Seven (not so stylish) things you need to know about me

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Yesterday, I headed over to Kerri Sackville’s blog, Life and Other Crises, because she is a blogger  (and soon to be published author of the eagerly awaited When My Husband Does the Dishes*) I regularly follow because I’m always guaranteed of a good laugh.  And yesterday’s post  came good on that guarantee.   

It was a post in which she confessed she was “un-Australian” for a host of reasons including a dislike of pavlova (good to know in case she’s ever coming round for dinner) but it was something on her list of redeeming reasons for being an true blue Aussie that had me coming over all nostalgic:  

I watched the early years of Neighbours religiously. Scott and Charlene’s wedding was one of the highlights of my television viewing life. And my earliest ambition was to be one of the Young Talent Team. This was hindered by the fact that I couldn’t sing or dance, but hey, you’ve got to have a dream.”  

The YTT team ... I wanted it all including Sally Boyden's dimples

Oh, Kerri, it was SO my dream too.  I’m glad someone else without talent had the dream to be on YTT too. Kerri apparently wanted to be famous.  I just wanted great hair and a really good wardrobe of clothes.  

And that got me to thinking. I’m probably where I am now as a rebellious reaction to my not so stylish childhood and teenage years. So when UK blogger and author, Emma Kaufmann (Cocktails at Naptime), recently awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award, I decided to come clean on my fashion history.  (Best I get in first before someone puts up some old photos of me on Facebook.)  Thanks Emma, I’m so pleased I get to air my unstylish laundry on my terms.  


There are some rules that come with the award.  

1.  Say thanks and link back to blogger who passed on the crown. Done.  

2.  Share 7 things about myself. Read on.  

3.  Award 15 bloggers the Stylish Bloggers Award.  Scroll down.  

4.  Contact them and tell them that they, too, are stylish.  With pleasure.  

Deep breath … here goes  

1.  When I was young my mum clearly got a three-for-one deal on our haircuts at Stefan.  I had the same haircut as my brothers until I was 10.  Often this would be teamed back with the matching clothing.  Note the lack of footwear.

Three-for-one discount on hair cuts?

2.  I was a teenager of the ’80s.  This is sadly not a fancy dress photo.  I ACTUALLY WENT OUT IN THIS.  And thought I was hot.

No, I wan't headed off to a themed party

3.  The colour purple still evokes the fear of God into me.  The high school I attended had a lovely lilac and purple uniform.  It was established in the ’70s.  #justsaying  

The colour purple will always give me the shakes

4.  I had a Princess Di thing.  Hair, check. Pale pink taffeta dress with sweetheart neckline and puffy sleeves, check.  Pearls, check. Corsage, check.  Looking-down-but-up smile, check.  This was my high school graduation.  I’ve cropped out the corsage giver as he is now happily married to my best friend from uni. #truestory

So young, so innocent (*cough*), so Princess Di?

5.  FIRST AND ONLY PERM.  I was heading off from the country town I’d grown up in to uni in the city and thought I’d be all edgy and turn my very short blonde bob into a spiral nightmare. I hope you can fully appreciate the horizontal effect of this hair style? It did not “drop” and took all of first year to grow out.  No wonder boys weren’t interested.  

The hairdresser skipped the perming solution and just had me put my finger in a light socket

6.  Ahh, recovery days at a country B&S.  Always guaranteed to bring out the high fashion sense and sensibility in me. No hat, no play?  There’s some newspaper. We’ll just make some.  Note Dunlop Volleys.  They were too cool for shoelaces.  

We were something, if not resourceful, as uni students

7.  I may look 45 in this photo but I am in fact 19 and loving myself sick as a wordly traveller.  They are white leather Reeboks on my feet, cleverly teamed with socks tucked into tracky pants.  Underneath the coat is a Ken Done jumper.  (Check out the bloke near me … he’s about to vomit into the Trafalgar Square fountain at the sight of me.)

You want me to help you pack for your next UK holiday?

That’s it folks, I fully understand why you may now feel I’m not to be trusted when imparting style tips on this blog. I hope you still come back to visit occasionally.  

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*book plug inserted in the hope of invite to big, glamourous launch

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  1. Fabo clothes ,Nikki love your commentary is so funny too,I wanted to be on YTT too I think most of us did ,I had a perm and I have curly Hair WTF why did I ,it took 2 years to come out,even though we laugh now about our old pics the sad thing is we where IN fashion what will we look back on in 20years and laugh about ?? I wonder!

  2. I have just arrived at work, read your Fashion Faux Pas and fabulous fashion moments and had tears running down my face I laughed so much. The great thing is we all have these photos of fantastic 80’s moments only you were brave enough to share yours. Lady Di eat your heart out – are you sure you have no blue blood lurking beneath the surface as you channel the look so well! Thanks you for a fabulous start to the day Nikki. Soul Diva Sarah

  3. Your hair in these photos crack me up the most!! Oh man, I loved Princess Diana and I had her hairstyle as well!! I must get around to doing my stylish blogger post too x

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  4. After looking up to you and your fab fashionista advice for so long, I have to say I am relieved you too are human, like we mere mortals of the fractured fashion sense 🙂 I applaud your bravery – should anyone ever post a pics of me from the 80’s or early 90’s I could quite possibly have to change my name…!

  5. Oh Nik – that is the best read I have had in ages! Love it! Can relate to so much of it … as your non fashionista friend I am feeling much better that you have such a past. Now you are so stylish that there is hope for me yet x

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  6. You seriously rock.

    Those pants tucked into socks bring back some good memories. I had a Peacock Dropped Waisted Waterwave taffeta number modelled on Molly Ringwalds Pretty in Pink shocker.

    Ahhh the eighties


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      Ahh, the ’80s – I found a similar photo to the dress you describe when going through the box last night. It was electric blue, dropped waist and from Cue. Best part was that when I wore it to uni balls, the beer and rum just just washed right out or just looked like streaks in the fabric. xx

  7. Thanks so much for the Stylish Blogger Award, Nikki!!! And you’re not alone when it comes to tragic perms… I had one right before going on a cruise when I was 17. It ruined my holiday!

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  8. Oh my goodness, your Formal Gown, was just like mine except mine was a little more pastel pink with a huge bow at the back – boy they were all puff. Now don’t forget the corsage (?spelling) I actually kept mine in the freezer for a year – what a hoot, thanks for sharing Nikki

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  9. I love it….and I think you’re very brave!!!! Will try to find a few of my own for your amusement (I think I have a matching one for everyone one of yours!!!) x

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  10. Ha ha, Nikki this is great!! Love the Princess Di look. You were rocking it.

    Thanks for the award! I might have to follow suit and pull some of my fashion disasters out of the photo closet. Since that is mostly what I have! It will be a good lead-up to why I need your help!!

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  11. Thanks for sharing – hilarious.
    You know what makes me laugh is how much of a tribe we all are – I too had the perm, the flick Lady Di hair, the Ken Done… and yet we all thought we were so hip and cool, yet dressed the same!

    1. Oh – and one I was very guilty of – the teased-to-within-an-inch of-its-life fringe, a la Danni Minogue from YTT. I still have a passport with me looking like a total freak with my fringe standing on end.
      If you want a laugh and have a few minutes to waste, on Oprah’s website she has a photo archive of her hairdos throughout the year. It will make you feel better about your own hairstyle history!

      1. Post

        LOL. I will check it out. The hairstyle history is a whole new potential blog post for me. Found plenty more photographic evidence in my photo box! Did someone say, Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors?

  12. Oh that is too funny. If it is any consolation when I look back at my European adventure photos my jeans were so high I am surprised I didnt have waist band marks under my boonbs.

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  13. Naww thank you, gorgeous! I pmsl at the guy throwing up in the fountain, that made my morning 😉 Im lucky that any photographic evidence of my fashion fails are in a box at my mums lol.

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  14. Hilarous!! I’d be more worried if you had no shameful photos. We’ve all got to have our share of fashion faux pas to come out the other side a little better. Your commentary was also hilarious!! I will get onto this and thanks for the award xx

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  15. Ken Done!! Oh dear. Meanwhile darling, you WERE hot in the ’80s photo! It’s the perm I’m deeply concerned about… I had one too at 12, totally thought I was Madonna in the Like a Prayer filmclip. Sigh.

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