Is your makeup paparazzi perfect?

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There is no escaping being photographed these days.  You don’t need to be Lindsay Lohan or Victoria Beckham to have your mug (or worse!) papped.

Heading out to lunch?  Someone’s bound to whip out their iPhone.  Drinking and dancing?  Snap.

Don’t you just hate those people?

Well *ahhem* yes, I may be guilty of being one of THOSE people.  I could blame my need to document every part of my life on this blog or Facebook but I’ll let you in on my little secret … I figure that if I’m the one taking charge behind the camera, there’s bound to be less incriminating shots of myself.  True.

So, consider this post a little bit of a community service.  If you end up in one of my photos, you can no longer blame me for how those sneaky, high-definition cameras pick up every little line and spot.

You see, the makeup industry has had to play catch-up with technology.  Where once it was all about “caking” it on to achieve a seemingly flawless look on camera, now it’s all about products with light reflecting properties.  Yes, Stylers, with the right products you can actually “Photoshop” yourself before you even leave home.

And the really great news?  You don’t have to bust your beauty budget to get the flawless look.

Australis is set to release its Paparazzi Perfect high definition to the market in April and I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview in Sydney a couple of weeks ago.

Tahyna Tozzi for Australis ... definitely paparazzi perfect

“We have worked hard to create a range that not only provides a high definition finish for all situations but at a price that every Australia girl and woman can afford,”  says Australis.

The range includes four key products:  complexion balancing foundation ($19.95); flawless tinted moisturiser ($15.95); pearlescent eyeshadows (five colour-palettes $15.95);  and multi-coloured blush ($12.95).

Australis Paparazzi Perfect shadows $15.95

“I love it!  The foundation and tinted moisturiser are amazing.  I cannot believe that it’s taken this long for a foundation to be made for behind the camera and still looks flawless and perfect face to face.  Loving the eyeshadows and blush.  this range is all about colour, it’s fun … and it’s bang on trend!” Chantelle Baker, makeup artist

Australis Paparazzi Perfect foundation $12.95 and tinted moisturiser $15.95

How to create the look?

The end result: a dramatic eye on a camera-ready canvas

About the launch

* guests were sent an SD card before the event and on arrival handed a gift bag including the new range of products plus a pink Panasonic Lumix camera, in which to put the card. (Note how sharp these photos are … that’s all Lumix … and yes, I’ve become even more snap happy.  Watch out!)

* The “photo” theme extended to the location – The Camera Club at the Beach Road Hotel, Bondi – as well as use of the on-site photo booth and some “how to pose” tips from a professional photographer Esteban La Tessa

*  Vodka and cranberry juice went down very nicely as we watched makeup artist Chantelle Baker create a pap-perfect look on Australis celebrity spokesperson Tahyna Tozzi

The Camera Club at The Beach Road Hotel, Bondi, provided the camera-ready back drop for this launch

The Australis Paparazzi Perfect collection will be available from April.

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  1. This reminds me of a faze in the early 90s when we had heaps of photos before going out to parties and one hot summer all the photos (processed on film) we all came out looking sickly pale, the make up all very odd.

    It was the reaction to the flash from whatever is in the suncream.


    Thank goodness we have moved on.

    I can never get my eyes to look like that, but happy for the make up artists to do their thing!

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