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It was not so long ago that the realm of organic and natural skincare was considered alternative at best, hippy at worst.

Potentially great products were lost in a sea of slick marketing by skincare companies with budgets to burn.  But then a strange thing happened.

A change in consciousness among consumers created a demand for effective skincare products that not only produce results but also looked great in your beauty cabinet (I know it’s superficial of me but I like nice things … so sue me). The big companies started to take notice.  Now, the choice in the organic, chemical-free and natural skincare market is growing exponentially.

No matter what your budget, there is a range and a product to suit.

Australian company Sodashi leads the way at the premium end of the market, I love Twenty8 and can’t live without my Lanolips lip and hand products.  And there are many, many more in between.  A visit to online beauty site, Adore Beauty, lists about 50 brands in the organic/natural category.

“We’ve classified Natural beauty products as having plant-based active ingredients, using the powers of nature to treat your skin.  Certified Organic beauty products must have at least 95% organic content, and have a certification from an organisation such as Ecocert, USDA or ACO,” says the site.

This week worldwide beauty retailer The Body Shop joins the certified organic foray with its Nutriganics range.  Consideration of all things green, community and fair trade have long been hallmarks of this brand – and other products have included organic ingredients – but this range is the first to have ECOCERT certification.

The range aimed at the anti-ageing market includes seven facial care products priced in the $30-45 bracket.  So not supermarket prices – but nowhere near the realms of salon/spa prices.  Importantly, the products work.  I’m a big fan of the Foaming Facial Wash.  I love the texture of a foaming cleanser but generally am concerned about the “added extras” usually included to make it foam up.  This one’s a winner.

The Body Shop's new certified organic Nutriganics range, priced from $30.95

Also on my green radar at the moment is Pure and Green Organics – every product is ACO certified and the company’s packaging is the first skincare company receive Planet Ark endorsement.

To gain Planet Ark endorsement Pure & Green Organics had its beauty products evaluated against four criteria – their environmental impact, health, quality and cost. Products were assessed to ensure that they do not contain synthetics or petrochemicals, have the highest quality ingredients, offer value for money and that their use reduces environmental impact compared to alternatives.

“Our aim is to create one of the world’s most sustainable, truly organic beauty brands. Both the ACO bud logo and our new Planet Ark endorsement shows that we have become pioneers in the cosmetics industry,” says founder Grace Culhaci.

The products behind these endorsements also offer good skincare options – pay from $9.95 for a cleansing moisture bar (love the Lavender) through to $69.95 for the rejuvenate night cream, which is so worth every cent for the radiance it delivers to tired and dull skin.

pure and green organics certified organic cleansing moisture bar $9.95

So, spill, do you like your skincare to be on the natural and organic side?  What’s your favourite brand or product?

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  1. I use – and am addicted to – SOE Biocosmetic energetic skin care! If you haven’t tried it, or heard of it, you must!!

    It works on the emotional cause and incorrectly functioning organs that are the real issue behind your skin concerns i.e. dry, combination, sensitive to be a truly holistic whole-body tonic!!

    Honestly guys, this stuff is cutting edge and it works unbelievably well…you actually FEEL different emotionally when you use it! I use the combination skin line ‘Perba'(which stands for Perfect Balance, I’m told!). It smells *heavenly*, I am SO addicted to the gorgeous natural scent of all the products. This skin care has completely changed the look of my skin and I definitely feel more emotionally balanced as well (everyone has commented there is ‘something different’ about me)…so it actually does what it claims to do!

    I am so happy with it and don’t EVER want to change to anything else. Highly, highly, highly recommended. You can buy their products on their website They make a range for every skin type, including a men’s range and a 24 Carat gold line, with, yes, REAL 24K Gold in it! How cool is that?!

    You will not be disappointed if you try it! These guys are definitely onto something BIG…

    Has anyone else tried it??

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  2. Hello, I’d like to sue you for liking nice things. Yeah, I have that same weakness, I like bottles that look nice in my bathroom (and kitchen, btw). Confession: I have a natural soap fetish. You know those hard-milled soaps (like the ones pictured above)? That’s all I use. I obsess over them. It’s my little extravagance.

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  3. I’ve just been on a little wander through the new DJs in my neighbourhood that opened on the weekend, they have a lot of Miranda Kerr’s Kora range which I haven’t seen before, and a whole section of organic beauty.

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