sponsors


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  1. I’ve gained so much from reading this. I’d already started thinking about where I wanted the blog to go, but this has helped me further in that process. Thanks for posting this. Just fantastic! 🙂

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  2. Since this session I have started to give some thought to where I want my blog to be in 2 years. No definite answers yet, but it is certainly a question I am going to work through. Great notes Nikki!

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