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How good are fresh sheets?  I especially like fresh, crisp sheets in a hotel room but given that that is not a regular ocurrance, I settle for the small luxury of having nice sheets at home.

I spend a lot of quality time in bed (reading, people!) and there is seriously nothing quite like the feeling of a freshly made bed.  And when that freshly made bed is with quality, high-thread count sheets, then I’m in heaven.  It’s the ultimate STAYcation.

So you can imagine my excitement to learn I could just jump online and create my own designer bed courtesy of Pop by Sheridan

Pop by Sheridan Taku collection

It works a little something like this:

1.  Choose your bed size.

2.  Choose what sheets, pillows your want … or the whole box and dice.

3.  Choose from designs in about 40 variations of colour and graphics … from from polka dots and stripes to tribal and floral prints in bright, fun colours.  (It’s all 250 thread count.)

4.  Have fun playing around online with different combinations. You will feel like an interior designer.  It’s the ultimate try before you buy.

Prices start from $57.95 for Queen Bed Sheets and $109.95 for Queen Bed Quilt covers.

One Styling You reader has a chance to WIN a Pop by Sheridan quilt cover and two pillow cases of their choice.  Simply head over to Pop by Sheridan, choose your favourite designs and come back here to let me know in the comments below what your choice is and why you need new sheets

THIS competition has now closed. The winner is: Melissa Walker Horn, QLD

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  1. I only use Sheridan as there so smooth against my skin but they have to last for years so get thin between buys.

    Keiko Quilt Cover king size so hubby doesn’t take all the cover.
    queen Ronin-Citrus fitted sheet
    queen Ronin-Leaf flat sheet
    Ronin standard pillow cases in Citrus,Poppy, keiko and Leaf

  2. For my teenage son, I found an EXCELLENT design for his king single bed – a sort of camouflage quilt cover & standard pillowcase, with cobalt blue fitted sheet & European pillowcase. I love the way it looked for a very reasonable $187.80, and when I found out the quilt cover design is called YOSHI, I loved it even more!! My son’s nickname is Yoshi!!

    Enough masculinity to please hubby
    with a hint of feminity..
    It looks so inviting
    I just want to jump in !

  4. We have 3 girls under 3, I think my husband might be just a little over the pink in our house so to please him (and hope he will agree to #4) I chose..

    JIRO PILLOW CASES European Jiro-Cobalt
    JIRO PILLOW CASES Standard Jiro-Cobalt

    We have a king bed to fit us all but nothing matches as I’ve always just gotten what’s the cheapest I could find when we wear something out.
    With this bed set I could imagine Sunday morning cuddles with all 5 of us in our bed ♥

  5. King Single Bed
    Marone Quilt Cover
    Dark Blue Fitted Sheet
    Light Blue Flat Sheet
    Marone Standard Pillow
    Marone and white spotted European Pillow

    Souds a bit iffy for a male but try the combination – i think it looks great and only $235 mmm

  6. My bedroom linen is looking dreary,
    Tired and tacky, it makes me weary,
    The outdated look is older than me,
    Time to modernise, asap!!

    A new modern, light and fresh design,
    Will make my bedroom look divine,
    Crisp, quality linen from Sheridan,
    Is even going to impress my man.

    Patterned, striped, spotted and plain,
    Never again will I complain,
    A look I’ll love, wont really date,
    Sheridan will make my room look great.

  7. My sheets are over ten years old!
    An absolute eyesore to behold!
    Some new ones would freshen up the bed
    Improving my mood it must be said!
    Ronin and Jiro are my favorite designs
    The color and patterns I find divine
    So POP some in the post if you’ll please
    I’d be delighted! Oh please don’t tease…!

  8. I just love the red and white polkadots and stripes. They will go beautifully in my newly renovated white bedroom. There is nothing nicer than new bed linen, pity I can’t remember the last time I had some. Would I kill for – Mmmmmmmmm maybe!

  9. Queen bed
    Jiro – Black Quilt cover
    Ronin white fitted and flat sheets
    Jiro pillow cases x2 standard black
    Ronin pillow cases white x 2 standard
    Jiro Pillow cases x 2 European x2 Charcol

    The things i love about bed linen

    freshly made bed
    quality high-thread count sheets

    The things i love about Sheridan bed linen

    freshly made bed
    quality high-thread count sheets

    Sheridan would complete my ideal bed setting.

  10. some Taku pillows and a cover
    hot red ronin sheets for my lover
    so delicious to spice’n up our mood
    and perfect soft for rollin around in the nude!

  11. Quilt cover of red and black.
    Sheets one red, one white.
    Euros are red, pillows red and white stripe.
    All laid out on a bed that is queen.
    Now I’m feeling a little green (with envy)
    That I can’t “add to cart”.
    Credit card’s already off the chart.
    My old sheets are starting to shred
    But Sheridan would look perfect on my bed.

  12. Start with a luxurious Queen bed
    somethere relaxing to lay my head.
    Hubby prefers something not too girly
    Makoto quilt cover has colour but nothing swirly.

    Making the bed needs to be quick
    I’ll give the flat sheets a flick.
    Rich red Ronan pillows add something bright
    Striped European Taku pillows fit just right.

    Finish off with a fitted sheet in red
    never seen a nicer design on our bed.
    Everytime I see our fabulous decor
    I’ll be wanting to jump in and sleep some more.

    POP definitely adds some spice
    while soft on my skin, extra nice.
    No more shaving my legs on my pilled sheets
    Sheridan’s quality just can’t be beat.

  13. I would love the Keiko print Quilt cover in Queen, the pillowcases to match and Ronin Fitted and flat sheets in between. My obsession is bed linen if you looked in my cupboard you would see, to add to the collection would fill me with glee.

  14. I would love to dress my bed up with the Taku quilt cover and pillow cases and the Roonin sheet set-it would make the little time I spend there so much nicer!

  15. If push comes to shove.
    It’s “Sweet Dreams” I love.
    It’s unique.
    It’s chic.
    Would make my bedroom complete.
    With a style that I seek.

  16. Pretty in pink with Ren
    no more “no name brand”
    no scratchy sleeps, just perfect quality
    one to be proud of
    not to shut the door on

  17. I like the Haru-Musk, I love polkadots and we would love a new collection of sheets, quilt cover and pillow cases because with myself, hubby, our toddler and new baby in the bed and it is summer they really needs to be changed regularly to stay nice and fresh and these Sheridan are such great quality they would last and last a thousand washes.

  18. I would like the Makoto quilt cover and pillow set, we’ve just moved house and it would be a great way to give our new place a fresh touch!

  19. Out with the old and boring and POP in to bed
    with my gorgeous new mate
    after only one date…
    I adore my new jiro covers and ronin sheets
    it must be fate!!

  20. I reckon you can’t go wrong with white! So to one King size white quilt cover add matching white sheets, a splash of seaside colour with 2 Nobu pillows, 2 charcoal Jiro’s a Ronin leaf.

    A change is as good as a holiday, as they say – so sweet dreams!

  21. Rich and saucy,
    Between fresh sheets,
    After my lasagne – it’s time to sleep!
    What better
    Than a POP so sweet
    Nobu quilt, and Ronin sheets!

  22. Taku Quilt Cover in Linen for soothing neutral structure.
    Makoto Pillow Cases for a ‘pop’ of freehand fun.
    Ronin Flat Sheet and Fitted Sheet in Poppy to bring it all together.

    A new sheet set is much needed after my mischevious greyhound decided to have a nice muddy frolic with my old sheet set right after I’d hung them up on the line.

  23. Katsu design is fantastic. Much better than our 34 year old bed & sheet set borrowed from our in-laws that my partner was conceived on.

  24. I am currently trying to fit double fitted sheets on a queen bed. Guess what, they dont fit. Therefore I have chosen the following compilation to solve my bedding problem. QS quilt in glorious Jiro-leaf. 2 European pillowcases also in Jiro-leaf, followed by 3 pillow cases in Haro black, Jiro organge and Jiro leaf. So pretty that even the ‘princess and the pea’ could sleep.

  25. Well, the main reason why I need sheets is because I have never purchased my own sheets ever! 10 years ago I got a set for my 21st and a couple of sets as hand me downs from my mum, yes I am truly sad! I haven’t had a new set in about 6 years or possibly it bit more than that!!!
    This idea of designing your own is rather nifty and I did see this POP Sheridan set up in Docaster Mall when I was there last.
    I like the Jiro in leaf, fitted sheet in navy, and as for European and the other size pillows I didn’t even know there were names for the different sizes!! But the pillow cases can be Haru in Citrus:) Merci!!

  26. I’m in dire need of new sheets since the weekend, when I tore a great hole in my fitted sheet during a night terror! Apparently my sheets were out to get me (which they probably were, they’re 8 years old)! AHAH!

    The Queensized Jiro Quilt Cover in Leaf with Queensized Ronin fitted and flat sheets in Leaf, Two Ronin pillow cases in leaf and 1 European pillowcase in Jiro Black.

  27. I love the stripey navy queen quilt cover and pillow slips. Being a mum of three very busy boys I think I need a little luxury in my life and this lovely linen would make my sleep time a little more luxurious.

  28. I went with the classic striped bedspread – in grey, 1 fitted sheet and 4 pillows matching the clasic look of 2 striped and two block colours in blue!
    Just don’t have enough quilts etc and find myself washing them all the time and they start to wear out!

  29. Just created my bed! Also couldn’t save it, said connection error. I chose – Double, with beige quilt cover and standard pillow covers. Black flat and fitted sheets and euro pillow cases.
    We desperately need new sheets, we have had ours since our wedding seven years ago. They are very worn, but I haven’t bought any new ones yet because we are moving into a new house. I want to coordinate the colours!

  30. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ronin quilt cover range… Linen would look fantastic in our bedroom! We’ve just finished renovating so I’m looking for a gorgeous neutral quilt cover that will make our paint, carpet and blinds stand out and that can be easily changed to suit my mood with some bright accessories! I think Ronin might just be the answer! 🙂

  31. Ronin Quilt cover in Charcoal
    With Ronin Musk pillowcases with matching sheets.

    Hubby thinks there is still a lot of life left in his Metallica bedspread.
    There’ll be no music between these sheets unless there are new sheets soon.

  32. Can’t seem to save my design (or email it to a friend) – I’ve tried 5 times! So I don’t know what the official names of the colours are. But what I have chosen are: King Single, Blue with white diamond quilt cover and pillow case, royal blue sheets and second pillow case (total = $235.75). I’d love new sheets – just bought a brand new bed. Never had a King Single before, and have only got one set of sheets so far. Can only wash them on a very sunny day.

  33. With a pop of sugar
    And a splash of spice
    I have put together
    something really nice

    A white background
    With Black on the bed
    Nothing is so splendourous
    nothing more can be said

    Put a pop into life
    A pop and spring out in song
    Sheridan sheets and doona’s
    In the bedroom is where they belong

    But in the meantime
    I will put my weary head
    Amoungst grandma’s old worn sheets
    That are currently on my bed!

  34. Fabulous range from Sherian once again.

    I’d love King Size
    Taku-Navy Quilt Cover
    2 * Taku-Navy Standard Pillow
    2 * Ronin-Slate Stanard Pillows
    Ronin-Slate fitted sheet

    Nautical but nice 😉

  35. King Size
    RONIN FITTED SHEETS Size King Colour Ronin-Slate
    RONIN PILLOW CASES Size European Colour Ronin-Lea
    JIRO QUILT COVERS Size KING Colour Jiro-Black
    RONIN FLAT SHEETS Size KING Colour Ronin-Leaf
    JIRO PILLOW CASES Size x2 European Colour Jiro-Black
    TAKU PILLOW CASES Size x2 Standard Colour Taku-Black
    JIRO PILLOW CASES Size x2 Standard Colour Jiro-Leaf

    Thank you 🙂

  36. I’d choose Haru – plenty of polka dots to brighten up the bedroom! My present quilt cover is threadbare and really needs to work as a duster, not a cover!

  37. Of course I chose King size with

    RONIN FLAT SHEETS Colour: Ronin
    KEIKO QUILT COVER Colour: Makoto Poppy Quilt Cover
    KEIKO PILLOW CASES: Size Standard x2 Colour: Keiko-Bloom
    RONIN PILLOW CASES: Size European x2, Colour: Ronin-Leaf
    RONIN FITTED SHEETS Colour: Ronin-Leaf

    Love it

  38. King Size Bed with Makoto Poppy Quilt Cover, Fitted and Flat sheets in Ronin Poppy, 3 European Pillows one Taku Slate, 1 Makoto Poppy and 1 Taku Poppy, and 3 Standard Pillows 2 @ Haru Poppy and 1 @ Jiro Charcoal. It looks very snazzy and would look perfect in our bedroom as we have Poppy coloured Curtains. The Bed Linen we have now was a Wedding gift, 21 years ago, exceptional quality BUT I desperately need new Bed Linen.

  39. It’s one thing to choose retro styling, but when your sheets are literally from the ’70s, it’s time for a much-needed revamp.
    I love the ’60s floral design doona cover. I’d couple it with matching pillows, and for the back pillows and flat sheet, a vibrant blue. Top it off with a pinky-red fitted sheet to bring the reds out in the doona cover, and I may wake up mornings and think I’m in another time!

  40. sweet Dreams
    Which we all like to do
    With these old sheets
    Ripped and worn
    This would be the best dream
    To end my sleeping nightmare

  41. How addictive is this quilt-astic website?!

    I’m lying awake at night dreaming of all the wonderful combinations I might achieve… and ‘Pop’, I’ve decided it’s time for a change.
    I think I will take one of everything!!

    My sheets are threadbare and my favourite sheets were recently ripped on the line by some imposing yuccas and now look like they were attacked by a bull terrier!

  42. I need new sheets as I wash and dry my one queen sized sheet that the cats have gone at so my toes get caught in the sheets as I sleep. Why do bills always get in the way of new sheets!

    I chose the Plain Jane design!! Its gorgeous and just perfect for my quirky personality.

  43. I chose the following for a King Size Bed, and had fun chosing them!

    RONIN FLAT SHEETS Colour: Ronin
    KEIKO QUILT COVER Colour: Keiko-Bloom -Leaf
    KEIKO PILLOW CASES: Size Standard x2 Colour: Keiko-Bloom
    RONIN PILLOW CASES: Size European x2, Colour: Ronin-Leaf
    RONIN FITTED SHEETS Colour: Ronin-Leaf

    It looked Amazing!

  44. The Poppy Taku quilt cover with Poppy Haru pillow cases looks divine! Hubby and I have not bought new linen since we’ve known eachother as we’ve had other priorities. So everything is either his (boring!) or mine (floral!) so something we could both enjoy would be very much appreciated!!

  45. A queen size red haru quilt cover with matching pillowcases, a white ronin fitted sheet and white ronin european quitcovers.
    sassy, stylish and not too girly for hubby.
    Our new puppy decided to eat my only good sheets and we are currently using 2 singles on our queen bed to make do. These would be a dream come true

  46. Love the fun Nobu quilt with matching pillows and blue sheets .why ?? Because mine date back to the prehistoric times and belong in the museum !!

  47. Jiro charcoal quilt cover
    Keiko standrad pillowcases; aqua European pillowcases
    grey sheets

    Returned to Australia five months ago after marriage shattered; trying to rebuild my life; currently unemployed; need bedding to create peaceful positive living space.

  48. NOBU. I love the techni-colouring of the pin stripe. I have 4 in the bed more often than not with my 3 year old twins. This tends to wear the sheets a little quicker than just the standard two in the bed.

  49. I would go for the Taku (blue stripe) design for our King size bed with flat and fitted sheets in a complimentary Ronin colour (maybe even green), Euro pillows also in Taku blue stripe and std pillows in plain blue – dark, “camouflage” design to deal with new born baby and 4 year old AND husband in the bed!

  50. Queen sized bed, plain crisp white sheets – fitted and flat and bright purple quilt cover and matching pillowslips for me. Brings out the Docker in me. 🙂

  51. I would love the Ronin Linen red for the doona cover slate for the sheets and matching pillow cases because my linen is what noah put on his bed when he built the ark.

  52. Ronin fitted sheet, european pillows and quilt cover, with haru pillow cases, like plain bold vibrant colours with a little fun colour as a highlight.

  53. I love them all it was hard to decide. But I would go with Ronin Fitted Sheet in Ronin-Linen. Ren Quilt Cover, Ren European Pillow Cases, and Ronin Pillow Cases in Ronin-Musk. This is girly fresh and sweet.

  54. I love them all it was hard to decide. But I would go with Ronin Fitted Sheet in Ronin-Linen. Ren Quilt Cover, Ren European Pillow Cases, and Ronin Pillow Cases in Ronin-Musk. This is girly fresh and gorgoeus.

  55. I love the combination of the Jiro-orange for the quilt cover and European pillow cases and Ronin-orange for the flat sheet and Standard pillow cases. Going for a retro/tropical summer feel!

  56. Taku in Grey and White with Matching European pillowcases, and contrasting regular pillowcases in black. Perfect for my bedroom!

  57. Having spent far too much time over the last six months in bed recovering from chemo, I am well over my existing bedlinen!

    I love the KEIKO KS Quilt cover, JIRO European pillow in leaf, RONIN plain pillow covers in white and navy, RONIN plain sheets in leaf and white. It brings the beautiful outside, right into my bedroom.

  58. Our bed currently looks more like Cinderella before the ball, than after. It would look much prettier in Ronin-Linen sheets, Taku Jade quilt cover, with Ronan Jade and Taku linen pillow cases.

  59. I want exactly what is in the picture! I have no imagination either in the bedroom or any other room for that matter and usually need to be led into new territory!

  60. Time to spice it up a bit ( or maybe a lot!). Queen size Ronin flat and fitted sheets in black, Taku Quitl Cover in Poppy, Haru pillow cases in Poppy
    Taku Euro pillows in black and Ronin Euor pillow is Black

  61. The Taku collection is my choice
    If both the husband and I can have a voice
    a compromise we are going for
    Nothing drab, garish or a bore
    We’ve a queen bed we need to dress
    Pop by sheridan can do it best

  62. I chose a mix of the Haru and Taku pillow cases, with a Haru queen size doona cover in navy blue with white, with contrasting Poppy sheets. Having just repainted our bedroom in beautiful shades of blue, our old green bedsheets just don’t look quite right. (Nor, for that matter, do our sheets which are supposed to be white, but in actual fact are a yellowy greyish horrid colour these days!)

  63. Ronin Queen quilt cover in Black with Fuschia Pillowcases and Ronin purple sheet. With a mischevious puppy “playing” in the backyard with the clothesline, new sheets aren’t the only new items I need!!

  64. oh my god! how addictive I so adored the black taku quilt covers, the black ronin fitted sheets with haru poppy pillow cases, quirky mix of colours but I like it ALOT 🙂

  65. I may be a little boring in bed (did I admit that…) But I like the Taku cream quilt covers with crisps white sheets and matching pillowcases. Oh and I need new ones because like every other parent I know my children have beautiful bed quilts and sheets and mine are desperate for replacement but I never seem to find the time.

  66. I chose the Jiro quilt cover with Ronin sheets in a grey and white theme .So cute. We definitely need new sheets because my beautiful, soft pillowcases are so soft they are becoming threadbare : (

  67. Neutral TAKU QUILT COVER; with a black HARU PILLOW CASE. Perfect for our newly decorated main bedroom – the Guest room is next for the makeover! hmmm…..

  68. Haru in pink and white, I made my bed it looked very pretty but was unable to share as kept getting connection error. I made several different styles but the Haru was my favourite

  69. To give my room a fab new update I have chosen…..
    The Keiko Quit Cover
    Ronin Fitted Sheet in Black
    Ronin Flat Sheet in Red
    Ronin Pillowcovers in Red, Black & Grey

    I need a new set because my husband recently cut my favourite to wear to a Toga party 🙁

  70. Love the Ren Quilt cover for its subtle floral design whilst I’m loving bright solid colours from Ronin for the Sheets and Pillow Case

  71. Every stylish girl needs a girlie retreat
    To escape the chaos caused by puppy
    Visitors, peeping toms and dirty feet!

    The neutral colours picked by boyfriend
    Are just not quite my taste
    The old sheets have been recycled
    The quilt cover chosen in haste.

    Styling You, please style me with Pop by Sheridan
    My favourite is the Yoshi Quilt Cover and pillow case
    Also instant love with The Ronin Flat Sheet in Fuschia
    This stylish girl is ready to make home my place!

  72. The KATSU is brilliant. Exactly what i have been looking for colour wise, for style and quality to re-do my second bedroom for visitors!!

  73. The Nobu Quilt cover with purple and pink ronan pillow cases look fantastic and would look even better on my bed 😛
    Often I get the kids stuff but forget about our Queen size bed. Would make my hubby very happy if we had new linen to have a bit of fun on 🙂

  74. How oriental are these designs. I love Ren because it’s lighter and more colourful which really reflects my personality and character. It’s so pretty.

  75. our refluxy baby vomited on our bed one far many times and it’s definately time for us to get nice new ones

    I like dark colours and simple prints for the bedroom, the Haru-Black with matching pillowcases would be divine teamed with black sheets and extra pillows.

  76. I’d love the Makoto quilt cover, my current linen is very outdated, and this design would certainly give my bedroom look a lift.

  77. My bedroom linen is sad and drab. I would select the Ronin sheets in sky and team them up with Pop by Sheridan pillow cases and the a Yoshi quilt for a modern look.

  78. My sheets and quilt feel limp and look sad with my new bedroom setting. I love the modern look of the Yoshi quilt and would team it up with Ronin in sky sheets and Pop by Sheridan pillow cases.

  79. I went over had a look.. and was stuck at the website for a while. *grins*
    Id say the Ronin quilt cover in Poppy is my favourite,
    but the Taku set is gorgeous as well.

    Id NEED new bedsheets because.. well.. of embarassing time of the month reasons. 🙂


  80. Gorgeous…. I need my bed to look like a sanctuary. I always sleep better when it does.
    The Classic range is divine…Please may I have:

    * TAKU Pillow Case in Slate
    * Ronin Queen 40cm Fitted Sheet in Charcoal
    * Ronin White Standard Pillow Case
    * Jiro Charcoal Pillow Case
    * Ronin Queen Flat Sheet in Linen
    * Keiko Bloom Pillow Case
    * Haru Nay Pillow Case
    * Queen Ronin White quilt cover – divine!
    * Ronin Pillow Case in Slate

    Oh I just love picking out new manchester – thanks!

  81. I am loving the Taku-Linen. I would get that for a quilt cover and the euro pillowcases as well as Ronin-White flat and fitted sheets and standard pillowcase.

    I need bed linen as I haven’t bought any for years. Like anything else, the kids get the $$ spent on their beds and mum and dad’s is left out.

  82. My favourite design is Taku in Linen.

    It would be a much better start to the day to wake up in fresh, light colours than my current assortment of dark, uninspiring sheets.

  83. Oh my, how cool is POP!? I am totally in love with the concept. We have a queen bed, but a king size quilt. Which usually means buying “sets” is a real nightmare. PLUS, we have a lot of extra pillows on our bed, so I always like to buy extras.

    Our bedroom is all white and browns and timber, so I would opt for the Taku-Linen for quilt cover and all the pillow cases. Along with the Ronin-Linen fitted sheets.

  84. Oh that was fun!! I loooovvvee new sheets!! I chose the Taku slate..nice and cool for my bedroom. Need new sheets cause my husband keeps ruining all of them……bald head = greasy pillow cases (I know yucky!) and he keeps wearing them out on his side cause he moves so much!! Love him heaps though x x!!

  85. I need new sheets etc because none of my bet pieces match. I don’t own any new sets, they are all either second hand from relatives or from second hand shops. Also as I have a bad back after having 4 kids I need 3 pillows instead of the normal 2 and sets do not include 3 or 4 pillow cases.
    My choices are…
    Queen Flat and fitted sheets Ronin-Slate
    3 European pillow cases Ronin-Poppy
    2 Standard pillow cases Ronin-Leaf
    2 Standard pillow cases Ronin-Cobalt
    2 Standard pillow cases Ronin-White
    1 Queen sized quilt cover Taku-Black

  86. Hi, I think the Jiro design is great – it has an upscale resort feel to it – you could feel like you were having a staycation, as you say! With little kids, I need those. I would go with leaf and charcoal, maybe mixing in some plains and stripes.

  87. I love a mix of patterns so I’d go for the Ronin Jade Quilt cover with white sheets, Ren sorbetEeuropean pillow cases and the Taku jade stripe pillow case.
    Why do I need new sheets? Mine are looking a little worse for wear after spending Australia Day strung over the hills hoist in an effort to give our bbq guests a little relief from the searing Sydney sun!

  88. I love Sheridan, best quality sheets. The Ren design is a gorgeous array of colours. I need Sheridan sheets because its been a long time since I bought some and I love changing my sheets frequently so I need good quality sheets to have on rotation. Great giveaway!

  89. I looooove the JIRO in orange/white or the white/blue. Perfecto.

    HOLY COW! I need new sheets because my old ones are an embarrassment. And I just ADORE the feeling of new, fresh, crisp sheets. The constant washing may or may not have contributed to the saggy condition of the old sheets. But well. I really like it, ok.

  90. I can’t decide! I do know I need knew sheets though. The elastic has gone from the fitted sheets and they’re so thin, I worry they are going to tear in the washing machine!

  91. I love the Taku and Jiro. Geometrical patterns and stripes are so gender friendly and seeing that I do share the bedroom and bed (unfortunately) with my husband, I would normally have to choose “gender friendly” designs for my bedding. Why I would need new sheets? Well, we haven’t bought a new decent one for our bedroom for AGES!!! And we really need to revamp our room.

  92. I love the Ronin Quilt Cover in Poppy – lovely and vibrant! My sheets are a mismatched hodge-podge of gifts and hand-me-downs. I’d love to choose a set that matches my style and home decor.

  93. I love the Nobu Quilt Cover set because it’s bright and colourful, just what our bedroom needs! I need new linen because all our previous linen has been bought by the Mother-In-Law as gifts for us so we’ve never been able to choose out own style before!

  94. The Nobu doona cover with purple fitted sheet and pillow case in queen are my fave! I only have one set and have to spend the sunny days making sure I do my washing so they dry in time….not good in summer as would rather relax than housework, and heaven forbid once winter begins….!


  95. Hands down the Jiro in black at white with the contrasting orange sheets with a combo of black/ white and orange/ white pillow cases.

    I totally need new bedding as a brilliant excuse to keep little people trying to sleep in my bed.

    Enough said.

  96. Jiro quilt cover in green with Ronin green sheets and Nobu pillow cases. My current summer sheet sets are still dusty and itchy after washing, the elastic is shot with them creeping off the bed in the middle of the night making for a poor nights sleep and I can see through the bottom sheet, with holes being inevitable. Not sure they’ll last the summer!

  97. Ooooh love the Nobu quilt cover. Hang on I think Makoto is my favorite. Actually they are all divine!! I desperately need new sheets because all my sheets are starting to fall apart and so I’m mixing and matching the ones that are left that are usable. Which looks pretty daggy. But at the moment I just can’t justify going out and buying all new sheets!

  98. Oh, gorgeous! I NEED these because I will be buying a new bed for my (ahem) new residence. Queen-size. I’m going to be totally girly and go for the white with pink polka-dots. xx

  99. This is fantastic! Great giveaway and what a great service from Sheridan!
    My little baby has (sniff!) just graduated from his cot on Australia Day and into a big boy bed, so I am now shopping for single bed manchester. It’s the end of an era at our house with no more cot after several children, little boy is the end of the line….

    His baby room is white with pale blue, but after seeing the pale blue and grey boys room on the (awesome) Table Tonic blog last week, I am now trying to work grey into the room to create a more ‘boyish’ room that is also restful and stylish.

    So… I found on the Sheridan Pop site the Jiro fabric in grey, with pale blue sheets and a contract grey stripe Euro pillow. Perfect.

  100. The Taku design in navy, because it has a clean feel to it.

    I haven’t really bought sheets in an embarrassing amount of time, since 2000. The pillow cases on my bed at the moment are threadbare and I can almost see through them. The design on them has faded and the middle part is completely white. I know that I should buy new ones, but I have been holding off for an opportunity such as this. 😉

  101. That was so much fun. Shopping for manchester is almost as good as shopping for clothes and being able to design my bed from the comfort of my computer was the bomb.
    It was a tough decision but I finally opted for: Nobu quild cover in Liquorice because it had such a lovely array of colours, then to match I selected Ronin fitted sheet in Leaf to bring out the green in the quilt cover, Ronin citrus standard pillow cases to bring out the goldy/yellow colours, Ronin purple european pilly cases to bring out the lovely royal purple colours in the quilt.
    I need new sheets because I have just moved house and seriously don’t have enough manchester! I am using a flat sheet as a couch cover just presently!

  102. If I’m going to lie back and think of England, I’d like it to be on nice sheets. A mix of the Ronin and Taku designs in the dark red (maroon?) and gold.

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