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I am the cliched time-poor mum who juggles kids with a solo, work-from-home business.  And that business is all about helping others look and feel their best, so (most days) I have to actually put my money where my mouth is … and look the part.

Now, this doesn’t mean I allocate hours and hours to personal grooming – I simply don’t have that luxury.

What it does mean is that I have become quite adept at hunting down and sniffing out any and every possible time-saving beauty treatment and product around.

Anything that can save me precious minutes in the morning – or the evening if I’m off to a function – gets a big, fat tick in my Lazy-Ass Beauty Book (LABB).

Now if only I could pull of this look every day

So what’s in my LABB?

1.  CND Shellac (I’ve blabbed on enough about this two-week manicure they should make me their spokesperson)

2.  Jane Iredale PurePressed mineral makeup (a few swishes and I’ve got flawless, even skin tone)

3.  Get Threaded eyebrow threading (if the brows are in shape you can get away with all manner of makeup sins)

4.  Lanolips Lip balm (anything with a slight tint is applicable without a mirror, right?)

5.  Styling irons (seriously, what DID we do without them?)

6.  Dry shampoo (when I just want to get one more day out of a blow wave)

The LABB is an open-ended and easily updated publication.  And, just as well, as I have a new and very deserved addition.

The Brazilian Cacau Keratin Treatment

Yes, that’s right.  I got a Brazilian … on my head.

Just clarifying, no I don’t have a bald head or a landing strip … I have keratin-treated hair that feels like it went to Fat Camp. My hair is shiny, swishy and incredibly manageable.  It’s like someone pulled the boofiness switch on it.

If all this is sounding familiar then you may remember the Global Keratin Treatment I had about 12 months ago … which I loved … but there is a very big difference between these two treatments.

Unlike the GK treatment where you have to wait 72 hours to do anything with your hair, with the Brazilian Cacau, you can walk out of the salon with any style you like (sexy, toussled curls? yes please), you can put your sunnies on your head and even wear your hair up. It won’t effect the long-term result.

It’s been two weeks since my hair was introduced to Cacau at Suite Three Hair *and can I just say that I’m one very happy camper.

The before and after photos tell the story, Stylers.

If I just leave my hair to dry in 90% humidity, it is frizz-free and acceptable (the neat freak in my likes to do a quick run through with my styling irons).  But that is all. How cool is that?

By now, I’m guessing you’re wondering about how long I had to spend in the salon chair.  I have long, thick hair and it was three hours tops (about the same amount of time it takes for me to have a cut, colour and style).

The process

1.  Wash to remove residue

2.  Dry off hair to 80%

3.  Apply the keratin product (which is formaldehyde free) to super fine sections of the hair

4.  Blow-dry with a ceramic brush

5.  Iron each section 10 times at 200 degrees

6.  Rinse

7.  Apply deep conditioning mask for five minutes, rinse

8.  Style as preferred

The result

At this time of year, due to my aversion to all things hot and humid, my hair is usually whipped up into a ponytail (now THAT’S lazy ass) but NOW because the hard work’s been done, I’m actually wearing and styling my hair down. If I want it to be perfect, it takes me about five minutes to blow dry and then another five to iron.

And you know what they say, once you’ve tried Brazilian …  you never go back.

*Nikki Parkinson was a guest of Suite Three Hair for this treatment.  Cost is priced from $120 per hour, with most hair taking 2.5-3 hours.  Take home shampoo and conditioner is included on treatment costs of $300 and more.  The treatment should last three to four months. Ph 07 5445 6700 for more details.


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  1. Hi Nikki

    I know that you posted this a long time ago but I wanted to ask you since it’s been years since you did the treatment, did you face any problems with ur hair on the long term? Was it damaged because of the treatment?

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  2. Hi Nikki,

    I have been researching the Brazilian keratin treatment for a few days now as I am considering getting it done. I was originally looking into a DIY one because the salon price seems quite expensive. Although, there is a lot of mixed feedback about the DIY treatments so I would rather be safe than sorry and go to a salon. Are you able to tell me if you know the best and most reasonably priced place to get the treatment done? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  3. I read you article about the Global Keratin treatment. I just got one and am in the 72 hour wait. Global Kertain does have formaldehyde but not as much as the Brazilian Blow-Out. I did lots of research before choosing a Keratin product. Point is that you can’t get the straight results without formaldehyde. GK has 1 to 5% depending on the product you choose while the Brazilian CaCau is the same formula as Brazilian blow-out and has about 12%.

    1. Thanks for letting my readers know – do you have a website with this information about the Brazilian Cacau – as I was told that it was formaldehyde free. It didn’t straighten my hair, just relaxed the wave and took out the frizz and some volume.

  4. gosh I always have such issues with my hair. Especially in Queensland summer. What I would do without a straightener I don’t know! But now I totally want a Brazilian head… x

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  5. You’re the first person I know (well, kind of know) to have a Brazilian blow-dry. I’ve been wondering about them, and the proof is in your photos. AMAZING.

    PS: I love my dry-hair shampoo too. Along with the GHD, it is the best invention ever. Who needs the wheel anyway?

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  6. Hi Nikki…. I know you’re not a hairdresser…but a question anyways! Instead of ironing your hair straight, what would happen if they ghd curled it instead? Pretty long lasting curls?

    Love your blog xx

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      Hi Amanda, unfortunately it wouldn’t work as you wouldn’t be able to iron in exactly the same place each time you went over the curl. What this treatment does, however, is create that clean canvas at the end (without it being poker straight), so that you can create curls without frizz. Sorry, they DO need to come up with something for curls, don’t they?

  7. Your hair looks great!
    I have fine, wavy hair prone to frizziness, same length as yours, do you think this would work for me? I use a hair straightener and Moroccan Oil to tame the frizz but its not perfect…

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      Hi Paula … thanks! you won’t get perfection but you will get hair that requires minimal styling to get perfection. I run the irons through mine – takes about 5 minutes where previously would have been 10-15 minutes. It’s been a treat in this hot, humid weather too.

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