These are my summer 2011 beauty saviours

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It’s been an odd old summer in Queensland.  I can probably count on two hands the number of really hot, classic summer days we’ve had.  Some days I’ve been wearing clothes that usually only see the light of day in early spring.

But when the sun comes out, it comes out.  And it’s hot. Sticky hot.

It’s a tricky time when it comes to hair and makeup, not made any less tricky by my part-time work status that’s in place until the school year starts next week. 

So, through a combination of laziness and necessity, I’ve been using – and loving – these three products.  Each has served me well.  They may just see you through the season too.

Wella biotouch Sun Mask (150ml $22)

This hair mask is part of a relatively new range from Wella that includes a host of ingredients and nutrients and macadamia oil designed to protect hair against the negative influences of sun, sea and chlorinated water.  This mask can be used like you would use a treatment, leaving on the hair for five to 10 minutes after shampooing.  I prefer to coat my hair in this mask BEFORE heading to the beach.  Like a sunscreen.

Wella biotouch Sun Mask $22

Naive Beauty Magneteyes (pack of 10, $27)

These under-eye algae masks are from new Australian beauty brand, Naive Beauty.  I’ve been trying to top up the sleep bank over the holidays to reduce the post-Christmas party season eye puffiness.  Nanna naps aside, it’s these little under eye patches that have brought some brightness back to my eye region. They’re designed to help minimise fine lines through hydration, firm the skin around the eye, rehydrate tired and stressed skin, and clear and tone dark circles under the eye area.  And it’s as easy as putting them on cleansed skin for 30 minutes (I did try to keep blogging while wearing them but they slipped down my cheeks!).  Best worn while lying down and reading.  Love how they feel cool on contact.  Excellent for mornings after a big night. Just saying.

Naive Beauty Magneteyes eye masks $27

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pore Minimizer and Mattifier ($65)

We all know that Napoleon’s mantra, “Not to prime is a crime”.  You don’t?  Well you should.  A primer is the key to your foundation gripping on to your face longer.  This is particularly so in summer.  Napoleon Perdis has three primers and my summer saviour is definitely this one.  It not only works to smooth over open pores but it reduces that oily look so common throughout the hot months.  Use it under foundation but also keep it on hand during the day to mattify your makeup (way better than blotting).

Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Pore Minimizer and Mattifer ($65)

What beauty products get you through a long, hot summer?

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  1. I just LOVE these eye masks. I had to meet my friends when I was at Singapore, and didn’t get much sleep the night before (as you normally do when on holidays!) and my dark eye rings were pretty prominent plus my eyes looked tired. Popped them on (kids began asking LOTS of questions), laid down on the bed. 20 minutes later – Voila! I look refreshed! 🙂

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