This week I’m grateful* … that I don’t have Jen’s hair

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Lordy, I know the celebs of this world are used to having paparazzi thrust their long lenses in their face whenever they scratch their head (or worse) but I do feel a little bit sorry for Jennifer Aniston. Ok, I’ve been on Team Jen since Brad ran off with Ange and grew that disgusting beard but I’ve really felt for her this week.

Her hair – or specifically her haircut – has made headlines around the world.

The poor girl stepped out on to a red carpet in Madrid and suddenly it was all about her new bob – or should that be “Job”.  I couldn’t tell you which movie she was promoting as it was all about the hair.

Jen Aniston's new hairdo - the "job"

The fascination with Jen’s hair goes back to Friends and  “The Rachel” – the cut we all had to have in the ’90s and couldn’t really copy at home because straightening irons hadn’t been invented and hair stylists don’t tend to do home visits (unless you are Jen!) to blow dry your hair every morning.

The Rachel

My attempt at the Rachel was so dismal I had it all cut off into “the Gwyneth” (Sliding Doors).

I'm so Gwyneth, aren't I?

I’m am a celebrity hair tragic.

My hair stylist of the past six years just laughs and rolls her eyes when I come in waving around a glossy mag, talking a million miles a minute about a new celebrity do I’d like to try.

To her credit, she did humour me with a blonde version of Mrs Beckham’s “pob” a few years ago.

Haven't quite got the pout down pat ... but just call me Vicki

But my attempts to look like Reese Witherspoon with flicky, long flowing locks didn’t quite make the Legally Blonde grade.

Through all chopping and changing and playing roulette with celebrity hair, I’m grateful for one thing: that I am in no danger of anyone giving two hoots about my hair … even my husband doesn’t notice if I’ve been to the salon.

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  1. Love this grateful. You are infectious.
    I chop and change my hair quite a bit too, but never a celebrity do. If I attempted it would certainly be a celebrity don’t.
    And thanks to your comp, I am now lusting after a Mimco handbag. I went to their store in Chadstone yesterday and lingered a little too long … *sigh*

  2. I have loooong, ringlety red hair. Lovely, but same, same my whole life. Dullsville. So, I care not.

    Worse than Jen getting her hair papped every five seconds is this comment I’m about to make: she looks her age in that ‘new hair’ pic. Oh yes, every decade.


    1. Oh, sounds like very gorgeous hair – at least you haven’t followed Nicole K’s every hair change!

      and re Jen’s age, she’s two years younger than me – I think it’s the sun worshipping that has done it. I wouldn’t mind her body though – I didn’t even have that at 20!

  3. This is soooo funny! i too did the
    Rachel and the Gwyneth… and failed dismally at both. The last time I went to the hairdresser I was toting a picture of Hiedi Klum with me. Hair Tragic’s Unite!!!

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  4. love your pob – soooo much nicer than victoria’s (actually might just take that pic along to the hairdresser and copy it! (either that or an emma watson and get the lot chopped off!!)
    have a great weekend

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  5. I don’t mind Jen’s new hair, the makeup looks bad though, too harsh for me.

    I too like your pob! I also did the Gwyneth, the Rachel, way back the Lady Di… This winter I’m trying to do a slightly shorter version of the tousled Elle MacPherson on a school run hair. Need aviators. Also need skinny legs!

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  6. I bet there are days when La Aniston wishes she could just plonk on a hat and be done with her famous locks.

    As for me, I’m off to give my locks a much needed deep conditioning treatment – oh how I love the weekend!

    Felicity x

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  7. I’m a bit obsessed with Jen’s new do, I have to confess! As soon as I saw it, I started wondering if I could pull it off… I’m too chicken to try the POB. I did attempt the Gwyneth Sliding Doors look but it made me look like an Oompa Loompa… I think you manage to rock all those styles!

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