Oscars 2011: Why Scarlett, Gwyneth and Cate got my vote?

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My Monday mornings are not pretty.  That was rammed home even more so today as I sat down in front of my computer after the school and grocery run, makeup-less and freshly washed hair still dripping, to watch THE red carpet ceremony of the year taking place on the other side of the world.

Geez, in comparison, everybody looked so damn glam.

But being who I am and my obsession for all things fashion and beauty and all that, I had to cast this “stylists-on-tap” veneer aside and take a good look at the nity gritty of the Oscars 2011 red carpet offerings.

So, what floats my boat?

1.  Originality

2.  Personality

3.  A wow factor

Which is why my top three 2011 Oscars Red Carpet awards go to:  Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cate Blanchett.

Each of these gorgeous women mixed it up a little.  They owned their style and stood out in a sea of long, strapless, fish-tailed gowns (I’m talking to you Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry … yes your gowns are BEAUTIFUL but it gets a little on the boring side when you see so many of them and you offer up the same look every time).

Scarlett Johansson in Dolce and Gabbana. Photo: wikifashion

ScarJo worked two trends of the night – lace and a raspberry/wine colour.  I love that she balanced out a prim and proper neckline with bed hair and smokey eyes.  SEXAAAY. Bet her ex is kicking himself.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein. Photo: wikifashion

Oh, Gwyneth, you may not have given us anything new with the hairdo but, va va vavoom, your frock looks amazeballs.  This gold metalic Calvin Klein sheath is right on trend for this year’s minimalism fashion trend – unfortunately on me it would only wrap around one of my thighs but I’m happy for you.  Really, I am. Beauty note:  that perfect, light tan’s she’s rocking is St Tropez (applied by New York make up artist Leslie Lopez), no hint of tangerine no siree.

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy. Photo: wikifashion

Cate, oh, Cate you always push the red carpet fashion boundaries … in a good way.  Now, this frock isn’t for everyone and will divide those chatting over the office watercooler but on Cate it works because it offers equal parts demure, detail and difference.


Flick that pony

I know it’s the Mad Men obsession in me but I really was loving the ponies that Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon were rocking.  Lots of height – and in Reese’s case probably a hair extension piece thrown in for good measure.

Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman rock a ’60s inspired pony tail


Heavenly glow

Pregnant Natalie Portman has a glow that even the world’s most skilled makeup artist couldn’t replicate. And, Michelle Williams, if you were in reaching distance, I’d be stroking your uber-luminous cheeks much like I was doing to my cousin’s three-month old baby yesterday.

If only you could bottle the glow of Michelle Williams and Natalie Portman


But before I go I just want to leave you with a little something.  Penelope Cruz … yes, you are looking hot after giving birth last month AND having Javier Bardem as your handbag will always be a redeeming feature but I’m a little concerned about the beaded pattern on your dress.  I seems to radiate out from your vajayjay. Just saying.

Penelope Cruz with Javier Bardem. Pen, I’m concerned at the pattern radiating from your vajayjay

What was your pick for best-dressed at the Oscars?  And who didn’t do it for you?  Spill.  I want to know.

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  1. Gwyneth was hands down my fave too I loved her dress her skin all of it, loved the blue dress that Mandy Moore wore on-stage to sing that colour! And Helen Mirren was just so perfect as always

    Was not a fan of Scarlet I thought she had gone to the Cameron Diaz school of greasy hair and smudged eyes… I had the exact same thought about Pene.. perhaps it was a shout out to her womb and the wonderful child that sprang from it? I don’t know she did just glow.

    And even though I love Michelle W and agree her face was divine the dress left me cold I guess I am still in love with her yellow Vera Wang. Which I think was the greatest Oscars dress of all time.

    ahem sorry for the essay.

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      Love a comment essay when discussing Oscar frocks. Can I just say, you are so spot on with that Michelle W Vera Wang dress.
      With the whole messy hair, smokey eye thing – it’s either a love or hate thing. I liked it because it was different but realise it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

  2. I love Scarlett’s dress. Michelle WIlliams was a standout for me too, she looked radiant.

    Did not like Gwyneth, she looked a little too LA soap opera glam for my liking (I think the combo of her make up, hair and dress colour). Her face looked washed ou.

    At first I liked Cate’s dress but the more I looked at it, the more I kept thinking she had a bad case of warts.

  3. I loved Michelle Williams! I thought it was so simple and so classy. She is just heaven on a red carpet! I have to say ScarJo looked hot-to-trot too. She can really do no wrong that woman. Jealous! x

  4. I thought Scarlett looked AMAZING…the colour of that dress was just gorgeous and her make up was so sexy.

    The comment about Pen Cruz’s vajayjay made me spit my coffee out on my laptop!

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      Bianca, I also liked those. Really liked the frock Florence was wearing when she sang for 1 min on stage (may have only been one minute but I still had goose bumps … I think I’d turn for Florence … as long as she sang every night).

  5. G-Trow rocked the socks off me. Loved Cate and the colour on Scarlett was devine. I am all over your choices oh stylish one xo

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  6. For me this year it was all about the hair rather than the dress.

    Love love loved Cate B do.

    And equally love love love Michelle Williams. To me it didn’t matter what they wore it was all about the hair.

    p.s on the fence about Cate’s dress, neither loved or hated it.

    Though I do have a bigger crush on James Franco now. I think he and Anne did a fab job hosting.

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  7. Well i beat you on the non glam – went to the gym for 6a.m. session & came home looking wrecked, but had a photo shoot for the newspaper so left for the school run looking great. Not the same story on the days when i gym at 9.30!!
    Oscars – Cate Blanchett, hands down, who can pull off that amazing style, honestly, she’s perfection, the dress is interesting, love that possibly ONLY she could wear it, just makes her even better!!
    Love Posie

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  8. Thought Scarlett’s makeup was amazing, just stunning.

    Lots of beautiful, yet boring frocks – even Helena was same-smae – for her, that is!

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      1. I loved it too but I thought it was one of Lulu Guiness’s fan clutch purses I have always wanted one of them they are to die for…

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  9. Scarlett and Cate are my top picks. Gwyneth just looks like her boring old self. What is it about her that makes everything sexy turn to meh? That dress on Scarlett would have blown us off the red carpet! x

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  10. Snap, Scarlett, Cate and Gwyneth are my three favourites this year as well, I have to admit as well that I do love Nicole Kidman’s dress although white is hard to pull off.

    1. You know, I didn’t like Nic’s dress on the red carpet (I thought she looked like she’d spilt wine on her white column dress so grabbed a table runner and wrapped it around her waist.) Then she walked out on stage and the extra volume the skirt has really changed my mind I think it worked beautifully..

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  11. I loved ScarJo. I didn’t see the start, was watching Vampire Diaries.

    I am not fan of Cate’s dress and tweeted it. I love the colour and her hair. I’m just not “into” the dress. But that’s okay, would be boring if everyone had the same taste.

    I haven’t really seen any others, I started watching when Reese was announcing. I loved her dress, but is very simple.

    Will continue to keep an eye out x

    ps. Loving pony tails at the moment. Especially side pony tails.

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      It certainly would be very boring if we liked the same. Style should be a personal thing – and not just what the “masses” say we should like. Yes, Reese’s dress was simple but loved her hair.

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