Four “cheeky” products that will help you get your glow on

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I’ve been guilty in my makeup past of neglecting my cheeks.  I’ve paid a lot of attention to my eyes, more recently to my brows, and forever and ever to my lips.

But to my cheeks, I say sorry.

Thanks to some timely lessons at Benefit, Smashbox and Illamasqua, they are no longer neglected. 

No more do I swish around a bit of bronzer in the hope that I look younger and vaguely gorgeous.  No.

At my finger (or should I say, brush) tips are two or three products I now can’t leave the house without applying.

The very minimum includes a blush and a highlighter.  So this doesn’t all end up looking like a dirty mess, the application is important.  Blush goes on first on the apples of my cheeks;  next comes highlighter from the temples down. 

And next thing you know I’m channelling Kristen Bell or Cameron Diaz. Well, in my very active imagination.

These three products are my current “cheeky” faves:

1.  Smashbox In Bloom Cheek Duo ($34.95).  This product will hit the counter at Kit Cosmetics on February 21 as part of the In Bloom collection.   It’s a creamy blush duo (blushing soft pink and peony bright pink) that offers two shades designed to create a sheer, natural flush.  Use each colour separately or swish a brush over both.  Oh and it’s perfect on lips too.

2.  Ere Perez Natural Vanilla Highlighter $28.90. Now, this is also a multi-purpose product.  I use it at the top of my cheekbones around the temples as highlighter.  It smells SO good and also works to give an iridescent glow to eyes, lips and the décolletage.  Mix it with a facial moisturiser to create a soft all-over look.  Whatever way you use it, the overall effect is a more youthful look.  And I like that very much, thank-you.

3.  Clarins Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour in Rose Wood $60.  This is product is part of the Neo Pastel Collection available on February 21 (at leading department stores, Clarins Gold salons, select pharmacies and retails specialists, and at  It’s a soft mineral powder that you can blend as one or use a smaller brush to use the different colours to contour and highlight.   It includes light optimisers to create a soft, illuminated pink glow.

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  1. OOOoooh! Good post! I’m obsessed with finding a perfect cheek product. I’m wary of anything that makes me look like a clown with 2 red dots on my cheeks! That smashbox looks kinda gorgeous!

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  2. Ah, you have just TOTALLY reminded me to replace my lost-in-Vegas Ere Perez lipliner (hope it’s having a fun time without me!). Thanks! PS: Loving the new Wibiya tool bar!

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