This week I’m grateful* for … small gestures

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Late last week Mr Styling You arrived home with this giant tea cup for me.

given with love

I may have squealed.  It’s been 12 months since I gave up coffee (for a host of boring health reasons) and I have embraced tea like there is no tomorrow.

I even have what some might call a tea “wardrobe” offering guests (and myself) anything from Madam Flavour’s Sultry Chai to T2’s French Earl Grey, which is sublime by the way.

So when he walked in the door after a long commute and handed me a gift-boxed pressie from T2 … “just because” …  I melted.

A small gesture can mean so much. 

*I’m taking part in Maxbella‘s weekly grateful blog link-up.  It’s my first time but I love the concept of regularly stopping to remember the small and big things we are grateful for.

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  1. What a georgeous cup and saucer! Good on Mr S…he’s a charmer. Mr W bought me two coffee cups before Christmas a couple of years ago…’cos I love mugs…and tea sets…and that was a really special gesture for I understand how that must have felt for you too.

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