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There’s a definite air of excitement in the room. A bit giggly; a bit tired an emotional (oh, maybe that’s just me from a few too many welcome drinks last night?); a bit nervy.

But the overwhelming emotion is passion.

For that’s what has brought us here from all corners of Australia (and one corner of the US). A passion that is so strong, we have to write about it. And write about it we do.

We are bloggers.


Moderator: Karen Andrews – Miscellaneous Mum
Kimberley Santos – Pop-Couture
Liss Klemke – Frills in the Hills
Corrie Sebire – Retromummy
Megan Blandford – Writing Out Loud

From left: Megan Blandford (Writing Out Loud); Kimberley Santos (Pop-Couture); Corrie Sebire (Retro Mummy); Liss Klemke (Frills in the Hills); Karen Andrews (Misc Mum)

Content is king

Once you know your readers you know what to write. Every time you write a blog post, think will someone coming to my blog for the first time like this post.

Do you write for yourself or your audience?

LK: It’s like I’m writing at my kitchen table with my girlfriends sitting around for a chat. So I’m primarily writing for me.

MB: Personal blogging can be harder. You might have limits on what you want to reveal.


LK: I want to keep it real. I share the naughty bits my kids do as well as the good bits.

MB: You can get a bit obsessive about who’s following and who’s not. It takes time away from my blogging.

PR and bloggers

CS: You have to think what are you going to get out of it? I’m feeling a bit used. They deliver to my door. They sent garbage bags. Why would I want to blog on garbage bags?

KS: You have to decide what your blog is about. Don’t accept something free for the sake of it. It’s nice to be offered. It’s flattering that they think I’m of influence.

LK: Make sure you’ve got enough content to support the reviews. Take topics and write about genuinely. Nobody wants to read a media release.

MB: There are a lot opportunities out there. It’s about balance.

LK: You are the publisher. You’ve got the right to say no, I don’t want to publish.

MB: If you ask for it then yes you are putting an obligation out there.


CS: I can get up to 800 entries. These are prizes from my own store. It costs me but is worth it for the readers.

Your Brand

CS: I know what my readers love, what they come to see. I don’t look at other blogs and think I want to look like that. Original photos make your blog look better.

LK: 30% of my search traffic is for Frills in the Hills. There is no way I can change that (name/brand) now.

MB: I’ve been blogging for a year and it does take a bit of time to find what your brand is.

LK: Some of my images were being lifted and used on an Indian blog. I started watermarking and selling second publishing rights to my recipes – it is part of your brand. If you have modified something it’s good etiquette to acknowledge that. Australians are fantastic at that – it usually happens offshore.

KS: It’s really creepy to think someone could copy and paste.

CS: With craft, bloggers will spot them out because of the network of (craft) blogs.

LK: Take inspiration from other blogs, just don’t copy.

MB: To me, voice is everything. I tend to write the way I speak.

LK: People say to me, you’re just like your blog.

CS: When people email you personally, you know you must be doing the right thing.

Frequency of posting

MB: I’ve found my blog has grown more now that I only write when I’ve got something to say.

CS: I’ve got readers who say they like to read my blog when I get to work. I have posts saved for those days.

LK: I used to post seven days a week. Now I give myself Saturday off. I post plan. When something comes to mind, jot it down.

KS: I like write when the urge takes me.


CS: I can’t keep up. I know my regulars. I try to notice them and email once a month.

LK: Once upon a time all my readers were bloggers; now about 30% are non-bloggers. If they’ve got a question, I’ll answer them.

Future of blogging

LK: I think it’s going to become more corporate and a bit cut-throat.

KS: It’s not a hindrance any more to be based in Australia.


LK: I’d rather have no advertising than just any advertisement. Someone said to me try and make money because of your blog. I continue to blog because I love it.


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I’m SO grateful for my Aussie Bloggers Conference sponsors


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      I agree, Karen. It was the perfect starting point for ABC – and a great platform for future years to have a two-day event and more break-out sessions for people wanting advanced and technical information.

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      Hi Kellie, I thought there would be lots of bloggers out there in the same boat. I’ve got one more to post on social media (the panel I was on and couldn’t take notes at the same time!). Will be up tomorrow. Nikki

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